Posted by Chuck Perry
This Club meeting was run by the Peninsula High School Interact Club.
Opening Bell: By President Cassie McMurtrey, (President of Peninsula Interact Club) at 7:30 am. Invocation: by Rod Ladd, filling in for Veronica Hooper, with his old standby emergency invocation. Pledge of Allegiance: by Julie McMurtrey from interact; Song: God Bless America led by Hal Cline. Four Way Test: by Eliza Liebner of Interact. Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by “Coach” Jack Stonestreet; Zianya Vizcaino, an exchange student from Mexico, Ralph Flick, Midday, Mary Gorman, Midday, Becky Fontani and Leslie from Tacoma 8. Guests: Nora Mahany, Maxine (SP?) Mahany and Jessi, members of the Artondale Earlyact club, Steve O’Donnell, guest of Lee smith and Tom Borgen, David Holsinger, guest of Sophy Perkins, Noah Flick guest of Cindy Reed and the following members of the Peninsula Roteract Club: Cassie McMurtrey, Julie McMuertrey, Nina Liebner, Eliza Liebner, Emma Swainston, and Andy Ma.
Auction Update:
  • Overall Progress: Camilla Brocker was not available for a report, however it was reported that all is under control, with one last planning meeting for next week.
  • Wine Toss: Juanita announced that she needs more wine. Currently at 180 bottles and need 250. Will accept the rest at the next meeting, don’t forget to bring them. Looking for Large specialty Beers and a few more white wines.
  • Desert Dash: Nine more are needed and a signup was passed around.
  • Procurement: Randy Spitzer and Peter Glein were not at the meeting for a report, however it was reported we are light on donations and we are at the deadline. Make sure the items are entered on the system.
  • Ticket sales: Rod Ladd reported that we are at 280 and our goal is to reach 400, so we have 120 to go.
  • Set up and Teardown /Cleanup: Terry Brown sent around a signup for volunteers. Please sign up or call Terry to let him know what you can do!
Opening Comments: Cassie reviewed the activities and projects of the Peninsula Interact Club.
  • They will be at the Auction as volunteers to help with the auction as in previous years.
  • They are working with Purdy elementary school on an Arbor Day project. They plan to do a tree planting. Arbor Day is April 26th
  • Interact is very involved with InterGenFest. InterGenFest, is a community service event designed to engage seniors and youth, is scheduled for Saturday, March 30, 10 am - 2:30 pm, at the Cheney Boys & Girls Club. Sessions include smart phone tips for seniors, interviewing skills for youth, Talking Saves Lives and water color is not magic.
  • Cassie also announced that Paul had blessed the club with a BYE for the Rotary 101 presentations. This was greeted with great applause.
  • Perfect attendance awards: A list of recipients for perfect attendance awards for the 2017-2018 year ended 6/30/18 was circulated. If you recognize any errors on the list, like a missing recipient or the wrong number of years listed, please let Cynthia Kennedy know so that she can make the correction. Awards will be given out at a future meeting.
  • Suits for Service Members: A program sponsored by the Association of the US Army for collecting suits and dress clothes for US Army Veterans. The program provides suits for service members coming out of the service and needed for job interviews in the private sector. We will be collecting suits for the next couple of weeks at our Friday meetings to support this cause. The collection includes all dress clothes to include shirts, ties and dress shoes.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Chris Myers was the finemaster. He collected a few bucks from: Brady Buskirk, for a baby due soon; John Eddy for RAH next week; Lyn Junge for baby “Rose Dale”, new granddaughter; Alex Zarelli who did not have a dollar for a fine last week, and did not have a dollar for a fine this week –Joyce Tailor came to his rescue with two dollars; Howard Mackert for reminding Chris that St Patrick’s day is March 17, not the 15th; Mac Pinch was fined for his “fine” looks; Bob Martin for more stories than time with his presentation last week; Marcia Harris for her front page picture in the Gateway as a nominee for KP Citizen of the Year; Chris also mentioned that an article in the Gateway said that taking a Beta Blocker causes people to gain on the average 2.6 pounds, he then went on to ask Paul Alvestad “Just how many Beta Blockers is he taking”. A few happy bucks were then collected: Dave Morris for his daughter is expecting a baby in May, and his son is getting married; Paul Alvestad announced he was proud to be a Peninsula grad, after all the Interact Students announced they were from Peninsula HS; Mackert announced another concert by his wife; Sue Jensen was happy to be a Peninsula graduate; John Eddy was happy he went to Peninsula, however he graduated from Gig Harbor; Jeff Harris is leaving tomorrow for Guatemala.
Drawing: Larry Olson ran the raffle. The pot is $113 and we are back up to 15 chips. The ticket was pulled and Walker Allen won the 10 free tickets for next week Jeff Harris won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew the white chip to win $15.
Program: Nina Liebner our outgoing exchange student for last year was introduced by Hal Hodgins. This was the report to the club of her year in Italy. She had a lifetime experience on her year abroad. She went to a city located in the mountains of Northern Italy, close to the border. The people of the town spoke half German and half Italian. Italy gave her a great exposure to history and art and allowed her to learn Italian. However the thing that she most loved of the country and her experience were the people she met and she can’t wait to go back. Nina showed a video of her many adventures over the year and the many places she visited. She made two very close friends from Australia and from Mexico that were also exchange students. She still speaks to them regularly since she has come back home. She was amazed at how big soccer is in Italy. She went to her first bigtime soccer game and came away with a very good appreciation of the game. She even has a souvenir scarf she brought home. She enjoyed her families in Italy. They were big and extended families and she had a very close bond with the Grandma of one of the families. The Grandma gave her a Teddy Bear, which she brought home as one of her fondest memories of the year. Nina was very emotional about her experience and thanked the club for the opportunity. She is happy to be home, however it was very difficult to leave. This was obviously a great experience for this fine young lady.
Cindy Reed then played a video the club has put together for recruitment of families and participants for the exchange program. 
President Cassie ended the meeting at 8:32
Notes by Chuck Perry