Posted by Jennifer Hamilton
Call to Order at 7:30 by President Mel. Invocation by Spencer Hutchins; God Bless America led by Hal Cline. Pledge led by Mel. Four Way Test by ?
Visiting Rotarians announced by Coach: none
Guest of Rotarians: Sharon Schaeffer introduced several members of the Gig Harbor Kayak Racing Team.
Comments and Announcements:
Mel announced an adjustment to the day’s program to allow former foreign exchange student, Daniela Hastun, who was here six years ago, from Argentina. Mel also provided feedback from the previous week’s speaker who shared his appreciation to the RCGH and how impressive the interest and enthusiasm of our members was expressed.
Exchange Student Report – Melanie Meyer – Melanie described her latest involvement and activities at Gig Harbor High, described a recent outing with Jennifer Hamilton to the UW Boat House for the Boys of 1936 Tour (pictures were projected on screen) as well as a wonderful trip to Victoria. She had a wonderful time volunteering at the auction which was a unique experience for her. She also announced that she was selling tickets in support of her tennis team as a fundraiser breakfast at Applebee’s. Please contact Marti Anderson if interested.
Visiting Exchange Student - Daniela provided an update on her experiences since she was sponsored by the RCGH six years ago. She expressed her great appreciation for what Rotary has done for her, stating “being here makes my heart feel complete.” She also described her current job working for a large international candy manufacturer in Argentina. A dinner was planned in her honor at Juanita Carbaugh’s home. Details were sent by email for those who wanted to attend.
Guatemala Water Project – Tom Borgen provided an update on the status and showed pictures of two of the villagers carrying cistern tanks on their backs to take to the village (a 45 min hike uphill since there was no other way to transport them!). The tanks will be set up by the houses to catch water off the rooves so that they can have water during the dry season.
Wilkinson Fence Work Party – Randy Barcalow provided an update confirming that great progress was made putting up posts and emphasized that the average age of volunteers was 70! On Saturday 3/24, the Chamber of Commerce floor repair begins.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Mac Pinch – Auctioneer Keith Harris auctioned off a NO Fine button for $55 to Lee Smith; a prime parking spot in front of Cottesmore was also auctioned off to Rod Ladd for $50! Nice work Keith! Mac fined Spencer Hutchins for being a socialite at Costco; and Dave Gillespie was fined for his ponytail
Raffle: Larry Olson.
Program: Alan Anderson from the Gig Harbor Kayak Club – Alan provided a spectacular short film about the growth and transition of the GHKC from a small “Parking Lot Team” to a now large and highly competitive national ranking team. He has sites on sending members of the team to the Olympics! He also provided information regarding the upcoming Paddler’s Cup, a 3 day event at which members of his team will compete against the RCGH Dragon Boat team on 4/22. A kick off party will be held that Friday, April 20th. On Saturday, April 21st the Narrows Race will take place (for serious athletes). For more information, go to . Vendors will also be on site downtown.
Wrap up (Mel)Rod Ladd announced that he had seven center pieces leftover from the auction and that they are available for purchase for $10 each.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30
Notes by Jennifer Hamilton