GH Rotary President Mel Santos presiding
Note 1:  May 31 is last day for double points for contributions to Rotary Foundation (contact PDG Bob with questions).
Note 2: The installation of Paul Alvestad as Gig Harbor Rotary President for 2018-2019 will be held June 29 at Horseshoe Lake and will be preceded by a very fun golf best-ball scramble starting at noon – RSVP now.
Invocation: Mike Pinch; Pledge: led by President Mel; Song: Hal Cline and Melanie Meyer led us in a verse of “God Bless America”; 4-Way Test of the Things We Think, Say or Do:  Led by Al Abbott
Visiting Rotarians:  Gen. (retired) Stan Flemming, DO from Tacoma Narrows
Guests: Geoff Baccacalta; Brad Theel; Jared Brinkman; MaKenna Peterson; Kristen Ritchie; David Holsinger; Benjamin Stanford; Joy Stanford; Jim Warren; (there may have been others but they were not on the sign-in sheet)
President Mel’s Opening Comments:
  • President Mel opened with a video of Ronald Reagan’s “Memorial Day Tribute – Thank You”
  • Read letter of resignation from PSD Supt. Rob Manahan explaining he has difficulty making Friday morning meetings and will be seeking membership in Gig Harbor Midday.
Reports and Announcements:
  • Melanie Meyer (our Rotary Exchange Student from Switzerland)
    • Moved back to first host family – so feels comfortable
    • Went to the Taylor Swift Concert – her friends in Switzerland are jealous
    • It was a normal week at school
    • Looking forward to the 3-day weekend
  • John Winslow asked the Mildred McCall Rotary Scholarship recipients to introduce themselves:     
    • Jared Brinkman
    • Carly Cashman-DiBiase
    • Makenna Petersen
    • Kristen Ritchie
    • Benjamin Stanford
    • Bread Theel
  • PDG and Paul Harris Campaign Chair, Bob Martin
    • Announced that last week Club Members had contributed $ 5,400 towards the Polio Plus goal and now are at $ 7,200 – so the goal has been achieved – THANK YOU
    • Now we need to reach Pres Mel’s goal of $ 30,000, so please mark any further checks/contributions  to “Rotary International”
  • Richard Pifer gave an update on the “Small Grants” ($500 or less) awarded this past year:
Organization / Applicant
Compassion Summitt seminar held at Boys and Girls Club to support Peninsula School District Staff. Funds used to: purchase supplies for seminar.
None Listed
Communities in Schools
Peninsula School District Staff
Annual Christmas party and gift provided to Foster Children living in the Gig Harbor area.  This is the 11th annual event held at the Wesley Inn.  Gig Harbor Rotary has contributed in the past.
Repeat request sent directly to Committee.
Pierce County Alliance & Wesley Inn.  Requested by: Kathy Heerema & Sue Braaten.
Foster Children
Sr. to Sr. project.  Seniors from Henderson Bay and volunteering with Seniors from Herron Key to assemble 3-day emergency packs.  The packs will be assembled by this team and then distributed through the Food Bank.
Tom Borgen
Henderson Bay Staff John Selfors
Gig Harbor Community Food Bank Recipients.  This project also brings together a mentoring progam in the community.
Gig Harbor Dragons - Jt Purchase of Dragon Costume to be used in parades, community events and fund raising.  Costume is parade style Dragon costume.  Will have Rotary logo and be avalible for Rotary use.
Sharon Schaffer
Gig Harbor Dragons
Gig Harbor Dragons and Penn Met Parks
Boys & Girls Club.Teens to attend Keystone National Confrenence.
Emma Conway
Boys & Girls Club
KeyStone Club
Jt Gift with Altrusa of Gig Harbor. Benefit Youth Center Programs
Pat Schmidt
Red Barn
Red Barn - Peninsula Community
Prime & Paint Arbor at Fox Island Chapel
Walker Sandlin
Fox Island Chapel Preservation Society
Fox Island Chapel
AAUW - Tech Trek Scholarship.
Jill Guernsey
7th Grade PSD girl students week long summer and science camp at PLU.
7th Grade PSD girl students
Purchase books for community library located in Gig Harbor
Wife of Rotarian Linda Glein
Any person choosing to use the community sharing libabray
Gig Harbor Community.
Opioid education and support program for grandparents raising children on the Key Peninsula. Service provided through the KP Resource Center.
Marsha Harris
Children’s Home Society
Key Peninsula Families
Purchase Food & Protein
M. Harris
KP Community Center
KP Residents
Purchase apparel & print posters to organize event. Raise awareness that mass balloon release environmental concern.
B. DeSantis
Individual - Stella Marlo DeSantis / Wild Watch.
Greater GH Community
Purchase summer snacks for Peninsula Schools 60% KP & 40% G.H.
Communities in Schools
Middle School Students
Purchase food for Key Peninsula Food Bank
B. Paganelli
Key Peninsula Foodbank
Key Peninsula Families
Pay for utilities Key Peninsula Council
B. Paganelli
Key Peninsula Community Council
Key Peninsula Families
Rebuild Rotary Arch
R. Barcalow
Gig Harbor Rotary
Gig Harbor Rotary
Pay for utilities Key Peninsula families
M. Harris
Key Peninsula Family Resource Center
Key Peninsula Families
Christmas gifts for children in the Gig / Key Pen area.
Elly Aronson - Local High School Student
Children in GH & Key Pen
Christmas party & gifts for foster kids in the greater Gig Harbor area.
Pierce County Alliance
Children in greater Gig Harbor
Purchase classroom supplies for the CAPE program encouraging young women to enter the fields of science, technology, engineering & math.
E. Worthen
Peninsula Schools Education Foundation
Gig Harbor K-12 female students
Build A Bike
L. Smith
Waste Connections
Key Peninsula Community Center distributed the bike.
Purchase & Install shelving in Key Center Distribution Center
R. Barcalow
Mary Williams / Food for
Key Peninsula Children & families
Grant for undefined projects the help assist Key Peninsula Seniors to "age in place"
M. Harris
Edie Morgan / Mustard Seed Project
Senior Citizens located on the Key Peninsula
Scholarship funds that gives money to to famalies for early childhood education prior to Kindergarten
Janet Steiner / Curious by Nature
Pre Kindergarten kids in Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula.
Purchase food for Stewart Middle School family night to success in school.
Past Rotarian:  Hillary Bridge
Stewart Middle School / Tacoma
Tacoma students & Families
Christmas gifts for children in the Gig / Key Pen area.
Elly Aronson - Local High School Student
Children in GH & Key Pen
Christmas party & gifts for foster kids in the greater Gig Harbor area.
Pierce County Alliance
Children in greater Gig Harbor
Fireside – John Duppenthaler announced a Fireside on June 5, 5:30 to 7:30 PM at John and Beth Dunham’s home (5805 Reid Drive NW)
2019 Rotary Auction will be the 2nd Saturday in March (March 9, 2019) was announced by Camilla Brocker
My (our Rotary Exchange student from Sweden) will be visiting for two weeks beginning June 25 and staying at the home of John and Beth Dunham (5805 Reid Drive NW)
Fine Master – Peter Glein
Raffle Ticket Drawing
  • Hal Cline won another 10 Free
  • Paul Alvestad pulled a white chip and got $15.
Jim Waddell, PE (retired Civil Engineer, USACE) provided a very informative presentation about the state of declining Orca whale populations and how the declining Chinook salmon stock is affecting the Orcas.  Here are few highlights:
  • Of the Southern Resident Killer Whales (Orcas) there are currently only 26 adult female Orcas of breeding age.
    • Of these, 14 have had viable calves in the last ten years
    • Of these, 5 have had viable calves in the last five years
    • There are 12 adult males of breeding age
    • Of these, 1 known individual has fathered viable offspring (15 currently alive)
  • Resident Orcas chase and eat 1,500 17lb fish per day (80% Chinook)
  • Declining Chinook stocks and smaller Chinook cause Orcas to go to the mouth of the Columbia River in search of Chinook (and compete with seals for food)
  • BPA dams on the Columbia and Snake Rivers interfere with fish migration
  • Electric generation from the dams is less and less financially viable and have to compete with wind energy production.
  • The dams on the Snake River could be “mothballed” and allow fish to bypass the dams for migration could allow more fish to reach breeding areas in Idaho
Meeting Adjourned at 8:35AM
Notes by Walker Allen