Posted by Stan Eastberg
Call to Order at 7:30 by Past President Dick Vanberg who was substituting for President Mel Santos who was attending the District Training and Conference. Invocation by Howard Mackert; Pledge led by Past President Dick; God Bless America led by Hal Cline and Chris Myers; and 4 Way Test led by Annie Arbenz.
Visiting Rotarians announced by Jack Stonestreet: Joan and Terry Toone.
Guest of Rotarians: David Holsinger; Geoff Barcalow; Kurt Grimmer; Ian Warren; Linda Glein; and Lauren Wittmers.
Comments and Announcements:
  • Walt Paulson, of Barbershop Quartet fame, led us in singing Happy Birthday to our May birthday celebrants.
  • Past District Governor Bob Martin appealed for donations to The Rotary Foundation in support of Rotary’s efforts at eradicating polio from the world. All donations to The Rotary Foundation during the month of May will be matched by points and donations made during the month will be designated for the polio program.
  • Pam Peterson announced that it will be Rotary function day at the Farmers Market on June 7 and she is looking for volunteers to staff the booth on that day. She will provide more information over the next couple of weeks.
  • Mike Henery announced the Gigging up the Harbor effort on May 19th in conjunction with the Downtown Waterfront Alliance. He too is looking for volunteers to help with weeding, bark spreading and general cleanup from 9 to 12. He noted that the Rotary light Pole Park (near the old Key Bank building) is in serious need of attention.
  • Tom Borgen was supposed to announce plans for the annual Rotary year end party and installation banquet on June 29th, but he was not in attendance. More information forthcoming in the next few weeks.
  • John Eddy announced that the next Rotary After Hours will be held on May 9 at the Tides Tavern from 5:30 to 7:00.
  • Rod Ladd announced that there will not be an International Committee Meeting this month.
  • Sharon Shaffer introduced Kurt Grimmer who as our Star Award recipient is entitled to designate a non-profit organization to receive a cash contribution from Rotary. Kurt designated the Downtown Waterfront Alliance as his choice and a check for $1,155 was presented to Mary DesMarais, Executive Director.
  • John Duppenthaler announced that there will be a club Fireside on June 5 at John Dunham’s home from 5:30 to 7:30.
  • Jeff Stillman announced that the Wings and Wheels activities will be held at Tacoma Narrows Airport on June 30 and July 1.
  • Betty Felker spoke again about the Dancing Classrooms Program and the four elementary schools in the Peninsula School District that are participating. She reminded us of the June 9 Finals at Todd Beamer High School in Federal Way featuring Vaughn Elementary participants. Please contact Betty if you are interested in attending as she is coordinating special seating for Rotary members in attendance.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Fine Master Pam Peterson nicked John Dunham for having a new red jeep and then fined Sharon Shaffer for multiple violations (i.e., not turning her phone off, forgetting to introduce Kurt Grimmer as a guest, etc.). Pam made an appeal for confidential informants to help build her book of dirt on people as fodder for more fines – nobody raised a hand to volunteer, but I guess a confidential informant wouldn’t do that anyway. Pam then assessed a fine on guest Ian Warren for letting a 75 year old take the lead in confronting a thief at his store. A highlight of the fine session was a series of pictures taken of Jeanie Simmons at the Rotary Retreat golf tournament – so who among us hasn’t had the experience of picking up golf balls on the ground because we forgot to put a bucket under the dispenser before getting our range balls. Don Rees was fined for a picture taken of him texting at the airport and Scott McVay was fined for a new boat. Finally, Pam showed pictures of the Food Packing party from the District Conference. Past President Dick noted that he had an afternoon shift which consisted of 20 minutes of training followed by 10 minutes of activity before they ran out of the oats they were packing for oatmeal – seems like the right ratio of training to activity for Past Presidents. Happy bucks included: Howard Mackert hawking a new CD and concert tickets for his wife; Mike Henery proud of his daughter’s role in the Peninsula HS musical; Mike Pinch returning a missing garment to Pam from their trip to the Philippines; and Lee Smith talking about a volunteer appreciation event sponsored by the Downtown Waterfront Alliance on May 10 at the Yacht Club.
Raffle: John Dunham claimed the 10 free and Ben Paganelli drew a white chip in the drawing.
Program: Past District Governor Bob Martin introduced our speaker Joan Toone who was speaking on the Fight Against Polio. Joan was a speaker at our club a few years ago and Bob reminded us that Joan puts a face on polio and makes it real through recounting her own experience in dealing with polio at seven years of age. In fact, with the assistance of well-chosen pictures, Joan once again captivated her audience by providing a brief history of polio and the efforts to address this dreaded disease over the decades. Her description of kids having to be put in isolation wards and often into terrifying iron lung machines with no parents, no loving pets and no cherished toys to support them was heart wrenching. She easily brought to life the reality of why people were in full panic about polio when it was rampant. Joan then reviewed Rotary International’s history with polio and the efforts begun in 1985 to eradicate polio from the face of earth. Joan talked about still suffering from a condition known as Post-Polio Syndrome, a condition that presents itself years later for many of those who are afflicted by polio. There is still no cure for polio and immunization is the only way to keep it at bay. Joan tells us that, even today, one child dies every 20 seconds from a vaccine preventable disease. However, due to the heroic efforts of Rotary and many other organizations and governments, the end-game target for polio eradication is the year 2020.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30
Notes by Stan Eastberg