Posted by Alan Weaver
Opening Bell: By President Mel Santos at 7:30 am who presided at his final meeting of his term.
Invocation by Brent Tavet; Pledge of Allegiance by someone; Song “America the Beautiful” led by Dave Gillespie; Four Way Test by Jeff Harris; Greeters – none observed; Visiting Rotarians – none; and Guests David Holsinger; Susan Paganelli; Dave Freeman’s grandson Evan; former Swedish exchange student My Irenheim Jarlhed and her mother Camila Jarlhed; Betty Felker’s husband Bob; Pam Peterson Smith’s daughter Elaine Morgan; Vaughn Elementary School Principal Lillian Page and Vaughn fifth grade teacher Heidi Heistand, and some students; and Kimberly Olson.
Opening Comments: In his last meeting President Mel, obviously tongue in cheek, thanked the membership for the respect which the membership had shown him the last twelve months.
  •  Exchange Student: Swedish exchange student of two years ago My Irenheim Jarlhed was visiting with her mother Camila Jarlhed. My has just graduated high school, her year here putting her back a year, and then either college or a gap year. This August she will attend in Taiwan a Rotary get-together of former Rotary exchange students. When asked what she found most different on her return to Sweden, she said that, “except for herself, everyone else seemed more immature.”
  • Dancing Classroom: An exuberant Betty Felker introduced several members of the Vaughn Elementary School who participated and won the Washington State ballroom dance contest which consisted of several contests over the school year and involving as many as 16 to 18 teams from other schools. One young male dancer said the victory put Vaughn on the map as a dance center. Another said that she “never thought the opposite gender was something she’d want anything to do with”. (Scribe note: Her comment brought down the house!)
  • Courage: Hal Hodgins advised us that five GH Rotary members (Tom Borgen, John Eddy, Randy Barcalow, Debbie Miller and himself) had signed up to ride in the early August the Mary Bridge bike ride Courage, which in its prior life was called the Courage Classic, and that to do so each rider must raise $750 in Mary Bridge contributions. Send money for any or all of the five directly to Hal.
  • Wine & Food Experience: Lee Smith spoke on the Wine Festival scheduled for July 27th to the 29th and his need to find 82 volunteers. This year there might be shirts for those who volunteer.
  • Year End Party: Last year’s president Tom Borgen informed us that today’s golf tournament and installation party for outgoing and new officers for the period July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019 will be well attended.
  • 4th Annual Fourth of July Community Hot Dog Social: As might be expected, Jeff Harris announced that the foregoing Hot Dog Social will be at Gateway Park from 11 am to 2pm. All were encouraged to attend.
  • Scribe Note: With the Cottesmore construction all around, the scribe wonders who will bid on the preferred parking space for July (and presumably the following several months) but he is confident that smooth talking auctioneer Keith Harris will be able to pick someone’s pocket for a goodly sum.
Fines, Happy Bucks and Drawing: John Winslow handled the fines (mostly on president Mel) and happy bucks. He gave one young Vaughn dancer the right to pick the person in the audience who would pay the last $1 fine. After some though the young man pointed at his school principle. Not a good move. A proud Jeff Harris contributed a healthy $5 in honor of his beloved Oregon State Beavers which had won the College World Series the night before by beating Arkansas 5-0. Eric McGinnis handled the Drawing and someone won the right to ten free tickets next week and someone else drew unsuccessfully for the unnamed amount in the pot.
President’s Thank You’s: Since this was his last meeting, President Mel took the rest of the scheduled meeting time (plus a little more) to thank the numerous individuals who helped him make this a successful Rotary year for him. Obviously, his first went to his assistant and right-hand person Debbie Miller who made things happen. With minor exceptions, he thanked groups rather than individuals, listed in no order of importance (except for the first):
                SCRIBES                                                Basket Brigade                  Sip and Stroll
                Fine Masters                                      Dinners for Eight               Youth Services
                Courage                                               Dance at Vaughn              Various Club Officers
                Membership                                      Perfect Attendance        Auction Committee (Hal Hodgins)
                By-Laws (he was serious)              Birthdays                             Raffle
                Web Master (Tim Williams)        Purdy Prison Program    Fireside
                Farmer’s Market                              Rotary Foundation          Various Club Officers
                Foreign Exchange Program           Rotary After Hours          Book Drive
                Securing Speakers
                (The scribe apologizes if he omitted one or more of those groups president Mel thanked.)
Rotarian of the Year Award: As his last official act as club president, president Mel named this year’s Rotarian of the Year to be Ben Paganelli for a long list of activities. Pictures were taken of Ben, his wife Susan and their three children.
Meeting Adjourned about 8:40 am.
Scribe: Al Weaver