Posted by Robert J Martin on Jun 14, 2018
Only three to go President Mel.  Maybe Paul will ask you to continue doing the pledge.
Hal decided to do a solo "God Bless America".  Seemed to go OK in that I have heard no complaints.
Coach introducing the visiting Rotarians.  Probably had a good time with Howard Svigals name?
Didn't know President Mel was a fisherman, but he seems to be describing how big the one was that got away.  Either that or he is saying "Who, me?"
Our Secretary, Cynthia Kennedy is handing out the perfect attendance awards for the past year.  Somehow Walt stays a year ahead of me with 34 years.  Lots of folks with perfect attendance and I think that is great.
For once we are getting a check instead of handing one out.  The Waterfront Alliance, Pat as President is handing us a check for $2000. for our work with Sip 'n Stroll.  Lee of course did all of the organizing.
John is bragging about how much fun the Fireside was at the Dunham's.  The location probably had something to do with that.  Our thanks to John and Beth.
Betty reminding everyone that Vaughan Elementary is in the State Dance Competition at Todd Beamer on Saturday.  Glad to hear many of you went to cheer them on!  Vaughan won the State Championship with the Gold medal, and Purdy was third with a bronze metal.
Cindy letting us know that she is soliciting applicants for the student exchange program next year.  My Granddaughter is headed for Chile in August.  You have any family members you might want to encourage?
This is why you should be thinking of someone.  Melanie has only two weeks to go.  This past week she enjoyed the Yearbook signing and the prom and threw in a tennis banquet as well.  She has packed her year and made our year better with her presence.
Pam couldn't wait to get some money from President Mel; and many others as well.
I don't know if Sharon is laughing or screaming about her fine for the Dragon Boat Banner in the Maritime Gig.
Mary and Camilla, our very own farmer's daughters.  Both mentally and physically strong, and growing up on a farm tends to promote that.
Our photographer was so enamored with the program, he forgot to take a picture of Camilla.  When you are a farmer you get to see lots of sunrises and sunsets because harvest is daylight to dark.
This decision was certainly important in our farming community.  Both Camilla and Mary's families were Chevy users and that was true of our family as well.
Our family was red, but middle America was very green with John Deere in Iowa.  I am now green and don't see much difference.
At least we got one picture of Camilla.  The combine makes the family look very small indeed.  The header on this combine is almost twice as long as what we used in the 50's and 60"s.  Glad to see the club exposed to farm life.