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We meet Fridays at 7:00 AM
Cottesmore Care Ctr.
2909 14th Ave NW
Mail to: PO Box 342
Gig Harbor, WA  98335
United States of America
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Opening Bell by Pres. Hal at 7:30 am. Invocation: by Ron Roberts with a moving tribute to the 18th anniversary of 911. Pledge of Allegiance by Terry Brown. National Anthem led by Hal Cline. Four Way Test by Bob Ryan.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach introduced visiting Rotarian Blasé Gorm, aka Joyce Taylor’s husband (Skookum Club). 
Guests of Rotarians: Rep. Jesse Young; our speaker, Dan Lochner; Gary Pellett introduced his wife, Chris; Anessa and Reid Anderson, future host parents of Anne-Marie Botterud, our exchange student; potential member Jordan Poore; David Holsinger; and Michael Daniel.
Calendar – Upcoming events include:
            Harbor Hounds tomorrow (9/14)
            Auction Committee meeting next Tuesday, 9/17, at 6:00 pm at Lee Smith’s house.
Opening Comments:
            New Attendance Rule – Pres. Hal explained the proposed new rule which will be sent out (Note:  Hal is a self-described recovering lawyer so he likes things that read clearly and the attendance rules did not).  We need to vote on the proposal soon.
            Blue Badge Presentation – Lyn Junge gave a blue badge to Steve O’Donnell, who does way too many things to list here.  Has earned his blue badge in record time. 
            Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation update – Scott Junge told us what the GHF has been doing: 
1.         Creating a mission statement: To fund and to support charitable projects within our Rotary Club’s areas of service;  Community, Vocational, Education, and Youth. 
2.         Creating a vision statement:  Strengthening our community by encouraging generosity and connecting people who care with causes that matter.
3.         GHF Became a public foundation.
4.         GHF received a $14,000 refund from the IRS.
5.         Adopted policies (ie, investment and fund management policies).
6.         Awarded scholarships.
7.         Created a website which showcases what we have done.
8.         Created brochures and rack cards.
Scott reminded us that we are all members of the GH Foundation!
            Dave Morris mentioned the Conservation Easement 101 event at 6:00 – 7:00 pm, Sept 30th at Sehmel Park which will educate us on conservation easements.
            Oyster Fest – Blasé Gorm reminded us that Oyster Fest is October 5th – 6th in Shelton. 
            GH Film Festival – Betty Felker gave u an update, including over 100 entries
            STAR Awards – Sharon Shaffer thanked us for the response last week with names of potential nominees.  Keep those names coming in by Friday the 20th.  Nominee selected on 9/27 at our morning meeting.
            Dick Vanberg talked about nominating a Rotary Exchange student.  Sophomore year is the best year to go.  Call Dick for details.
Fine master Dave Cathers made all fine recipients within the last 6 months go to the front of the room, and those who didn’t stand were fined.  For those confused guests who thought that since they were sitting down they had to pay a fine, Holly from Cottesmore explained that they didn’t have to pay (it takes a village).
Happy bucks: Betty was happy to have hosted Ann Marie and others at a Dinners for 8 and encouraged us to invite her to dinner and get to know her.  Chris Ryan did an off the cuff about last weekend (lightening and football). Rodd Ladd is hitting the road again in his RV. Donna Lormor is happy to have a new hip. Marti is happy, period.  Annie is happy that her sister passed the bar exam. 
Raffle by Steve O’Donnell.  Free tickets to the film festival went to John Guardia, Steve Skibbs, and Bob Ryan.  10 free to Ben Paganelli.  Walker Allen drew a white chip, so he didn’t win.
Program:  Ben Paganelli introduced Dan Lochner from the USO Northwest.  Ben reminded us that in the past the Club has provided food to the USO.  Dan is the new manager of the USO Shali Center and is here to present some alternative ideas of what our club could do. 
The USO was founded in 1941 at the suggestion of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  United Service Organizations (6 organizations came together to form the USO). Local USO Northwest established in 1966 and includes WA and OR with 5 USO centers, including SeaTac, the largest. 
The USO is a non-government organization.  91 cents out of every $1.00 goes directly to programs and services.  In 2018 the USO served 830,000 military and their family members. 
The USO serves and supports active military members and serve meals at various times including homecoming and departure.  He showed a great slideshow and talked about ways our Club could help.
  • Become a Volunteer
  • Sponsor a specific event, such as a “No dough dinner” at the end of each month (for about $850)
  • Donation station (as with BMW NW)
Dan Lochner can be reached thru Ben or at mobilemanager@usonw.org
President Hal ended the meeting at 8:30 am. 
Garry Schneider has been approved by the Board as a new member.
Garry's classification is Education-Administration and his sponsor is Paul Alvestad. 
Jordan Poore has been approved by the Board as a new member.
Jordan's classification is Accounting and her sponsor is Deb Miller. 
Any comments on the prospective new members should be directed to Annie Arbenz, Dave Morris, and/or Lyn Junge within 10 days after this publication.
Date of Notice: September 3, 2019.
Mel again took the lead and made this event a sucess.  We had fewer folks than we expected but wound up feeding about 270.
We started out with a nice Italian buffet at the Sunset Cafe in Cle Elum.  We used to have a Friday night BBQ with country Western dancing the the Courage Classic first started.
Some of the attendees, like John Eddy here, claimed they were actually riding.  Can you believe that?
We even had some GH Midday attendees, like Dan Wilson in the blue shirt and Lou Melendez standing.  I think that is the back of Don Hanson's head and he is from Tacoma 8.
Not light yet but this is about the 3rd batch of pancakes, eggs, hash browns, bacon and sausage on the way.  Never had a waiting line and rarely ran short of any food item.
Mel making sure all is well.  I sensed that Jeff and Paul and Veronica had figured out "their" way of doing things and it definitely worked.
Don was the greeter for the diners going into the senior center to eat.  Peter seems to be moving in.  I guess he wasn't excited about getting a dirty apron.
My turn to supervise.  It didn't work either; they really did have it figured out.  I wanted to show Veronica how to hold the spatula but she was doing such a great job.
Lee was the bacon guy and nobody complained.  Dave was a reliable helper.  The sausage cooker was Dalaine's husband, Max.  Great to have the new energy.
President Hal and First Lady Gretchen in their western gear at the CISP fundraiser at the Dunhams.  A lot of fun and success.
Colleen Spear is the Executive Director of CISP, here with her twin sister.  Colleen is the one on the left, I think.
Yours truly with Jan, feeling no pain.  The grin is very genuine, it was a great party.
Greeters: Dave Gordon and Scott Junge of Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation and Sharon Shaffer with Star Awards.
Opening Bell: President Hal Hodgins opened the meeting with a ringing of the bell at 7:21 a.m. Invocation by Don Rees; Pledge of Allegiance by Gary Glein. Song led by Randy Spitzer and Four Way Test led by Norma Whitacre.
Visiting Rotarians announced by Coach: Nate Johnson (Colorado Springs) Cindy Niemi (Tacoma #8) and Garry Schneider (Claremont Sunrise).
Guests: Jordan Poore, Danielle Shull, Stephanie Hall and Alan Anderson.
Opening Comments and Announcements:
            Parking Space Auction – Keith Harris
Don Rees was the highest bidder for September parking space.
            Courage Classic
            Hal Hodgins: Hal showed pictures from the ride and commented regarding the wonderful participation of the Club in supporting the ride with an opening morning breakfast for the riders. He acknowledged those in the Club that rode in the Courage including Hal, Tom Borgen, John Eddy, Debra Miller, Mel Santos, Mike Pinch and Randy Spitzer.
            Tom Borgen: Tom again thanked all the Club riders and volunteers for the morning breakfast. He invited the Club riders to make a few short comments. In particular, he thanked “the man” Mel Wick for stepping up and leading the breakfast organization. Our efforts help Mary Bridge serve approx. 400 abused children who are admitted to Mary Bridge annually, and the preliminary estimate of monies raised this year is over $360,000.
            Cindy Niemi: Cindy (Mary Bridge) and Stephanie Hall (Mary Bridge Courage Event Manager) again thanked the Club for its efforts and for his special involvement and effort presented Tom Borgen with the first annual “Courage Champion” plaque. Hal added his own thoughts and thanked to Tom for his leadership on the Courage.
            Paul Harris – Bob Martin
Bob awarded a Paul Harris (plus 4) to Buck Frymier.
            Gig Harbor Kayak Club - Alan Anderson
Alan, a long-time friend of the Club advised that the Kayak Club won the 2019 National Championship title in Georgia this month. Four or five of the Kayak Club team members, then travelled from that event to Hungary for the World Championships. All did well, but one member, Nevin Harrison (17 years’ old), competing against seasoned world and European champions, won her event (World Championship). In so doing, she qualified for the 2020 Olympics and is now the #1 ranked female canoeist in her event in the World.
Slightly used and clean clothes needed – Rod Ladd
Rod needs clothes to help pack boxes with items being sent to the Philippines.
Additional Comments by Hal:
Hal announced the passing of Sidney Rittenberg, a long-time friend of the Club. He also asked for volunteers to help with inputting documents into a new document retention system.
Fine Master and Happy Bucks: Peter Glein fined all the Courage riders for their not so “short” comments. Thus, there was no time left for additional fines.
Drawing: Howard Mackert won ten free tickets for next week and tickets to the Film Festival, and Marcia Harris pulled a white chip from 8 chips, to miss the pot of $349, all as handled by Larry Olson.
Program: Introduction of Speakers – Camilla Brocker
Exchange student Anne-Marie Botterus from Norway
Anne-Marie arrived about 1 ½ weeks ago and is living with Veronica Hooper’s family. She is a delightful young woman and jumped right in to help out last weekend in Cle Elm serving breakfast to the Courage riders. Anne-Marie presented a wonderful overview of her country and family from Nittedal, Norway. She circulated beautiful pictures of her family (all very blonde, go figure!) to supplement her power point presentation of the attractions and events in Norway. She has two sisters and two brothers. Her interests include cross country skiing, downhill skiing, biking, hiking and travelling. She is looking forward to her year with our Club and spending time with our members and their families in learning about our great part of the world.
Steve O’Donnell – Classification Talk
Steve was sponsored by Lee Smith and Tom Borgen. His wife is Julie O’Donnell to whom he has been married for 49 years. He previously worked in the investment portfolio business for over 30 years. Besides Rotary, his volunteer focus is with the Veteran Honor Flights and the Peninsula Emergency Preparedness Coalition (PEP-C). He provided information regarding emergent threats in our area and the need to “be prepared”
Hal adjourned the meeting at 8:33 a.m.
President Hal seems to have the meeting off to a happy start.
Cindy gave a very nice invocation and definitely has the attention of everyone up front.
Coach is working hard on introducing the visiting Rotarians; Gary Schneider from Claremont and Nathan Johnson from North Colorado Springs.
AG Tom Borgen gave a nice summary on the success of this years Courage ride; increased riders and a more enjoyable territory.
Cory letting us know that since the work party for the Key Peninsula Playground was cancelled for the Courage, it will soon be rescheduled.
Sharon did a little well deserved horn tooting when she let us know their dragon boat got the gold medal up in Vancouver.  Very special indeed!
Scott presided over our annual Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation meeting.  Our Foundation has given over $1.2 million in scholarship money since its inception and is looking to start supporting other avenues of service.  A new website is just the beginning;  you should check it out.
Don was our laughmaster and did a fine job (pun intended).  Can you believe he was once our only finemaster and the youngest member of our club.
Dave introduced our program on the Peninsula Park's newest possible acquisition, the golf driving range just up the street.
The presenter was interim Park Director Glenn Akramoff.  He made clear that the Park District is doing their due diligence and the program is almost at the end.  Looks to me like it is a go, but the Board has to be sure.
Self explanatory.
This is the site plan and it is truly ambitious.  The inflatable building would be a great asset to our community.  I thought Glenn did a good job letting us know what has happebed up to this point.
Our club is managed by AMI Association Management Inc.
Melissa Schwab
Contact herat (253) 525-5152
5727 Baker Way NW, Suite 200, Gig Harbor, WA   98332
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Rotary Foundation receives highest rating from Charity Navigator for 12th consecutive

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