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We meet Fridays at 7:00 AM
Cottesmore Care Ctr.
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Slide show prior to the opening bell included Boy Scouts of American fundraiser March 7 featuring Joe Theismann (rhymes with Heisman), Courage Classic, and District Conference.
Opening Bell: By President Alvestad at 7:30 am. Invocation: by David Olson. Pledge of Allegiance: by Gary Glein; Song: “This Land is Your Land,” written by one the Guthrie’s, led by David Gillespie, and assisted by Hal Cline. Four Way Test: by Bob Ryan; Greeters: None noted.
Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach; Barry Benson, Sharon Benson, and Jim Whitaker, all from Tacoma #8; and Karyn Giegrst, Passport, (Past President Joyce Taylor arrived during the meeting). Guests: Introduced included guest of Richard Pifer, Alan Anderson; son of John Winslow, Richard; spouse of Betty Felker, Robert; guest of Sophie Perkins, David; spouse of Juanita Carbaugh, Gary; and Mac Pinch’s superstars Rocky and Oliver.
Opening Comments: President Alvestad opened the meeting by reviewing the calendar. Upcoming meetings next week include Vocational Committee and Auction Committee, changed from Tuesday to Monday.
  • Rotary Friendship Exchange – two opportunities to participate with District 2440 in Turkey in April of 2020 (President Alvestad assured it was safe) and District 2220 in Russia this September (President Alvestad suggested a stay at a secret Trump Hotel and then asked for political forgiveness).
  • Rotary 101 – President Alvestad suggested the Courage Classic was more than helping Mary Bridge. He proposed that it also included Publicity, Camaraderie, Partying with Party Animals, Building Future Rotarians (Interact, Early Act, Boy Scouts), Family Participation, Exercise, and a Chance to Explore.
  • Career Fair – Norma Whitacre indicated that she has 20 volunteers and needs 4-5 more, especially in IT and Architecture/Engineering. She also stated that due to the snow school closures the date may be moved.
  • Boys and Girls Club – Emma Conway discussed the B&G Club sale to the Peninsula School District after the successful passage of the School Bond. She indicated that the Club will continue to provide services and thanked the Club’s Partners PenMet Parks, City of Gig Harbor, and the School District.
  • Cars 4 Change – Howard Mackert celebrated the delivery of the first vehicle for this program. The car will help the recipient get to school and family get to work. All the information is on Facebook. Howard said he needs followers.
  • Auction Update – Camilla Brocker recapped the Big Board. As of Wednesday, Sponsorship is at $16,500, goal $20,000; Restaurants 9, goal 10; Ticket Sales 110 (now 152), goal 400; Auction Items 29 (now 42), goal 200; and Wine Toss 93, goal 250. There is still lots of work to do. Camilla highlighted some of the great donations, including a 26’ Sailboat, Private Flight and Dinner to the San Juans, Dragon Boat Experience and Pizza Fest, Run with the Cops (4 hour ride without cuffs), 7 nights Desert Springs Marriott, Guided River Fishing Trip, and Gourmet Dinner with Wine for 10. She thanked Brent Tayet and his team for the highest value donations and Dick Vanberg for the most items.
    • Wine Toss – Juanita Carbaugh stated she needs more wine, or cash and checks would work.
    • Dessert Dash – Scott McVay announced that the signup sheet was distributed.
    • Procurement – Randy Spitzer said that members can write checks as well.
    • Ticket Sales – Rod Ladd’s “That’s Nuts” brought some cheers.
Fines and Happy Bucks: David Cathers was the Finemaster and started with a little quiz (former Jeopardy Champion Bob Ryan answered most of the questions) about the world’s oldest restaurant, oldest post office, location of Issac Newton’s tree, country time zones, and largest land mass city. If you want the answers, ask Bob Ryan. Happy Bucks: Fred Labayen (60 years marriage), Alan Anderson (won the raffle at the Star Awards and donated his winnings to Rotary), Rocky or Oliver Pinch (School Bond passed), Marcia Harris (seconded that), Sophie Perkins (sitting in the Captain’s seat on a recent flight – she didn’t say if the captain was still sitting there), and Scott Junge (for Cottesmore’s care of his mother).
Drawing: Donna Lormor ran the raffle. The pot is $212 and we are down to 10 chips. Gary Glein won the 10 free tickets for next week and Peter Stanley (from his 10 free last week) won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He did not draw the blue chip and settled for the consolation prize.
Program: World Traveler Juanita Carbaugh
Juanita and her husband Gary, inspired by the movie “The Way,” completed the Camino de Santiago (The Way of St James – to the resting place of the Apostle James). She shared her travel experience with the club. There are nine total walks. The French way, their choice, is the most popular, with 60% of the “Pilgrims” venturing on this walk. The walk, about 800 kilometers, crosses the Pyrenees. The walk traces back to, at least, the 8th Century, and has grown in popularity over time, less than 2,500 walkers in 1986, and more than 300,000 in 2017. Only 6% of the walkers are from the US, 60% are male, and over 60% are 30-60 years old. Juanita said the 46 day walk taught her many lessons. The first day was 18 miles, nearly straight up the mountains, and started with a great deal of self doubt. Her first Lesson was to trust and let go. Lesson 2, slow and steady wins the race, she witnessed herself after several “hares” failed to make it to the end. Juanita shared her adventures with the scenery, food, art, and lodging; often resulting in Lesson 3: learn to laugh. Meeting people from around the world taught her Lesson 4: we are all connected. The final Lesson she had time to share was, that Vaseline can prevent blisters. The adventure ended with freeing herself of burdens by bringing a rock to represent the things you want to let go. She plans a return trip. Here’s a link to the Camino site.
President Alvestad ended the meeting at 8:32.
Notes by Chuck Cuzzetto
Call to Order: President Paul rang the bell at 7:35.
Marcia Harris provided heartfelt thoughts along with a Valentine Day holiday reminder.
Hal Cline led “God Bless America. Bob Lutschg led the 4 Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach introduced the visiting Rotarian: Gary Schmitt from Sound Transit.
Guests: This week’s guests included: Steve O’Donnell (Lee Smith), David Holsinger (Sophie), Brent’s early-actors, Sue Horton and Walt Paulson’s brother Joe.
Featured Items:
  • President Paul shared a letter from the District Governor praising the 2/1/19 STAR Event.
  • This week’s up-coming calendar was shared; Tuesday’s international committee cancelled; add the RAH 5:30 Wednesday happening at the Tides (eventually cancelled due to weather).
  • District conference is scheduled for May 10 – 12. Early bird registration cost reduction is available through March 1st.
  • Tom Borgen shared the Courage Classic changes for 2019. Starting in Leavenworth, our club is responsible for breakfast. Details to follow.
  • Birthdays & anniversaries were celebrated with the help of Walt Paulsen.
  • Lee Smith announced that Sip & Stroll has been rescheduled for April 6th
  •  Camilla Brocker provided an auction update: nine restaurant sponsors, invitations are available, ticket sales & action procurement are priorities to make this another successful event. 38 desserts needed; contact Alisha McVay with your donation. Juanita Carbaugh, Marti Anderson & Annmarie Huppert are still seeking wine & designer beer/ale for the wine toss. Cheerleaders Rod Ladd & Randy Spitzer added energy to ticket sale & procurement member efforts. Reminder: it takes a whole club to raise the $$ needed for future community, international, youth & vocational service projects. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED NOW!!!
Happy Bucks:
  • Gary Glein had 3 happy bucks celebrating his marina remodel project
  • Tom Borgen celebrated Gary Schmitt & the Trades union involvement for the support of student educational work preparation programs
  • Jill Guernsey is happy that her new home remodeling is underway
  • Mel Santos was happy to announce his new office location at Rosedale & Skansie.
  • Lee Smith has 10 free tickets next week
  • Mel Santos went home with $15; no blue chip this week.
Latisha Sternod and her assistant Sue, shared the Catholic Community Services Mockingbird foster care program. They extended an appeal for help and/or help to support their programs. Both short and long term placement families are appreciated. There are 90 day and 6-18 month placement needs available.
Contact and additional program info: Model
President Paul adjourned the meeting at 8:37 am.
Notes by Marcia Harris
Bob and Betty in "safe" arms in Thailand.
I guess Bob wasn't so safe, but Betty is safe with Rotary!
Mike is busy peddling his E-bike in Desert Hot Springs.
Bob and Jan enjoying snowshoeing at Pete's Cabin in Colorado.  Jan is enjoying some brandy and she didn't share it with Bob, not sure why I am smiling.  Maybe the brandy I had already consumed.laugh
Our Rotary Exchange Student granddaughter enjoying Patagonia in the summer.  We may get to visit in June, but that will be really cold since June is winter.
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