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We meet Fridays at 7:00 AM
Cottesmore Care Ctr.
2909 14th Ave NW
Mail to: PO Box 342
Gig Harbor, WA  98335
United States of America
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Opening Bell: By Past Pres. Ron Roberts at 7:27 am. Invocation: by Duane Fister. Pledge of Allegiance: by Terry Brown. Song led by Hal Cline and ably assisted by Mike Pinch. Four Way Test: by Tom Stanfield.
Visiting Rotarians: We have ZERO visiting Rotarians. Guests of Rotarians: Dana Webster, Josh Sherwin, Irene Torres, Jeremy Larkin, Cassie Riando, Vanessa Kirwood, Dave Krogel, Tom Taylor.
Pres. Paul took the meeting back over at 7:32.
Pres. Paul thanked guest Cassie Riando for the Gig Harbor Living Local Magazine’s article about the STAR awards dinner in February. As Sharon said, it wouldn’t have happened without Cassie!
Calendar – Upcoming events include: Rotary Board meeting this week, and
  • Guest Tom Taylor spend a few minutes talking about the YMCA’s Annual Campaign and all the great things the Y does including not turning anyone away! And all foster kids are free members.
  • Lee Smith asked for more volunteers for Sip and Stroll on April 6th. Signup sheets passed around.
(Rotary 101 Wisdom #14 by Pres. Paul: skipped and the applause was unbelievable.)
Bob Martin updated us on Rotary Foundation and the need for more contributions.
Paul Harris Fellows: Bob also awarded Paul Harris pins to Debbie Wittmers, Dave Gordon, and Hal Cline.
Pam asked folks to get ready to volunteer at the first GH Waterfront Farmers Market in June. website: Scott Junge introduced Dave Krogel who created the new website. Scott also thanked everyone who helped, including and especially Tom Borgen. Link will be sent out. Website shows Avenues of Service and shows many of the great things our club has done. Links to Club Runner and various Rotary foundations. Nice video re what we can do. Click to go to Donation page. Great website!
Fine master Paul Willet (in a very pink Hawaiian shirt) fined Marti for her green shirt last week, Walt Severn for being at Ace at same time as Paul was there, Kelly Busey for his son, Chance’s, social media post reference to Wham! (Chance is too young), and someone for too many acronyms. And of course, he fined Pres. Paul for Rotary #101, aka Rotary LOL, and Hal Cline for something last week.
Happy bucks include Chuck Perry reference to 864 pictures he took at the auction. The link to Flickr to see the photos is:
Chuck suggested you use Firefox or Chrome to open it so you get all the pictures. Ron Roberts thinks Gonzaga will win again and he is headed to Maui. Dave Gillespie went skiing last week and Peter Stanley broke a bone (leg/knee??) but is doing better. Mike Pinch is happy to have been invited to Dinners for 8 at Mark Roberts’ house. Sophie is happy no one charged anything on her credit card after she left it at the auction. Sharon had a happy buck for Cassie’s article about the STAR awards.
Raffle by Annmarie Huppert. Dave Morris won 10 free, Lee (again) won chance to draw, but lost.
Introduction of Program by Sharon Shaffer: Dana Webster, our Club’s STAR award recipient. As the recipient of the award, she received a Paul Harris fellowship and donated the amount she received to the Key Peninsula Community Council, represented here today by Irene Torres and Jeremy Larkin, officers of KPCC.
Josh Sherwin’s video for the STAR Award Event was shown (in part). Note: Randy Spitzer did the audio for the video. One of Dana’s major accomplishments is the KP Farm Tour in October, which she helped to organize. The video highlighted Dana’s many other accomplishments, including the KPCC community office.
Sharon presented a check for $1500.00 to Dana as a thank you for all she has done. Sharon noted that a portion of the award was from the Club’s Vocational Services Committee. Dana then donated the check to the KP Community Council.
Paul introduced the Club’s Committee chairs for a brief update.
  • Rod Ladd, Vocational Services Chair, mentioned a grant that allows us to pay for more cleft palate repair operations.
  • Corey Coryell, chair of the Community Services Committee, talked about the Courage Classic, Community Dock project, splash pad at Gateway Park, History Museum project, etc. He also talked about the Music in the Park project brought to us by Pam.
  • Richard Schmalz, chair of International Committee, talked about last week’s fundraiser at Fondi’s to raise money to send students to Guatamala to work on Rotary projects; and the Henderson Bay High School students job fair organized by Norma (kudos to Norma!).
  • Marti Anderson, of the Youth Services Committee, spoke for Chair Jeanie Simmons. Interact club includes middle and high school students. They did a great job helping at the auction.
Mel Santos thanked Sharon for her hard work on the STAR award event, and Cassie for her article in GH Living Local. Once again Josh Sherwin received a standing ovation for all the work he has done for our Club, and the fact that he charges us very little for what he does, so Mel gave him a bonus check. Several of us also announced upcoming videos that Josh is or has done, including this years Veterans Day Event on November 11, 2019, and the Cars4Change video he recently completed
President Paul ended the meeting at 8:27 am.
Notes by Jill Guernsey
GIG HARBOR AUCTION 2019 (PHOTOS COMPLIMENTS OF CHARLES PERRY)  These pictures will not begin to replace attending the event but should make you want to go next year.
Rod and Camilla taking a little break in the middle of preparation.  Glad to see they are still smiling.
The Hangar owners and our hosts dressed in costume of open cockpit flyers.  Bob Juranich on the left and Bill Juranich on the right.  They do great tours of the museum as well.  These planes are their life's passion and it is neat to share it.
Chuck took every picture but this one.  Thought he should be acknowledged for his hard work and great pictures.  Thanks Chuck!
It is amazing how quickly these tables get set up and covered and chaired.  They are very precisely placed to allow movement between.
Lots of people working behind the scenes, like Randy on the laptop.
John on another laptop.  I hope they are keeping track of the money and who gets what.
The Hopkins and the Paganellis doing more of the same.  This auction could be a disaster without all of their dedication and hard work; while we were all talking and drinking and eating.
Just one of nine restaurants, all were outstanding.  Our Taste of Gig Harbor can't be beat!  The staff made the food even better!
Mr. Auction and Rosalie enjoying what their baby has grown into.  This has to be close to thirty years and I think each one gets better.  Don brought his experience from the Bellarmine Auction and we are greatful.
I think that is a genuinely relaxed smile that Camilla has because it is "Hump" hour, she has made it.  Peter and Janet look pretty relaxed as well.
Jim and Carolyn Castino, all the way from Yakima, just to share our fellowship and I hope leave some Yakima bucks here.
Marliss Swayze, the widow of Judge Tom Swayze, who identified that our Club was not having fun. (In 1987)  We made up for that.  She is sharing company with Alan Anderson.
Did you notice how many beautiful ladies there were at the auction.  Pam, Jan, and Donna were three of the best!
Noah Flick, Our outbound exchange student, sold the 100 raffle tickets in a blink!  Interactors were all over helping as well.  I missed getting one of the "flashy" airplanes.sad
It is getting close to dessert time!  That is probably why everyone is smiling; that or the wine.
One of the 30+ desserts!  Ummmh, Brown Sugar Bourbon and chocolate!
Brent looks like he is going to swallow his dessert whole!  Bummer for his table.
If it wasn't for the facial hair, this could be a 10 year old Rod in a candy store!
Finally, the important part, spending money!  Richard has the right attitude (and blood alcohol level); just wave that bidder card around, the more the merrier!  Our raise the paddle brought in about $38K which may be a record.  Everything else seemed to bring in good bucks as well.  I totally skipped the silent auction because it is a little harder to see the action, but it is exciting if there is something you want.  Plan to work or be there next year!
Opening Bell: By Past Pres. Terry Brown at 7:30 am; Invocation: by Marc Jorgenson; Pledge of Allegiance: by John Ciccarelli; Song led by Hal Cline; Four Way Test: by Stan Eastberg.
Visiting Rotarians: Lou and Kathi Menendez from GH North.
Guests: Prospective member Steve O’Donnell.
Pres. Paul announced that from now until the end of his term Past Club Presidents will be asked to do the Call to Order.
  • New member Ian Warner is having health issues but hopes to be at next week’s meeting. Please contact Jeff Harris if you would like to help.
  • Liz Svigals, Howard’s wife (Howard is from Midday Rotary) was recently diagnosed with cancer. Tom Borgen is our contact if you would like to help in any way.
The Auction: Camilla received a standing ovation for a job well done. She graciously thanked everyone and called the event “magical.”
Calendar – Upcoming events include Sip and Stroll on April 6th. Lee Smith said we need more volunteers so please contact him.
Rotary 101 Wisdom #19 by Pres. Paul – Solutions and “the Big Picture.” Pres. Paul suggested that looking at the Big Picture before settling on a Solution may make life easier/better.
Inductions – Lyn Junge introduced inductees Delaine Morgan and Tom Stanfield and Duane Fister did a nice job of bringing them into the club. Their sponsors (Pam Peterson and Jill Guernsey) were asked to say a few words and they did. Delaine looked great and Tom blushed.
Attendance – Secretary Cynthia Kennedy passed around a draft list of those who have perfect attendance. If your name isn’t on there and you think it should be, please contact her:
Intergenerational Festival March 30th – sponsored by the GH North Club. Project leader Kathi Menendez and husband Lou talked a little about the program, doing something for the community, bringing people together, and building bridges, all in a day at the Boys and Girls Club. For more details, or email
Dinners for Eight – Hal Cline has been in charge of this wonderful program for years and, if allowed, would speak about it for an hour or two. But in just a few seconds (well, minutes) he did a nice job of encouraging people to sign up, especially red badgers.
Fondi Fundraiser – Rod Ladd reminded us to eat at Fondi’s on March 19th to raise money to send Interact students to Guatemala. Contact Rod if questions. You need to bring the coupon with you. Rod sent out the coupon last week and if you need another one, contact him: or 253.722.4746.
Guatemala Trip – Jeff Harris just returned from a trip to Guatemala in conjunction with a Rotary Global Grant for the Rachel Project. He described the trip as rewarding and inspirational.
Friends of Rotary – Jeff also introduced the new program, Friends of Rotary, which provides a plaque to those individuals/businesses which go out of their way to help Rotary. We are starting this program off by awarding Friends of Rotary plaques to the Restaurants and Sponsors of the Auction. And anyone can nominate anyone simply by contacting Jeff.
Finemaster Peter Glein fined Sophie (who wasn’t present) for leaving her credit card at the auction. Actually, he auctioned her card off to the highest bidder. See Peter for details. Other lost and found at the auction items were returned and members fined for leaving stuff there, except for Camilla who left her leg brace there and doesn’t want it back. Still wondering how Dorothy made it home without her shoes and why Rich Coyner left his pliers there.
Happy bucks delayed until next week.
Raffle – Larry Olson hosted. Somebody won 10 free tickets and Ben Paganelli didn’t win the jackpot.
Introduction of Program – Hal Hodgins gave us all little slips of colored paper so we could break into groups and talk about what our Club does best, what could be improved, etc. More to come about the survey results at a later date.
John and Beth Dunham in sunny but cool Arizona.
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