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Slide show prior to the opening bell included pictures of Rotary events, Rotarian travelers, and Rotary gestalt.
Opening Bell: Open by President Alvestad at 7:28 am. Invocation: by Emma Conway. Pledge of Allegiance: by Mike Pinch. Song: “God Bless America,” by Hal Cline and speaker Honorable Justice Debra (aka Brenda) Stephens. Four Way Test: by Al Weaver. Greeters: None noted.
Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach – Honorable Justice Stephens (Olympia) and Ralph Flick (GH MidDay). Guests: Hal Hodgins introduced his wife Gretchen, Honorable Justice Debra Stephens, her husband Craig Stephens, and Gig Harbor’s own Honorable Justice Charles Johnson. Ben Paganelli reintroduce John Guardia. Cindy Reed introduced Ralph Flick and his son Noah, our outbound exchange student. Jeff Harris reintroduced prospective member Ian Warren. Camilla Brocker introduced her mother-in-law, Omahan Betty Brocker.
Opening Comments: President Alvestad noted that the restrooms are now working. He also noted that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and was disappointed in the insensitive people that did not wear pink. He reminded the group that November is Rotary Foundation Month and men’s health issues month. For emphasis he shared a picture of Hal Hodgins celebrating “Movember” with a full beard.
  • Calendar – President Alvestad highlighted the upcoming meetings including the Auction Committee (meeting under a green awning), Vocational Committee, RV Group, and Youth Services. Check your emails and the website for more information.
  • Rotary 101 – President Alvestad reviewed Rotary Gestalt 1 and 2 and presented Rotary Gestalt 3, where there is fellowship for everyone from Gourmet Cooking to Magna Grecia (Great Greece). (Perhaps the two are related – do gourmet cooks use Great Grease in their cooking?)
  • Birthdays – Walt Paulsen acknowledged October birthdays, including Steve Skibbs, Annmarie Huppert, Chief Kelly Busey, Fred Labeyen, Cindy Reed, Sharon Shaffer, Debbie Wittmers, Howard Mackert, Al Abbott, Stan Eastberg, Gary Glein, and Tim Toerber; as well as anniversaries.
  • New Member Induction – Annie Arbenz introduced our newest member John Guardia and his sponsor Ben Paganelli. Ben shared how much he and John have in common and then either quit the club or went off on a scuba diving vacation, not clear. Duane Fister saved the day by conducting the induction and welcomed John as the “World’s Newest Rotarian” as of 7:46:45 am (PDT).
  • Veterans’ Day Event – Ben Paganelli returned to make sure Rotarians plan to attend the Veterans’ Day Celebration on November 12. Cost for Lunch is $15, free for Veterans. Ben encouraged the group to invite Veterans, Vet Techs and people who like animals.
  • Paul Harris Society Membership Presentation – Bob Martin shared some of the different ways to donate to The Rotary Foundation (TRF), including “Every Member Every Year,” “Sustaining,” and “Paul Harris Society Membership.” Bob introduced one-half of the GH Rotarians that are Paul Harris Society Members, those who choose to give $1,000 or more every year: Duane Fister, Jim Good, Rod Ladd, Ed Lindstrom, Debbie Miller, Jan Martin, and Don Rees. With the other half, introduced at a later time, this group helps the club meet its TRF $25,000 goal by giving more than half of that total!
  • Basket Brigade – David Cathers announced, without a tear, that this will be the 25th year for the basket brigade. Last year nearly 1,600 families were served. He encouraged local businesses and groups to come up with challenges to help raise items.
  • Sip ‘N Stroll – Lee Smith reminded everyone that the Sip ‘N Stroll is tomorrow. There are still tickets available and he could use a few more volunteers for backup.
Fines and Happy Bucks: David Cathers was the fine master. The group decided that Peter Glein, with one eye, would be safer on the road than Coach. Hal Cline was fined for forgetting the Honorable Justice Stephens first name (not an honorable thing to do). Cindy Reed was fined for her squirrel problem and reminded not to take it on an airplane. Paul was allowed to pass his $3 fine for his slides to someone else, but Mel Santos was absent. Annie Arbenz was fined for not wearing her badge as a good role model for new member John Guardia. Bob Martin and Rod Ladd were asked about an RV fire and Mark Hoppen was fined because “it’s been awhile.” Finally, Ben Paganelli was fined for pretending to not remember John Guardia’s name. Happy bucks were offered by Buck Frymier for Juanita Carbaugh’s pilgrimage and the latest prison program graduating class, and Steve Skibbs for the Boston Red Sox.
Drawing: Eric McGinnis ran the raffle. The pot was $237 and seven chips. Lee Smith won the 10 free tickets for next week and Rod Ladd won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew the white chip for a consolation prize.
Program: The Honorable Justice Debra Stephens, Washington State Supreme Court, presented “Rights and Responsibilities Under Two Constitutions.” She introduced Justice Charles Johnson (to answer the tough questions). Justice Stephens spent some time on interpretation of the law, including “plain” language. Some examples brought back great “Schoolhouse Rock” memories of conjunction junction and the definition of the word “it.” She mentioned that ambiguity is a Justice’s best friend. She asked if a woman in a motorized wheelchair could go into a park. Coach quickly responded with, “no she can’t.” Other issues were not so clear. She compared the State and US Constitutions and finished by talking about the clash of rights and responsibilities under competing constitutional provisions.
President Alvestad ended the meeting at 8:35 am.
Notes by Chuck Cuzzetto
10 more boxes on their way to the Philippines.  Guess what was in them?
Computers from Geoff Barcalow and lots of clothes to protect them.  There will be some happy folks who open these boxes!
Has to be some social time with Carina's lumpia.  Plan to attend the next party and share some of the fellowship.
Narrow ridge to the summit.  Hang on to a chain with 1000' drop on either side.
1500' feet down to the valley below, where we started.  We were the oldest people on the Landing.
Cindy and friend in very cold Iceland.
Cindy and friends in Portugal.  She is moving around!
Now here she is in Helsinki!
Randy and Terri in Crete.  I called Randy for some pictures of the Garden Fence project.  Just happened to be close to midnight there.  Sorry Randy.
I see the "Taverna" sign, but don't know if they are coming or going!
Little worried that Hal is needing to read the words to "God Bless America".
Hand over heart since 1954.
Our star of STAR, Sharon is announcing that our Club has selected our Awardee.
Ben nominated the winner, Danna Webster because he has seen her service on the Key Peninsula.
Annie announced that Lyn Junge has become the third member of the Membership Committee.
Always Emma gets her Blue Badge from Pam and Lyn.
Jill announced that we are sponsoring a special Veterans Day program.  Please spread the word and plan to attend.
Paul was Finemaster and he was definitely prepared for the job.  However the Happy Bucks predominated.
Cindy paid a buck for each of the three countries she visited, Portugal, Finland, and Iceland.
Fred paid for a Grandson's wedding and recovery from some major vascular surgery.
Debbie obviously has a different sense of humor.
Leslie Mayne is no stranger to our Club.  She gave us a nice update on what is happening with her Foundation to support soldiers; PTSD--Permission To Start Dreaming.  Amazing to see the power of one woman with a mission.
Call to Order – Paul Alvestad
Invocation – Hal Cline; Pledge of Allegiance. Song – Hal Cline - God Bless America; 4 Way Test –Mel Santos.
Visiting Rotarians – Coach. No one signed in …. again.
Guests – Steve O’Donnell, Tom Stanfield, Sue Jensen is back!, Speaker Lesley Mayne
Featured items:
Calendar – Something Rotary every night next week, including Rotary After Hours Wed El Pueblito.
Thank you note from Snoqualmie Days for Girls
Wear pink during Oct (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) and limit your fines to no more than $1. In honor of Men’s Health month in Nov anyone with a NEW beard finds will be limited to $1.
Rotary 101 - Clarification of 501 status - Rotary CLUB funds are 501(C)4 and not tax deductible, Charitable funds such as the Rotary Foundation 501(C)3 are tax deductible.
Star of The Year Announcement – Sharon Shaffer
Danna Webster, nominated by Ben Paganelli was selected from several great terrific nominations. A highlights from her qualifications: retired teacher, Past President, Vice Pres, and secretary of Key Peninsula Community Council; Key Pen Farm Tour Chair; Key Pen, Partnership for a Healthy Community Steering Committee; Key Pen Youth Council; Mustard Seed Fund Raising; Key Pen Writers Guild; Volunteer facilitator Key Pen Civic Center; Park Volunteer; Lions Club; Founding Board member of the KP Farmer’s Market.
Membership Committee – Annie Arbenz and Lyn Junge. There are two more members “in the wings”. Emma Conway FINALLY got her blue badge. Congratulations, Emma.
International Committee– Rodney Ladd. Computer packing party Monday 530p - 7p
Veterans Day Event – Jill Guernsey. Lunch at Ocean5, Monday Nov 12. Posters and flyers available. Vets free, $15.00 for non-vets. Come support them, please!
Nominating Process – Hal Hodgins. Committee: John Eddy, Debbie Miller, Camilla Brocker, Tom Borgen, and Hal. Please contact them if interested in any positions.
Finemaster – Paul Willett.
Happy bucks included: Cindy Reed, 3 countries in 3 weeks; Jan and Bob Martin SW Nation Park Hikes, Fred, grandsons wedding and a good Dr. report, Peter Glein $2. for 2 good (or almost good) eyes. And we are looking forward to more good medical news when his reports are complete; Bob Ryan just got back from a great trip to Austria.
Raffle – Donna Lormor. 10 free- Peter Stanley. Unsuccessful attempt at the blue chip and $270.00 – Lee Smith.
Program – Leslie Mayne – Permission to Start Dreaming – PTSD Foundation. Leslie’s path from losing her son Kyle to PTSD to forming a Foundation in his memory to help those struggling with PTSD, and the amazing work they are doing for Vets and 1st responders. This goes far beyond Race for a Soldier, with monthly meetings, workshops, retreats to help victims of PTSD cope. She shared a video, which unfortunately, we could not hear. We will send the video link through ClubRunner Website:
This is Olivia Martin Gurley, an outbound exchange student to Rancagua, Chile from D-5080 (Spokane).  This was here arrival day with her 13yo Chilean sister.  Olivia happens to be my Granddaughter.
This is Olivia on in her school uniform on her first day of school on September 11.  I am sure I can convince her to send us some progress reports; I know I will get some.  Give me some feedback if you would like to know how her year goes.
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Oct 19, 2018
Club Happenings
Gary Glein
Oct 19, 2018
Reclassification Talk
Blase Gorne, Dick Vanberg and Mel Wick
Oct 26, 2018
Latvian Hospital Project (Club History)
Annina Liebner
Nov 02, 2018
Italy report from our Exchange Student
Dr. Will Boegel
Nov 02, 2018
Opal House Guatemala
Bob Martin & Howard Svigals
Nov 09, 2018
The Rotary Foundation
Alan Anderson
Nov 16, 2018
Gig Harbor Canoe and Kayak Racing Team
Ivan Harrell Ph.D./, President of TCC
Nov 30, 2018
Report on TCC developments
Scott Junge
Dec 07, 2018
Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation
Dec 14, 2018
Club Happenings
Tim Toerber
Dec 14, 2018
Classification Talk
Sunshine Singers
Dec 21, 2018
Christmas Program
Jan 18, 2019
Club Happenings
Pam Peterson Smith
Jan 18, 2019
Reclassification Talk
Feb 22, 2019
Club Happenings
Bob Martin
Feb 22, 2019
Reclassification talk
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