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We meet Fridays at 7:00 AM
Cottesmore Care Ctr.
2909 14th Ave NW
Mail to: PO Box 342
Gig Harbor, WA  98335
United States of America
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Slide show prior to the opening bell. Paul Alvestad’s “Cow-pocalypse,” Golferitaville.
Opening Bell: by Mel Santos at 7:30 am; Invocation: by Fred Labayen; Pledge of Allegiance: by Mel Santos; Song: National Anthem, led by Hal Cline; Four Way Test: led by all
Visiting Rotarians: None visiting
Guests: Bill Every (prospective Rotarian), Noel Brambila, Peninsula Youth Orchestra
  • Suits for Service Members: 60+ items of clothing have been collected so far.
  • Bovine Experience: The “Cow-pocalypse,” hosted by Paul was dampened somewhat by the rain, but he did have one family attend.
  • Board Actions: The relationship between the club and the club foundation is being clarified and finalized. There is a membership proposal being examined setting a 60% attendance requirement or “aspiration” to keep your membership active.
  • Perfect Attendance: You can now keep up with your own “perfect attendance” and your status regarding the “Rule of 85,” (years of membership plus your age.)
  • Calendar: See our online calendar (Clubrunner) for events happening this week.
  • District Conference: We viewed a video of District Gov. Craig Gillis singing about Rotary set to the tune of “The House of the Rising Sun.” The Governor also promoted the upcoming District Conference.
  • Cars 4 Change: We viewed a video featuring Howard Mackert explain the program.
  • Peninsula Youth Orchestra: Noelle Brambila appealed to the club members asking for help finding a new home for the Peninsula Youth Orchestra. They recently lost their “home venue” and have 100 middle-school aged string students on four different levels who need a meeting space on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00-6:00. They need at least 4 rooms with adequate space for each group. If you have a prospective site they might use, please contact Noelle at 253-534-5384. Their web site is:
  • Gig Harbor Film Festival: Betty Felker announced that the GHFF is now rated in the top 30 film festivals in the country; it was previously rated in the top 100. The festival has 500 film submissions this year (up from 160 last year.) The festival is starting a youth camp this summer to teach kids how to make films. Their gala fundraiser is scheduled for June 7 at Canterwood.
  • Paul Harris Awards were given to Ivan Gorne (+1) and Walker Allen (+3) Congratulations!
Raffle: Marti Anderson won ten-free. Mel Wick drew a white chip.
Fines and Happy Bucks: John Winslow was the Fine-master today. Coach was fined for criticizing the film festival. John Eddy was fined for promoting Marti Anderson Travel earlier in the meeting. Paul Alvestad, who has 10 more meetings to go to the end of his presidency, was fined for using the term “aspirational.” Jeff Harris was fined for delegating to Sharon Shaffer the placing of a nice article in the Gig Harbor, “Living Local.”* Mack Pinch was fined for promoting himself for the Penlight board. Mark Hoppen was fined for laughing at the District Governor’s singing. Hal Cline was fined for asking Annie Arbenz, “Are you pregnant?” (She gave a happy buck because she is not.)
Happy Bucks: Mel Santos reminded us that he is celebrating the ribbon cutting of his business next week to which we’re all invited. Kelly Busey announced that our club is graduating 18 students in the prison program. Donna Lormor shared her happiness that her Rotary friends in China noted that today is Paul Harris’ birthday, and that they are interested in a friendship exchange with our club. Cindy Reed reminded us that there will be a ribbon cutting for Heritage Distilling’s refurbished downtown tasting room next week; she also announced that she will soon be visiting Melony Meyer, our last Rotary exchange student soon. Mike Pinch announced that he will soon have a new grandson (Mack’s brother’s child.) Sharon Shaffer announced the paddlers cup is coming up on Sunday, April 28 at Skansie Brothers Park. The Dragonboat club is honoring cancer survivors and caregivers at 3:15 on the day of the festival. They need 3 more paddlers; contact Sharon if you’d like to paddle.
Vocational: The Vocational Committee is the only committee that serves wine and beer at their meetings. Come join the committee and enjoy the hospitality!
International: Our club has installed water projects in 15 villages in Guatemala and have 15 more to go. We also have a couple additional water projects we’re exploring in Uganda.
Community Service: Mary Bridge Courage is coming up at the end of August. We have a celebration planned for Veterans Day. We’re working on installing a Rotary Gazebo, working toward our Musical Instruments in the Park project, and a PenMet Parks project and Splashpad project.
Club Service: The club does not have a waiting list, so invite new members now. We have a Fireside coming up in June. Watch announcements for time and place.
Program: Reclassification Talk: Marcia Harris. Marcia presented her life’s journey using music titles and lyrics including: Janice Joplin’s A Mercedes Benz and Me and Bobby McGee, Hellen Reddy’s, I am Woman, Jim Croce’s, I Got a Name and Time in a Bottle, Judy Collins’, Someday Soon, Randy Newman’s, It’s Lonely at the Top, Whiney Houston’s, Greatest Love of All, Let There be Peace on Earth, Frank Sinatra’s I did it My Way, and Louis Armstrong’s It’s a Beautiful World.
*Living Local Article Cassie Riendeau is the Marketing Director of Living Local. Cassie came to the Star Awards banquet and wrote a three-page story about it in the March issue of the magazine. Because she is so impressed with the work Rotary does in the community, she offered the ad in the magazine for only $300 for the three Gig Harbor clubs ($100/club.) Cassie is a great friend of Rotary!
President Paul ended the meeting at 8:32
Notes by Randy Spitzer
Slide show prior to the opening bell highlighted Rotary events including the District Conference, Courage, Parkland Rotary Golf Event, Mid Day Golferitaville, Master Calendar, and Mackert Automotive Women’s Car Clinic.
Opening Bell: at 7:32 am with PP Bob Martin presiding and welcoming with a “Did you know?” for those members who recall his reign. Invocation: by Duane Fister, substituting for Cynthia Kennedy. Pledge of Allegiance: lead by Bob Martin. Song: “God Bless America” started by Dave Cathers, substituting for Randy Spitzer, substituting for Dave Gillespie. Four Way Test: from a distance by Betty Felker. Greeters: none were noted.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach had no visiting Rotarians to introduce. Guests: Tom Stanfield introduced Amy Webb and David Charbonneau, both with Herron’s Key; Betty Felker introduced Stephanie Lile, our Speaker; Don Buchanan welcomed John Hogan with Uptown; and Al Bucholz introduced his daughter.
Opening Comments: President Alvestad invited Rotarians and their families to his place this Saturday at 9 am to commune with cows (must be something he learned in Pullman). No breakfast will be served and boots are a necessity. President Paul reviewed the calendar for the upcoming week. The GH Rotary Foundation retreat is next Wednesday. There are Vocational Service and Youth Service meetings next week. Next Friday’s meeting will be highlighted with Committee reports and a reclassification talk by Marcia Harris.
  • John Eddy thanked everyone for attending Rotary After Hours this week. Seventeen Rotarians enjoyed their time. Bob Martin is looking for pictures, if anyone has some.
  • Jennifer Hamilton reported on last weekend’s Sip N Stroll. She said it was the best one ever, sold out with more than 500 tickets sold, and 50 volunteers, including 24 Rotarians. She thanked everyone for helping.
  • Jill Guernsey reported that there will be a celebration of life for Eldon Wiggs, former member, lifelong Rotarian, and wannabe Comedian. The event will be at the Gig Harbor Golf Club, April 28, from 3-5 pm.
  • Camilla Brocker gave a quick recap of the auction. There were more than 300 tickets sold with an estimated gross of $140,000 and a preliminary net of $120,000. She also recognized some of the auction’s generous sponsors, including Uptown, Herron’s Key, and Edward Jones(x3).
Fines and Happy Bucks: Mr. Chris Meyers was a fine Finemaster. He started the session by debating with John Eddy about RAH – Chris said it was the easiest assignment. John suggested Chris should attend sometime and see. John paid a buck. Camilla was asked about her opinion on a Board change to make the auction chair serve two consecutive terms. She paid a buck instead. President Paul was fined for communing with cows. None of us were “mooved” with his effort to “hide” from his fine and although he tried to “steer” away from a fine, he didn’t put up much of a “beef.” Scott Junge was fined for being the PenLight Board Secretary because Board Candidate Mac Pinch wasn’t in attendance. Howard Mackert was fined for either researching or drinking carbonic water, the Scribe wasn’t sure which. Dave Gordon was fined for coming fully prepared to a Foundation meeting with a 2016 Agenda. At least he was familiar with the issues. Finally, the Scribe was fined for having a good looking family. Happy Bucks: Howard Mackert was happy to return to the track next week, and one other thing he couldn’t remember (maybe he was thankful for his great sense of recall). Rich Coyner shared a happy buck to announce a VA Forum next weekend at the Tacoma Dome and asked everyone to spread the word. Ron Roberts celebrated his return from Maui, Peter Glein just returned from Boston, and Betty Felker is home from Palm Desert. Dave Morris thanked Howard Mackert for the great concert at the Mackert’s house, with fabulous music.
Drawing: Donna Lormor ran the raffle. The pot is $117 and we are down to 14 chips. Steve O’Donnell won the 10 free tickets for next week and Jeff Harris won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew a white chip so the pot moves to next week when we are sure Jeff will get to draw again.
Program: Betty Felker reintroduced Stephanie Lile, Executive Director of the Harbor History Museum. Stephanie thanked the club for their long-time support of the Museum and recapped her travels across the country, always returning to her roots in Gig Harbor. Her talk was titled, “What’s Up with That Boat?” She recapped the history of the Shenandoah and its journeys. The Shenandoah was originally launched in 1925 and has been through a few owners and renovations. It was donated to the Museum in 2000, moved to the Museum in 2003, and to its current location in 2010. The Museum is in the middle of a fund-raising capital campaign to restore the boat and to enclose the viewing area. The plan is to restore ½ back to 1925 and the other to a 1955-1970 version. The goal is to have the viewing area and the restoration process completed by 2025 to mark the Shenandoah’s 100th Birthday.
President Alvestad ended the meeting at 8:25.
Here is my Granddaughter, Olivia on a Rotary Student trip to the Chilean desert.  They hiked and swam in pools and had a great time togeither.  I was a little surprised to see the US flag, so evidently the US is still quite acceptable.  With this iexperience, Olivia has decided French is her next language and that she wants a career in linguistics.  Before this she wanted to be a writer, so another life changing experience.  Olivia has loved her host families.  Why don't you consider hosting our inbound Norwegian student and add to your family?
GIG HARBOR AUCTION 2019 (PHOTOS COMPLIMENTS OF CHARLES PERRY)  These pictures will not begin to replace attending the event but should make you want to go next year.
Rod and Camilla taking a little break in the middle of preparation.  Glad to see they are still smiling.
The Hangar owners and our hosts dressed in costume of open cockpit flyers.  Bob Juranich on the left and Bill Juranich on the right.  They do great tours of the museum as well.  These planes are their life's passion and it is neat to share it.
Chuck took every picture but this one.  Thought he should be acknowledged for his hard work and great pictures.  Thanks Chuck!
It is amazing how quickly these tables get set up and covered and chaired.  They are very precisely placed to allow movement between.
Lots of people working behind the scenes, like Randy on the laptop.
John on another laptop.  I hope they are keeping track of the money and who gets what.
The Hopkins and the Paganellis doing more of the same.  This auction could be a disaster without all of their dedication and hard work; while we were all talking and drinking and eating.
Just one of nine restaurants, all were outstanding.  Our Taste of Gig Harbor can't be beat!  The staff made the food even better!
Mr. Auction and Rosalie enjoying what their baby has grown into.  This has to be close to thirty years and I think each one gets better.  Don brought his experience from the Bellarmine Auction and we are greatful.
I think that is a genuinely relaxed smile that Camilla has because it is "Hump" hour, she has made it.  Peter and Janet look pretty relaxed as well.
Jim and Carolyn Castino, all the way from Yakima, just to share our fellowship and I hope leave some Yakima bucks here.
Marliss Swayze, the widow of Judge Tom Swayze, who identified that our Club was not having fun. (In 1987)  We made up for that.  She is sharing company with Alan Anderson.
Did you notice how many beautiful ladies there were at the auction.  Pam, Jan, and Donna were three of the best!
Noah Flick, Our outbound exchange student, sold the 100 raffle tickets in a blink!  Interactors were all over helping as well.  I missed getting one of the "flashy" airplanes.sad
It is getting close to dessert time!  That is probably why everyone is smiling; that or the wine.
One of the 30+ desserts!  Ummmh, Brown Sugar Bourbon and chocolate!
Brent looks like he is going to swallow his dessert whole!  Bummer for his table.
If it wasn't for the facial hair, this could be a 10 year old Rod in a candy store!
Finally, the important part, spending money!  Richard has the right attitude (and blood alcohol level); just wave that bidder card around, the more the merrier!  Our raise the paddle brought in about $38K which may be a record.  Everything else seemed to bring in good bucks as well.  I totally skipped the silent auction because it is a little harder to see the action, but it is exciting if there is something you want.  Plan to work or be there next year!
Our club is managed by AMI Association Management Inc.
Melissa Schwab
Contact herat (253) 525-5152
5727 Baker Way NW, Suite 200, Gig Harbor, WA   98332
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Mateo Santiago
Apr 26, 2019
A Guatemalan's Story: Conditions, Migration and Responsibility
Zianya Vizcaino
May 03, 2019
Mid-day cliub's Mexican exchange stuent
Mel Santos
May 10, 2019
First Tee report
Dave Gordon
May 17, 2019
Reclassification Talk
May 17, 2019
Club Happenings
Bob Cairns
May 24, 2019
International Service Projects
Jeremiah Saucier
May 31, 2019
Owner of Crossroads Treatment Ctr.; founder of Hope Recovery Ctr. /Topic: Opioid Recovery
Pam Peterson & Camilla Brocker
Jun 07, 2019
Youth Protection & Conflicts of Interest
John Moist
Jun 14, 2019
A Veteran's Thoughts on Flag Day
Jun 21, 2019
Club Happenings
Duane Fister
Jun 21, 2019
Reclassification talk
Paul Alvestad
Jun 28, 2019
Swan Song!
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