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Call to Order: President Paul Alvestad rang the bell, opening the meeting at 7:28 am.
Bob Martin gave a quick report on Polio. The world is at 18 cases reported this year as compared to 10 cases for this time last year. The new target date for World eradication is now set for 2023. Invocation: by Duane Fister. Pledge: by Delaine Morgan Song: Led by none-other than Hal Cline, "My Country 'Tis of Thee". 4 Way Test: Led by Sharon Shaffer.
Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Jack Stonestreet; Bill Evans, and Ralph Flick. Sneaking in late and not introduced was Joyce Taylor.
Guests: This week’s guests included: Angie Frantz, a guest of Walker Allen; Gary Parker, a guest of Peter Stanley; Noah Flick, our outgoing exchange student; and David Holsinger, a guest of Sophie Perkins.
Opening Comments: Paul announced he had no opening comments, followed by cheers from the club.
  • Board meeting May 22nd
Attendance Awards: President Paul announced he was going to give out the Perfect Attendance Awards for the 2017-2018 Rotary Year which he had received from Cynthia Kennedy, the Club Secretary. He read from the list, the one-year awards and had the recipients come forward to receive the certificates and pins. However, the certificates were not in order of the list of years. After sorting through looking for the one-year recipients, it was obvious that this was not going to work in the amount of time available. After giving Coach his award, he sent the other recipients back to their seats and announced this would be done at the next meeting. At this point, it is so late in the year; we could wait five more meetings and give out the 2018-2019 awards at the same time.
Farmers Market set Up: GH Rotary is helping with the set up and take down of the Farmers Market on June 6th. (AKA: D-Day) Lee Smith passed around a volunteer sign up. If you did not sign up, and would like to help out, give Lee a call.
Courage Ride for Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital: Tom Borgen gave a report and asked everyone to save the date for this project. It is August 23/24 in Cle Elum. It will include a group dinner at the Sunset Café on Friday night and up early to serve breakfast to the riders on Saturday Morning. If you have an RV, talk to Keith Harris who is arranging a group camp, or make your reservations at the Econolodge under the GH Rotary group. The Club riders have two new additions this year with Mike Pinch and Randy Spitzer.
Victoria Conference Report: President Paul gave a report of the Victoria Conference from last weekend. Many attended and the conference was a great success. Pictures were shown of the trip and many of the activities.
Friends of Rotary: Camilla Brocker awarded a certificate of appreciation plaque to Gary Parker of Bar B Que 2U for their support for the Rotary Auction. This was the location of this month’s Rotary after hours.
Fines: Mike Pinch was filling in for Mac Pinch. He informed the club that Mac was out of town to propose. She said yes!!! Mike proceeded to have a long-time member and a red badger stand, and they were quizzed on rotary and club facts. The various red badgers won the quizzes. Happy Bucks were given by Mike for Mac’s engagement; Walker for his guest Angie’s Healthcare givers award for person of the year; Richard Pifer for promoting Noah Flick’s sale of car wash tickets; Peter for his doctor’s OK to now walk on his broken leg; Bill Evans for his grandson’s comment in the Husky Book Store, when asked what the magic word was? “Go Cougs” was his answer; Tom Borgen in praise of the commitment of member Brady Buskirk with his wife and new son at the conference; Bob Martin for closing on a new house; and Randy for a successful auction for his Choral Group Cora Voce.
Raffle: The Raffle was run by Annemarie. Cindy Reed won the 10 free for next week and Bob Ryan won the right to draw for the blue chip with $300 in the pot and 9 chips remaining. The Jeopardy tune was hummed by the club as he drew the chip. White chip was drawn for the $15 consolation prize.
Program: Club Happenings - Avenues of service reports:
  • Club Service: John Duppenthaler announced that Tim Williams is retiring as the Clubrunner administrator and keeper of the calendar after years of serving the club in this capacity. Rod Ladd is taking over for Tim.
  • Youth Services: Cindy Reed announced that our outbound student Noah Flick is scheduled to leave on 8/17. We have the four host families lined up and they are being vetted at this time. Two of the families are Rotarians and two are outside of the club.
  • International: Rod Ladd announced that a box packing of ten boxes of books and clothing was done last week and was sent to the Philippines. They should arrive in 45 days.
  • Community Service: Paul announced that the committee is working on a large project with Pen Met Parks. Soon to be announced.
  • GHRF: John Winslow announced that the Mildred McColl scholarship recipients have been chosen. The Peninsula students were awarded theirs last week and the Gig Harbor Students will be awarded next week at each school’s scholarship assembly. Only $38,000 of scholarships are being awarded this year. This is down from previous years. The Mildred McColl scholarship fund has given out $1,284,000 in scholarships over the last 19 years, for an average of $67,500, per year.
  • Past President: Mel Santos announced that the “Gavel Dinner” is scheduled for Friday June 28th at Horseshoe Lake Golf Club. There will be a golf tournament and a dinner and Roast of outgoing President Paul Alvestad as well as the installation of incoming President Hal Hodgins. Please mark your calendars and plan on coming. A good time will be had by all. The dinner is being catered by BBQ2U.
Program: Reclassification Talk: Dave Gordon:
Dave Gordon gave a great reclassification talk. Dave was born in November of 1946 and his family moved to Gig Harbor in 1950, before the new Narrows Bridge, to replace Galloping Gertie that fell down in 1940. He remembers taking the ferry from Titlow Beach to Gig Harbor/Point Fosdick. As Dave grew up in the Harbor, he also remembered the many trips across the new bridge with a toll of 50 cents for car and driver, plus 10 cents for each additional passenger. In high school, he had many trips across the bridge in the trunk of the car to save the toll money. He had a great childhood growing up on Horsehead Bay, prior to all the development. He attended kindergarten across the street from what is now Anthony’s Restaurant. His teacher was the famous Lucy Goodman. First through fourth grades were at the Arleta School, which is now a Pen Met Parks building on the corner of 36th and Ray Nash Drive. In 5th grade, Dave started to go to Harbor Heights grade school. He then went to Gig Harbor intermediate school, which was then renamed to Goodman Middle School, after Lucy Goodman. Dave then went to Peninsula HS and graduated in 1965. His job in high school was at Uddenberg’s Thriftway.
He went to the University of Washington. While at the UW, he worked as a house boy in sororities and even lived two years in Gama Phi. Originally, he was going to study ceramic engineering, but changed to general studies. After graduation, he was accepted into UW Law School. With an interruption from the Army, he went back to UW law. While in school he spent summers working on a fishing boat in Alaska.
As he was finishing up school, Dave needed his teeth cleaned. He heard of a free service available through Shoreline CC for their dental hygiene students. This is where he met his wife Lynn. They have two daughters. Dave was a law clerk for the Court of Appeals, prior to coming back to Gig Harbor and opening a Law office with Mike Misner. They were partners for 25 years. He then had a partnership with Paul Alvestad. And eventually retired from his law practice. He was instrumental in getting the Mildred McColl bequest into the GHRF and was also the attorney for the boy that was the beginnings of the Sexual abuse fund through the Mary Bridge Hospital. In retirement, he still enjoys volunteering and being a Rotarian.
Notes by Chuck Perry
Call to Order: Past President Mel Wick rang the bell, opening the meeting at 7:30 am.
Past President Gary Glein threatened to read a chapter from his History of Rotary tome as the thought for the day. In the spirit of ‘is it fair to all concerned’, he substituted well chosen thoughts about the work of Rotary & our club. Brent Tayet led the pledge followed by Hal Cline leading the club in “God Bless America”. The 4 Way Test was led by Gary Glein who carries a copy in his pocket as an on-going reminder. He shared a story about a business negotiation situation when he used the 4 Way Test and the company’s mission to reach an amicable resolution.
Visiting Rotarians: No visiting Rotarians
Guests: This week’s guests included: Rudy Flores, introduced by Tim Williams and Mardi Glein, Peter’s daughter & Gary’s granddaughter.
Upcoming Events:
  • 5:30 Monday is an International Committee books & clothing packing party.
  • Tuesday: Community Service Committee meets.
  • Wednesday: Vocational Service meets at Timberland Bank.
  • Friday after Rotary the Youth Services committee meets next door.
  • May 16th, 5:30, Gig Harbor Yacht Club is the Alliance Volunteer Appreciation Party.
  • June 6th is the first day of the GH Farmer’s Market. Your help is needed with set up at 10am.
  • Mark your calendar for the morning of Aug. 23rd, Courage Classic set up in Cle Elum.
May Birthdays
Led by Walt Paulson, Rotarians celebrating this month include: John Mitchel, Scott & Lynn Junge, Chris Myers, Emma Conway, Randy Spitzer, Pam Peterson and Dave Morris.
Fines & Raffle:
John Winslow did a remarkable job filling in for Dave Cathers. Scott Junge offered happy bucks, celebrating Mother’s Day this Sunday, with a reminder that flowers are always a nice gift! 😊
Larry Olson had to pull a second ticket to find a 10 free winner (missed the name of the winner). The chance to draw (amid groans) went to Jeff Harris. He took home $15
Program: Mel Santos, First Tee
Mel introduced the two presenters: Brian Archer, Administrator and Allie Bourdoux, Program Director. First Tee is a national school program, open to youth 7 – 17 years old. The Gig Harbor program is co-sponsored by GH Rotary ($10,000) and the Peninsula School District at the elementary level. Using SNAG equipment, students participate in a skills challenge. The competition includes drive, chip and putt competitions. This year 6,000 PSD students were served.
The program builds skills & confidence for youth who might not have the opportunity to participate in the life-long sport of golf. Additionally, there are college scholarship opportunities. This summer First Tee is launching a new all-female class.
Past President Mel Wick adjourned the meeting at 8:30 am. Hey Mel, thanks for pinch hitting for Paul. A terrific job; just like when you were President!
Notes by Marcia Harris
So we get the list of who, what when back in January and we are supposed to host in March. So, February flies past in no time, and I look at the calendar and I'm like what the heck, it's already 10 days into March and I haven't even reached out to the group to whom I am to host. So I send the first email and we begin the arduous task of coordinating schedules. We have vacation, they have vacation, I have work they have lessons. Seriously!?!? So our February dinner fell through and so our first experience is going to be as hosts. It's okay, if we can feed our extremely picky young ladies, we can feed 6 adults who may or may not have food allergies or dietary restrictions. Well, I guess I have to send that email too.
Somewhere in the middle of all this I realize that the dinner isn't really supposed to be scheduled until April. I'm not late I'm early, w00t! And suddenly this enormous weight is lifted, the Hal breathing over my shoulder kinda weight; (we kid because we care). 

So we settle on April 26th, sure its only 5 days after we get back from China, but Grandpa has already committed to babysitting. We can't turn back now. We get back from China, a day late because our flights were delayed and we spend the next few days re-syncing our clocks and debating what to prepare for dinner. We settled on yakisoba and pot stickers.
The evening of the event comes, and it's time to take the girls to Grandpa's but of course, the dance shoes (for Tap class) cannot be found. Too much time is lost looking for the shoes and we now have to deliver the girls directly to dance class instead of grandpas. I know this isn't about dinners for 8, but it happened on the same day and I hurt my back so just bare with me on this tangent. So, no shoes at the dance studio. We are looking through the box of loaner shoes and I'm bending over looking for the right size. After what seemed like 20 minutes we have a pair of acceptable but not perfect (because what else would a 6yo expect from a box of abandoned shoes). I stand up and something in my back goes "DONT YOU DO THAT" and I did it anyway. Something pinched and yeah, the rest of the night was uncomfortable (physically, not because of the company). And the next weekend was my first change in a month to do some yard work because we'd been in China and that was basically out of the question at this point. So, back to the dinner.
Randy and Laurie are right on time, Jill and Tom are right behind them within 5 minutes. So, we're just waiting on Tom B and his wife. So we're waiting, and waiting and waiting. 30 minutes passes and we decide to reach out, and he is completely unaware that we are having dinner. We offer to wait and he generously declines. So we have a lovely dinner and great conversation without him. The salad and cobbler were fantastic. We had our own wine and beer from Wet Coast (it shares a parking lot with the dance studio ;). It was a great evening.
Now, this isn't exactly Tom B's fault though. Somewhere back in March, he had fallen off the email chain. It was Myself, Jill, Randy and Tom (but it was Tom with an S) on the email chain. And, since everyone including Tom S replied to all my emails I never went any farther into the addresses to make sure it was actually the correct Tom that was replying. Live and learn I guess.
So that's my story; cheers to your next dinners for 8.
Geoff B
Polio this week as of 17 April 2019

  • No wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) cases have been reported in the past week. There are three WPV1 cases reported in 2019 from Afghanistan. The total number of WPV1 cases for 2018 remains 21.
  • Three WPV1-positive environmental samples were reported in the past week: two from Jalalabad in Nangarhar province and one from Lashkargah in Hilmand province. The samples were collected between 23 February-23 March 2019.
  • No cases of wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) were reported in the past week. There are six WPV1 cases reported in 2019.  The total number of WPV1 cases in 2018 remains 12.
Here is my Granddaughter, Olivia on a Rotary Student trip to the Chilean desert.  They hiked and swam in pools and had a great time togeither.  I was a little surprised to see the US flag, so evidently the US is still quite acceptable.  With this iexperience, Olivia has decided French is her next language and that she wants a career in linguistics.  Before this she wanted to be a writer, so another life changing experience.  Olivia has loved her host families.  Why don't you consider hosting our inbound Norwegian student and add to your family?
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