Posted by Chuck Cuzzetto
Slide show prior to the opening bell highlighted Rotary events including the District Conference, Courage, Parkland Rotary Golf Event, Mid Day Golferitaville, Master Calendar, and Mackert Automotive Women’s Car Clinic.
Opening Bell: at 7:32 am with PP Bob Martin presiding and welcoming with a “Did you know?” for those members who recall his reign. Invocation: by Duane Fister, substituting for Cynthia Kennedy. Pledge of Allegiance: lead by Bob Martin. Song: “God Bless America” started by Dave Cathers, substituting for Randy Spitzer, substituting for Dave Gillespie. Four Way Test: from a distance by Betty Felker. Greeters: none were noted.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach had no visiting Rotarians to introduce. Guests: Tom Stanfield introduced Amy Webb and David Charbonneau, both with Herron’s Key; Betty Felker introduced Stephanie Lile, our Speaker; Don Buchanan welcomed John Hogan with Uptown; and Al Bucholz introduced his daughter.
Opening Comments: President Alvestad invited Rotarians and their families to his place this Saturday at 9 am to commune with cows (must be something he learned in Pullman). No breakfast will be served and boots are a necessity. President Paul reviewed the calendar for the upcoming week. The GH Rotary Foundation retreat is next Wednesday. There are Vocational Service and Youth Service meetings next week. Next Friday’s meeting will be highlighted with Committee reports and a reclassification talk by Marcia Harris.
  • John Eddy thanked everyone for attending Rotary After Hours this week. Seventeen Rotarians enjoyed their time. Bob Martin is looking for pictures, if anyone has some.
  • Jennifer Hamilton reported on last weekend’s Sip N Stroll. She said it was the best one ever, sold out with more than 500 tickets sold, and 50 volunteers, including 24 Rotarians. She thanked everyone for helping.
  • Jill Guernsey reported that there will be a celebration of life for Eldon Wiggs, former member, lifelong Rotarian, and wannabe Comedian. The event will be at the Gig Harbor Golf Club, April 28, from 3-5 pm.
  • Camilla Brocker gave a quick recap of the auction. There were more than 300 tickets sold with an estimated gross of $140,000 and a preliminary net of $120,000. She also recognized some of the auction’s generous sponsors, including Uptown, Herron’s Key, and Edward Jones(x3).
Fines and Happy Bucks: Mr. Chris Meyers was a fine Finemaster. He started the session by debating with John Eddy about RAH – Chris said it was the easiest assignment. John suggested Chris should attend sometime and see. John paid a buck. Camilla was asked about her opinion on a Board change to make the auction chair serve two consecutive terms. She paid a buck instead. President Paul was fined for communing with cows. None of us were “mooved” with his effort to “hide” from his fine and although he tried to “steer” away from a fine, he didn’t put up much of a “beef.” Scott Junge was fined for being the PenLight Board Secretary because Board Candidate Mac Pinch wasn’t in attendance. Howard Mackert was fined for either researching or drinking carbonic water, the Scribe wasn’t sure which. Dave Gordon was fined for coming fully prepared to a Foundation meeting with a 2016 Agenda. At least he was familiar with the issues. Finally, the Scribe was fined for having a good looking family. Happy Bucks: Howard Mackert was happy to return to the track next week, and one other thing he couldn’t remember (maybe he was thankful for his great sense of recall). Rich Coyner shared a happy buck to announce a VA Forum next weekend at the Tacoma Dome and asked everyone to spread the word. Ron Roberts celebrated his return from Maui, Peter Glein just returned from Boston, and Betty Felker is home from Palm Desert. Dave Morris thanked Howard Mackert for the great concert at the Mackert’s house, with fabulous music.
Drawing: Donna Lormor ran the raffle. The pot is $117 and we are down to 14 chips. Steve O’Donnell won the 10 free tickets for next week and Jeff Harris won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew a white chip so the pot moves to next week when we are sure Jeff will get to draw again.
Program: Betty Felker reintroduced Stephanie Lile, Executive Director of the Harbor History Museum. Stephanie thanked the club for their long-time support of the Museum and recapped her travels across the country, always returning to her roots in Gig Harbor. Her talk was titled, “What’s Up with That Boat?” She recapped the history of the Shenandoah and its journeys. The Shenandoah was originally launched in 1925 and has been through a few owners and renovations. It was donated to the Museum in 2000, moved to the Museum in 2003, and to its current location in 2010. The Museum is in the middle of a fund-raising capital campaign to restore the boat and to enclose the viewing area. The plan is to restore ½ back to 1925 and the other to a 1955-1970 version. The goal is to have the viewing area and the restoration process completed by 2025 to mark the Shenandoah’s 100th Birthday.
President Alvestad ended the meeting at 8:25.