Posted by Marcia Harris
Call to Order: President Hal rang the bell, opening his first meeting as GH Rotary President at 7:31 am.
Rod Ladd shared a thought for the day. Following the pledge led by John Ciccarelli, Hal Cline led the club in “My Country Tis of Thee’.
Bob Lutschg led Rotarians in the 4 Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians: included Blaze and Joyce Gorney
Guests: This week’s guests included: John Ciccarelli’s son Larry, Gretchen Hodgins & Pam Peterson’s son-in-law.
President Hal launched his Rotary 102 lesson with background on the history of the Rotary Wheel. Several designs variations were used until the official and current design was adopted in 1922.
Upcoming Events:
  • Monday, July 8, International Committee meets at Rod Ladd’s office.
  • Tuesday July 9th, Rotary after Hours, 5:30 at the Blend in Key Center + Gnosh Food Truck
  • Tuesday July 9th, Community Service Committee meets at Timberland Bank
  • Thursday, July 11th, the Rotary Foundation meets
  • Saturday, July 13th, Woman’s Wellness Conference is being held at Sehmel Park
  • August 15th is the Rainier’s game and tailgate party. Join other area Rotarians in this fun evening.
  • Mark your calendar for the morning of Aug. 23rd, Courage Classic set up in Cle Elum & make your lodging reservations. The club will be serving breakfast to the 250+ riders the morning of the 24th. After clean up, President Paul will lead a hike through the Snoqualimie Tunnel.
Birthdays: Walt Paulsen led the club in celebrating July birthdays with a round of Happy Birthday.
Fine Master: Chris Myers
Lots of happy bucks.
  • No raffle tickets were available for sale today, so Marcia will need to wait a week to collect her 10 free from last week.
Program: President Hal Hodgins: Looking at the Year Ahead
Hal started by describing the road to becoming Club President:
Year 1 – Vice President & Responsible for the Auction Fund Raisin Event
Year 2 – President Elect, responsible for weekly programs. Additionally, in year 2 the person is required to attend the 3-day PETS (President Elect Training Seminar) attended by incoming club presidents from the entire zone. It is a great learning experience. Then attended the District Conference in May followed by the RI Conference in June. This year it was held in Hamburg, Germany with 25,000 attendees. The wonderful part of an International Conference is the people you meet and the international connectedness around the globe.
Looking ahead to Gig Harbor Rotary in 2019-20, Hal plans to focus on how we relate to:
The World (outside world)
Our Inside Rotary World (club)
Support & celebrate the good things the club is doing
Focusing on the inside world goals include: With the support of Geoff Barcalow, create a reliable document storage & retention system, making it easier to access and retrieve club records. Strengthen the reporting of club finances, making the documents clearer and accessible for the whole club. And thirdly, focus on club engagement including outreach to every individual club member, encouraging involvement.
President Hal adjourned the meeting at 8:15 by whacking the bell off the podium! That really is one powerful gavel.
As the meeting closed, we were asked to keep Lee Smith in your prayers. He is scheduled for surgery on Monday.
Marcia Harris, Scribe