Posted by Marcia Harris
Call to Order: President Hal rang the bell, opening the meeting at 7:25 am.
Chuck Perry shared a thought for the day. Following the pledge led by Paul Alvestad, Hal Cline and Randy Spitzer led the club in “Amazing Grace” remembering the loss of Rotarian Al Weaver. Keith Harris led Rotarians in the 4 Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians: included Garry Schneider (Claremont Sunrise),, Bob Cairns (Port Orchard), Dennis Buschman (Tacoma Sunrise) and Gary Pellett (Medford Oregon).
Guests: This week’s guests included: Robin Denson, Jordan Poole, Nick Guardia, Naomi Mundi and Tammy Pilon
Featured Items
  • Past President Paul Alvestad surprised Jeff Harris, naming him the 2018-19 Rotarian of the Year. Lots of stories about Jeff’s life of community service and added the fact that he’s been sleeping with a Rotarian for 30 years.
  • Those celebrating August birthdays were recognized.
  • Hal Cline reminded Dinners for 8 hosts to complete their 2019 commitments.
  • Saturday, August 10th, Galloping Gertie Marathon
  • Monday, August 12th, International Committee meets at Rod Ladd’s office. Rod announced the Guy Falskow, a summer visitor to our club for many years, contributed to the clef palate project. The amount was sufficient to fund 4 operations, the last one completed this week.
  • No Community Service Committee meeting this month.
  • August 15th is the Rainier’s game and tailgate party, starts at 5:15. Join other area Rotarians in this fun evening.
  • August 16th reminder: District Governor visit.
  • Mark your calendar for the morning of Aug. 23rd, Courage Classic set up in Cle Elum & make your lodging reservations. The club will be serving breakfast to the 250+ riders the morning of the 24th. After clean up, President Paul will lead a hike through the Snoqualmie Tunnel.
Fine Master: Don Rees filled in for Mac Pinch. Lots of happy bucks including celebrating the 50th anniversary of Cottesmore.
Steve Skibbs won 10 free next week. Mel Santos had the winning ticket to draw a chip. It was white so the $224 pot continues growing next week.
Program: Bob Cairns (Pt Orchard) introduced speaker Naomi Muindi “Humanitarian Projects in Kenya Africa”
After sharing her impressive credentials, including being named a Nelson Mandela Washington Fellow in 2019, Naomi shared the situation in Kenya including how Rotary is making a difference.
East Pokot children are hindered from attending school due to: poverty & drought; non-existent parental education; migration and pastoral life style; lack of family income (90% of people depend on relief food). The area has a 4%literacy level and one of the highest poverty rates in Africa (67%). HAO (Hifadhi Africa Organization) is a development, advocacy and youth empowerment organization working to transform lives of slum dwellers, pastorialists and refugees. They transform lives through innovative education support and mentorships and provide knowledge & skills to address multiple and complex challenges. Primary Programs are: education (scholarships, e-learning, library, etc); Water sand dams, rainwater harvesting, storage tanks); livelihood (integrated irrigation farming, adopt-an-animal, distribution of relief food).
Rotary Funded Projects include: construction of sand dams; construction of a water harvesting system; student scholarships, $5,000 funded 30 needy students. This was the largest one time donation ever made to East Pokot.
Questions or further information? Contact: or: naomindunge1993@gmail,com
Phone: 254707043000
President Hal adjourned the meeting at 8:31.
Marcia Harris, Scribe