COVID-19 Updates
Welcome to our Club!
Gig Harbor
We meet In Person
Fridays at 7:00 AM
Wesley Inn Best Western
6575 Kimball Dr
Mail to: PO Box 342
Gig Harbor, WA 98335
United States of America
I hope you are not tired of Covid Humor, this is compliments of Mike Pinch
From those still self-quarantining:

- I’m having a quarantine party this weekend! None of you are invited.
- All these people are worrying about a baby boom in the next nine months. Two days of homeschooling should nip that right in the bud!
- Now, when I’m watching any TV show or movie, all I can think about is how everyone is standing WAY too close together.
- I used to spin that toilet paper like I was on Wheel of Fortune. Now, I turn it like I’m cracking a safe!
- Quarantine Day 16. I’ve started taking calls from telemarketers. Some of them are actually quite nice. Jamar from Superior Life Insurance has a new baby.
- Grocery shopping has become a real life version of Pac-Man. Avoid everyone, get the fruit, and take any route possible to avoid conflict.
- My wife and I play this fun game during quarantine. It’s called, “Why Are You Doing It That Way?” There are no winners.

- When we come out of this and I ask you where you want to eat, I do NOT want to hear, “I don’t know.” YOU HAD 45 DAYS!

- Just bought six pounds of cheese. Won’t need toilet paper now.

- My car probably thinks I died.

- If your parents are over 60 and want to go out ... FORBID THEM! If they complain and say, “But everyone else is doing it”, tell them, “You’re not everyone.” IT’S PAYBACK TIME!

- If you believe that the Canucks will be playing hockey in two weeks, raise your right hand. Now slap yourself with it.

- Anyone else getting a tan from the light in your refrigerator?

-I just got pulled over by the cops. He said, “I smell alcohol. ”I said, “That’s because you are not respecting social distancing.”

President Camilla opened our meeting with a smile from almost 3000 miles away; who would ever have thought?
It was a treat to see Sammi McCubbins since we have not seen her in months.  Sammi did a very nice invocation.
President Camilla demonstrating the traditional invocation position, very nice.
A list of 100% attenders.  If you have a correction, let Cynthia Kennedy know.  I did let her know that I am only one year behind Walt, so 37 years not 36.
The picture on the left shows the original work party doing yard care on the Key Peninsula.  The second picture is myselfie, Margaret Campbell, and Mike Pinch as we finished the cleanup, blowing off her patio, sidewalks, and driveway and raking out her flower beds.  She was a happy lady.  One more yard to go.
Gunda Meissner, President of the Midday Club asking us to participate in their food drive.  It ended on the 16th so I hope you  helped out.  Jan bought peanut butter, tuna, and soup to contribute.
Ryan from the Puyallup Club was asking for golfers to support their major fund raiser.  They used to have an oyster  and crab feed but Covid made that impossible so this is their new effort.  Good luck Ryan!
Ed was reminding us of our GH Rotary Foundation and its Board membership.  The members are all members of this Club and they are:  Scott Junge, CPH Dave Gordon Bob Dragoo Ed Lindstrom Peter Stanley Dorothy Wimberly Dick Vanberg John Winslow and Tim Williams
Jim again reminded us that Saturday is Make a Difference day and we should support local merchants.  This week they are in the El Pueblito building.
This is just one of the businesses.
Dave did his Happy Bucks and fines an shamelessly promoted the Basket Brigade which is again on the move.
Speaks for itself.
Lee and Pam are in Florida and he introduced Steve O'Donnell to introduce the program.
Steve is very involved in emergency preparedness and that is the forte of our speaker, Curt Scott.  Curt is the brother of one of my college roommates. 
Curt lives on the Peninsula and internet is sketchy so this was the only picture I got.  We could only get reliable sound, but not video and sound.  Curt reminded us that we live near the Cascadia subduction zone and if it goes we will likely experience a 9+ earthquake which will change the entire face of the west coast.  He suggested we need to have a one month supply of water and food.  We have the food but not the water.  I wonder if beer would be a good substitute?
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