Posted by Robert J Martin on Dec 20, 2017
It's hard to believe you could have a good time around a group that looks like this.  But we did!
We will be having a "Kiss Polio Goodbye" program in April so I was looking for the "Perfect Kiss"  Here are Al and Joanne doing their best.
I was impressed with Al and Virginia, actually more with Virginia.  Way to go!
This one not so much!  But it did add to the levity of the evening.
Along with a great meal and fellowship, Camilla and Annie wanted to get us out of our chairs so they set up a "snowball" fight.  The snowballs were sort of cloth nerf balls.  Now does Brent look like a winner or not?
Tom looks pretty sharp as well.
But in fact age and treachery prevailed and I was the last man standing, with Betty coming in second.
The evening ended with a dance and this picture was pretty special.  Al is 92 and Joanne not far behind.  He moved really well.  I really think a great time was held by all.  We had 230 books were turned in and the committee will now decide where they go.  thanks to all who brought some and it is not too late to bring more, just let Jan know.