Posted by Robert J Martin on Sep 04, 2019
Mel again took the lead and made this event a sucess.  We had fewer folks than we expected but wound up feeding about 270.
We started out with a nice Italian buffet at the Sunset Cafe in Cle Elum.  We used to have a Friday night BBQ with country Western dancing the the Courage Classic first started.
Some of the attendees, like John Eddy here, claimed they were actually riding.  Can you believe that?
We even had some GH Midday attendees, like Dan Wilson in the blue shirt and Lou Melendez standing.  I think that is the back of Don Hanson's head and he is from Tacoma 8.
Not light yet but this is about the 3rd batch of pancakes, eggs, hash browns, bacon and sausage on the way.  Never had a waiting line and rarely ran short of any food item.
Mel making sure all is well.  I sensed that Jeff and Paul and Veronica had figured out "their" way of doing things and it definitely worked.
Don was the greeter for the diners going into the senior center to eat.  Peter seems to be moving in.  I guess he wasn't excited about getting a dirty apron.
My turn to supervise.  It didn't work either; they really did have it figured out.  I wanted to show Veronica how to hold the spatula but she was doing such a great job.
Lee was the bacon guy and nobody complained.  Dave was a reliable helper.  The sausage cooker was Dalaine's husband, Max.  Great to have the new energy.