Posted by Randy Spitzer
77:30 - Call to Order – Paul Alvestad
Invocation – by Bob Lutschg; Pledge of Allegiance – Scout, Will Potter lead the pledge; Song – Hal Cline – along with Bob Ryan, Peter Stanley, & Annie Arbenz joined Hal lead singing of the Star-Spangled Banner; 4 Way Test – Dick Vandenberg led the 4-way test.
Visiting Rotarian – Joyce Taylor, Shelton Club
Guests – Paul Alvestad, Boy Scout Weblos Pack 202 (Members and leaders included: Rob Porter (Scoutmaster,) Will Potter, Douglas Woolworth, Hudson Nadal, Carrie Knievel, Kerry Hirrs, Caden Conley, and a few others who did not sign in.) They presented the colors this morning and lead the pledge. Tom Stansfield, soon to be a new member, was our only other guest.
Rotary Foundation Scott Junge announced that GH Rotary Foundation will have election of officers at our next meeting, no new nominees have come forward so the officers currently serving will continue to serve when elected.
Calendar/Important Dates – Paul Alvestad went over the Rotary calendar. Upcoming events include: Star Awards, Sip-n-Stroll, Auction, District Convention and the Courage Classic. Visit the web site for dates and times.
Rotary 101 – Rotary Wisdom #12 – Paul Alvestad On Leveraging our Money: The International Committee was able to leverage $5,000 from the Olson Foundation with $10,000 from our club, plus contribution from the district, and Rotary International totaling another $45,000 plus a global grant of $140,000 for a total of $200,000 for their international project!
New Year’s Resolutions – Paul Alvestad New year resolutions: Bob Martin – walk without a limp; Camilla Brocker – survive the auction; Annie Arbenz – put her phone in a cabinet when she is at home; Paul Alvestad – put his credit card in the freezer.
Doodle – Paul Alvestad mentioned that Doodle is the new calendar app for the club.
Survey Monkey – Paul Alvestad thanked members who have already filled out the survey and encouraged the rest of the members to fill out the club survey. The board will use the feedback to make decisions about our future.
Sip-n-Stroll – Paul Alvestad reminded us that February 9 is the date of the next Sip-n-Stroll event; Lee (not present this morning) will be asking for volunteers to help out soon. Sip-n-Stroll events benefit our club and the Downtown Assn.
Communities in Schools – Dick Vandenberg The annual fundraiser is coming up. Stay tuned.
International – Rodney Ladd previously announced that the upcoming International Committee meeting is cancelled.
Star Awards – Sharon Shaffer asked that we sign up to attend this year’s Star Awards, Feb 1, 5:30-8:30 pm at Canterwood Golf & Country Club. 16 people have registered so far. Look for the next e-vitation in your email inbox and respond by signing up!
Henderson Bay Career Fair – Norma Whitacre announced that our club’s first career fair is coming up Feb 27. Norma is asking for 25 Rotarians to volunteer to talk about their professions. The students have chosen eight categories they’d like to hear about. This career fair will be interactive: involving the students in learning about what it is like to work in each profession.
DECA – Jack Stonestreet’s grandson announced the regional DECA competition, January 17, 2019 at the Tacoma Convention Center; he asked for two volunteers from our club to act as judges. Contact Jack if you want to volunteer.
Salmon Sales Results – Tom Borgen received a check from Don Buchanan in the amount of $1,600 from our holiday salmon sales to benefit international travel for students. Thanks Don!
Dinners for Eight – Hal Cline reported that we have 37 couples; he asked for three more couples to reach his goal of 40. He got 2 more couples today. He needs just one more couple to fill out the Dinners-for-Eight 2019 schedule. Email Hal to sign up.
Annual Fund/Polio Plus – Bob Martin reported that our club goal for the Annual Fund/Polio Plus campaign is $20,000 this year; we’re currently at just over $8,000. To that end, Rod Ladd was recognized today with his Paul Harris + 8. Way to go Rod!
Finemaster – Mac Pinch – Annie was fined for texting during the meeting and for guessing wrong on Mac’s quick “do monkeys eat bananas in the wild?” quiz (they don’t.) Richard Pifer was fined by John Winslow for taunting him on Facebook and for posting a picture of his cucumber facial; Richard was fined another buck for looking well-rested. Keith Harris was fined for having 100% score on the “Montana Survey;” Mac pointed out that Montana is known for the invention of the “tooth brush,” whereas everywhere else, the oral instrument is known as “teeth brush.” (groan) Marti Anderson, who recently served as the scribe, was fined for calling out Mac for having missed his turn as fine master the day she took notes. Pat Schmidt was fined for her New Year’s Eve posts of herself holding an oversized champagne bottle. John Ciccarelli & Sherlyn Iverson were fined for having not been fined in a while. Hal Cline was fined …well just because. Corey Coryell was fined for not coming up with a reason for not being fined fast enough. Chief Kelly Busey was fined for sending eight cops to a burger joint to make an arrest; Mac wondered if it might have had something to do with the half-price burgers being offered that day. Bob Martin and Camilla Brocker were fined for needing mechanical assistance (a cane and crutches respectively) to ambulate. Rod Ladd put in a happy buck for getting an application for a Rotary grant in early. Betty Felker put in a happy buck as she and her husband Bob are celebrating their 52nd anniversary; she put in another buck for anticipating the upcoming elementary kids dance competition. Peter Stanley put in a happy buck for the birth of his 5th grandchild. Bob Martin put in a happy buck for his wife, Jan, allowing him to drive again. Paul Alvestad put in a happy buck for having had his tree farm certified again.
7:59 - Raffle- Larry Olson Winning 10-Free was John Winslow; Gary Glein had the winning ticket, but drew a white chip – $15 is not such a bad consolation.
8:00 - Program – Camilla Brocker – Auction Kickoff
Camilla Brocker, our auction chair, showed up this morning on crutches, having recently fractured her foot skiing. She was unable to get her PowerPoint connected to the system; but soldiered on none-the-less with her presentation about our upcoming 2019 auction goals. The auction will be at the Point Fosdick Antique Airport Hanger. Our theme this year: The Sky’s the Limit. Camilla laid out five main goals: 1) Restaurants: Peter Stanley reported their goal to be 10-12 restaurants, 6 establishments have said yes so far, 2) Procurement: Peter Glein is still doing the back end data entry, he announced that the procurement deadline is February! Randy Spitzer and Sophie Perkins are coordinating and assisting the procurement team captains: Camilla offered the winning team an invitation to a barbeque at her home. 3) Sponsorships: John Mitchell reported that Timberland Bank is our Premier Sponsor this year, we’re about 1/3 of the way to our goal of $20,000. John asked us to let him know if you have a prospective sponsor he can approach, 4) Ticket Sales: Rod Ladd reported that we’re shooting to sell 420 tickets. Ticket prices are $75 for early bird and $85 late purchases. Our best sales have come from Table Sponsors (who buy a table and bring guests) and Table Captains (who take responsibility for selling tickets for one table.) 5) Auction Experience: The committee is looking to add an “auction experience” like we did with “First Tee” last year. Next Auction Committee Meeting: Jan 22nd at Cutters Point. Camilla closed her presentation with a personal plea asking every member to put forward their best efforts to help make the event a real success. Thanks for your leadership Camilla!
Randy Spitzer, Scribe