Posted by Jennifer Hamilton
Call to Order at 7:30 by President Mel. Invocation by John Duppenthaler; Pledge led by Hal Cline.
Visiting Rotarians announced by Coach introducing Bill Evans (Port Orchard).
Guest of Rotarians: James Turner.
Comments and Announcements:
Hal Cline needs three more couples for dinners for eight; two verbally signed up under pressure;
received a thank you letter from 1st Tee; schools have agreed to dedicate equal time to this program as with the other sports programs (i.e., football, etc.).Mel would like to see members and the other clubs get together to support participation of underprivileged kids.
Exchange Student Report – Melanie Meyer – not here today (studying for finals); Cindy Reed announced surprise birthday celebration for her next Friday.
New Rotarian Induction – Duane Fister – membership status report we are at 123 with a potential new member this morning. Sponsor Lee Smith introducing Jeff Stillwell (manages the airport out of Tacoma Narrow Airport). He plays a pivotal role in our auction success each year.
Star Awards – Al Abbott – Feb 2nd honoring Kurt Bremmer from GH; sign up through Constant Contact for $35. Currently up to 38 need 60. Takes place at Canterwood. Wonderful event and a good time deserving our support
DECA Competition - Coach – Next Thursday (Jan 18th) at the Tacoma Community Center 500 students will be waiting for us to judge them; you will have one student for 3 minutes in which we ask 3 questions and then grade them. 745am – 1130am. Need representation from our club. Distributed a signup sheet to commit to a block of time to participate. Interviews start at 9am (orientation just prior). Donuts will be served!!!
Fines and Happy Bucks: John Winslow – Mel fined for multiple infractions; Bob Ryan – resolved to share too much; Jeff Stillwell (his first); Pam – fined for correlating John Winslow’s name in every Sexual Harassment statement; Happy Bucks – Tom Borgen received a Christmas pic from their foreign exchange student; Anne Marie Huppert – registered for SAMSA program.
Raffle: Paul Alvestad won ten free tickets next week and Marcia Harris did not pull a white chip from Eric McGinnis.
Program: Hal Hodgins discussed the auction; historically have netted approx. $100k; this is our key fundraising event that funds the majority of our projects; it is also the event that serves as the face of the community; it is fun and a good bonding experience. Doing a time lapse on the set up and tear down of the event; them this year is “Today and Tomorrow” with a focus on all the things we do with youth; want people in the community to realize why we need the money and what we use it for; While we work with the youth we are teaching them about community service and also model it; Keith Harris is auctioneer; video and invitation graphics by Al Abbott; Peter has lined up Moctezumas to cater; also have about 7 restaurants (with requests out to others) to provide food; sponsorships – going well so far Timberline Bank is host of event; Sponsorships make up about $20k of our event. Plan to have more table this year (approx. 380 guests); Paul Alvestad is heading up the tear down of the event.
Ticket Sales – Rod Ladd; sold only 32 tickets so far; Recognized those who signed up on line; if you have any questions or challenges on the website, contact Rod. Table Captains and Hosts – need 10 more Rotarians to host - contact Pam Smith. Rod standing by after the meeting to talk to anyone who is interested in signing up.
Procurement – currently have most of the big ticket items (ex., Holland America cruise; Tom Torrens sculpture, etc.). Missing little stuff for silent auction. Looking for unique things Introduced Team Captains. Each has received a PDF copies of the procurement forms (also hard copy provided at today’s meeting, and electronic version available on line); the team that procures the most items over $100/item will be invited to a BBQ. Target is 125 silent items, and 25 live auction events. Raise the paddle will go to Rotary directly instead of giving to other programs/causes.
Pictures from presentation available to anyone who would like one.
Status of auction will be provided weekly.
Wrap up (Mel) – Encouraged everyone to sign up and support the auction;
Meeting adjourned at 8:30
Notes by Jennifer Hamilton