Posted by David Freeman
Greeters: none
Opening: President Mel Santos opened the meeting at 7:30 sharp; Invocation: Debbie Witmers; Song:  Hal Cline, America the beautiful, Pledge of allegiance: David Gillispie; The four way test: Richard Schmalz
Visiting Rotarians: announced by Ann Marie: Joyce Taylor Brown
Guests of Rotarians:  Lyn Junge, Rocky & Oliver Pinch, Debbie Castings
Reports and announcements:
  • Exchange student : Melanie Meyer: homecoming, pumpkin patch & dinners for 8
  • Rotary foundations explained by Bob Martin.
  • Beast Bus: Lee Smith described the wonderful time their party had on the Seahawks bus bash!
  • Books to the Philippines: Rod Ladd sorted out five boxes filled with books for school children being shipped to the Philippines.  
  • Star Awards: two more weeks for nominations of people doing good things. Contact Mac Pinch & Betty Felker.
  • Fines & Happy Bucks Chris Myers: Hal Cline for not singing, Rocky & Oliver for ?, “What! Can’t hear that“ Coach, “Use the mike “Buchanan, Bob Ryan just because
Drawing: 10 free?  to draw: Dave Freeman
Program: Brent Tayet’s classification talk; His mantra, Laugh, learn, love & live, Wife Chris and three children, all blond! A grad of Seattle Pacific in financial planning. Works for Edward Jones has over 11 years’ experience in commercial real-estate,
Speaker: Annemarie Huppert-Coping with Crisis. Three key components in dealing with crisis, regulate you intake of information, by taking a day at a time,  barefoot & breathing, with bad news just take your shoes off and walk in the grass, work on making educated decisions, take a break, close your eyes to sense what is going on around you.
Adjourn: The program ended as Mel gaveled the end at 8:31 AM.      
Notes by Dave Freeman