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Call to Order at 7:24 by President Mel Santos. Music Video with a song and theme about Breast Cancer, Invocation by Sammi McCubbins, Pledge- President Mel, Song- Hal Cline led us in God Bless America, Four Way Test – led by Dave Morris with the four listed in Spanish, ie: uno , dos, etc.
Visiting Rotarians; Coach was unable to find a single visiting Rotarian.
Guests of Rotarians; Byron O’Neil, Mac Pinch’s boys, Rocky and Oliver, Al Bucholz’s daughter, Sue Jenson, Dave Freeman’s grandson, Evan, and John Cardio(SP?)
  • Smoked Salmon Sale: Don Buchanan announced that salmon sales will continue this year. They will be at every Friday meeting, starting November 10, and ending December 29. The profits from this sale will be going to support need based scholarships with “First Tee”. This is a program to help introduce children to the sport of golf. First Tee is working with the Peninsula School District physical education programs to introduce children to the sport. Both wild and farmed fish will be available in one and two pound sizes. The price remains the same as in previous years; $25/$40. You can pay with cash, checks, or bankcards. (no AMEX or Discover)
  • Exchange Student; Melanie Meyer our incoming exchange student from Switzerland gave us an update. She moved in with Veronica Hooper’s family who are her second host family. She is scheduled for multiple dinners for eight this month and looks forward to meeting many of us. She went to a Halloween store and is looking forward to the 31st.
  • Basket Brigade- Dave Cathers made the announcement that we are only a few weeks from Thanksgiving. He has boxes ready for decoration if you have a group that can help. This is year 24 and it continues to grow. Great program to serve meals to those in need. Contact Dave if you can help.
  • New Member induction- Dave Morris introduced two new proposed members. Derek Young, sponsored by Mark Hoppen. Derek serves on the county council and previously served on the city council. Lyn Junge, sponsored by Scott Junge. Lyn is the brains behind Rosedale Gardens and keeps Scott in line. Duane Fister did another exemplary job with the ceremony. The two were given their red badges and marching orders to get involved.
  • Nominations for GH Rotary Officers- Mel Santos made an announcement for Paul Alvestad that a committee has been formed to nominate the new officers for next year. The voting will be in December. If you are interested in running for office, or have a suggestion for someone, give Paul a call.
  • November Parking Space Auction: Keith Harris auctioned off the parking space for $40 to George Bonney. It went for a little less than normal, but November does have the Thanksgiving break. George is welcome to come and park in his spot on November 24. However he will be the only Rotarian at the meeting.
  • Bylaws committee- Tom Borgen announced that a vote will be held on November 10, to change the bylaws. This change is to meet the requirements made by a change to Rotary International Constitution. This will be a third world election. We will be given one option to vote for the change, or we can disband the club.
  • Fine Master and Happy Bucks; Peter Glein standing in for Paul Willett as the finemaster. Since we were supposed to wear pink at the meeting for Breast cancer Awareness, anyone not wearing some pink paid a fine. Jill was hit with a fine for campaign signs. Dave Olson wasn’t at the meeting, so he’ll have to pay next time for his signs. Happy bucks; Tom Borgen for his wife’s lost purse being turned in to the Albertsons store. Betty Felker for the fabulous start to the GH Film Festival. John Dunham for getting to move back into his house after 6 months due to a broken water pipe. Pat Schmidt for the sellout of bags for the Girls Night out. Marcia Harris for the great performance of the Gig Harbor High A cappella group at the school board meeting. Also for a picture of Connie Schick included in a presentation to the School Board by CISPS. Sammi McCubbins for $24 for 24 years survival of Breast Cancer.
  • Raffle: Conducted by Larry Olson, Deb Miller. wins 10 free next week Ron Roberts drew the white chip for the $15 consolation prize.
 Program: Dr Jay Zadkin – Breast Cancer Awareness:
Sammi McCubbins introduced Dr Jay Zadkin. He is her neighbor and is  a retired Internist and Oncologist. Dr Zadkin spoke about the “Big C”, cancer and in more detail, about breast cancer. Washington State is 13th in the nation for all types of cancer. However Washington State is first in the Nation in diagnosis of Breast Cancer. The medical profession is not sure why breast cancer is so prevalent in Washington State. Over 240,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed each year in this country. If detected early, breast cancer is survivable. Women need to learn how to do self-examination and watch for signs of change in their breasts. Between the ages of 40 and 75, women should get a mammogram annually. There is a lot of misinformation about how often mammograms should be given. There are many new types of treatments and drugs available to fight this disease. The medical profession is making great inroads to fighting cancer. What was once a death sentence is now a survivable experience. There are now over 15 million people in the USA that have survived a cancer diagnosis for over 5 years. Many questions were asked and the club members were very interested in the answers. Finally at 8:33 Coach stood and thanked Dr Zakin to bring the meeting to a close..  
Notes by Chuck Perry