Posted by Jill Guernsey
Opening Bell: By Past Pres. Terry Brown at 7:30 am; Invocation: by Marc Jorgenson; Pledge of Allegiance: by John Ciccarelli; Song led by Hal Cline; Four Way Test: by Stan Eastberg.
Visiting Rotarians: Lou and Kathi Menendez from GH North.
Guests: Prospective member Steve O’Donnell.
Pres. Paul announced that from now until the end of his term Past Club Presidents will be asked to do the Call to Order.
  • New member Ian Warner is having health issues but hopes to be at next week’s meeting. Please contact Jeff Harris if you would like to help.
  • Liz Svigals, Howard’s wife (Howard is from Midday Rotary) was recently diagnosed with cancer. Tom Borgen is our contact if you would like to help in any way.
The Auction: Camilla received a standing ovation for a job well done. She graciously thanked everyone and called the event “magical.”
Calendar – Upcoming events include Sip and Stroll on April 6th. Lee Smith said we need more volunteers so please contact him.
Rotary 101 Wisdom #19 by Pres. Paul – Solutions and “the Big Picture.” Pres. Paul suggested that looking at the Big Picture before settling on a Solution may make life easier/better.
Inductions – Lyn Junge introduced inductees Delaine Morgan and Tom Stanfield and Duane Fister did a nice job of bringing them into the club. Their sponsors (Pam Peterson and Jill Guernsey) were asked to say a few words and they did. Delaine looked great and Tom blushed.
Attendance – Secretary Cynthia Kennedy passed around a draft list of those who have perfect attendance. If your name isn’t on there and you think it should be, please contact her:
Intergenerational Festival March 30th – sponsored by the GH North Club. Project leader Kathi Menendez and husband Lou talked a little about the program, doing something for the community, bringing people together, and building bridges, all in a day at the Boys and Girls Club. For more details, or email
Dinners for Eight – Hal Cline has been in charge of this wonderful program for years and, if allowed, would speak about it for an hour or two. But in just a few seconds (well, minutes) he did a nice job of encouraging people to sign up, especially red badgers.
Fondi Fundraiser – Rod Ladd reminded us to eat at Fondi’s on March 19th to raise money to send Interact students to Guatemala. Contact Rod if questions. You need to bring the coupon with you. Rod sent out the coupon last week and if you need another one, contact him: or 253.722.4746.
Guatemala Trip – Jeff Harris just returned from a trip to Guatemala in conjunction with a Rotary Global Grant for the Rachel Project. He described the trip as rewarding and inspirational.
Friends of Rotary – Jeff also introduced the new program, Friends of Rotary, which provides a plaque to those individuals/businesses which go out of their way to help Rotary. We are starting this program off by awarding Friends of Rotary plaques to the Restaurants and Sponsors of the Auction. And anyone can nominate anyone simply by contacting Jeff.
Finemaster Peter Glein fined Sophie (who wasn’t present) for leaving her credit card at the auction. Actually, he auctioned her card off to the highest bidder. See Peter for details. Other lost and found at the auction items were returned and members fined for leaving stuff there, except for Camilla who left her leg brace there and doesn’t want it back. Still wondering how Dorothy made it home without her shoes and why Rich Coyner left his pliers there.
Happy bucks delayed until next week.
Raffle – Larry Olson hosted. Somebody won 10 free tickets and Ben Paganelli didn’t win the jackpot.
Introduction of Program – Hal Hodgins gave us all little slips of colored paper so we could break into groups and talk about what our Club does best, what could be improved, etc. More to come about the survey results at a later date.