Posted by Jill Guernsey
Opening Bell: By Past Pres. Ron Roberts at 7:27 am. Invocation: by Duane Fister. Pledge of Allegiance: by Terry Brown. Song led by Hal Cline and ably assisted by Mike Pinch. Four Way Test: by Tom Stanfield.
Visiting Rotarians: We have ZERO visiting Rotarians. Guests of Rotarians: Dana Webster, Josh Sherwin, Irene Torres, Jeremy Larkin, Cassie Riando, Vanessa Kirwood, Dave Krogel, Tom Taylor.
Pres. Paul took the meeting back over at 7:32.
Pres. Paul thanked guest Cassie Riando for the Gig Harbor Living Local Magazine’s article about the STAR awards dinner in February. As Sharon said, it wouldn’t have happened without Cassie!
Calendar – Upcoming events include: Rotary Board meeting this week, and
  • Guest Tom Taylor spend a few minutes talking about the YMCA’s Annual Campaign and all the great things the Y does including not turning anyone away! And all foster kids are free members.
  • Lee Smith asked for more volunteers for Sip and Stroll on April 6th. Signup sheets passed around.
(Rotary 101 Wisdom #14 by Pres. Paul: skipped and the applause was unbelievable.)
Bob Martin updated us on Rotary Foundation and the need for more contributions.
Paul Harris Fellows: Bob also awarded Paul Harris pins to Debbie Wittmers, Dave Gordon, and Hal Cline.
Pam asked folks to get ready to volunteer at the first GH Waterfront Farmers Market in June. website: Scott Junge introduced Dave Krogel who created the new website. Scott also thanked everyone who helped, including and especially Tom Borgen. Link will be sent out. Website shows Avenues of Service and shows many of the great things our club has done. Links to Club Runner and various Rotary foundations. Nice video re what we can do. Click to go to Donation page. Great website!
Fine master Paul Willet (in a very pink Hawaiian shirt) fined Marti for her green shirt last week, Walt Severn for being at Ace at same time as Paul was there, Kelly Busey for his son, Chance’s, social media post reference to Wham! (Chance is too young), and someone for too many acronyms. And of course, he fined Pres. Paul for Rotary #101, aka Rotary LOL, and Hal Cline for something last week.
Happy bucks include Chuck Perry reference to 864 pictures he took at the auction. The link to Flickr to see the photos is:
Chuck suggested you use Firefox or Chrome to open it so you get all the pictures. Ron Roberts thinks Gonzaga will win again and he is headed to Maui. Dave Gillespie went skiing last week and Peter Stanley broke a bone (leg/knee??) but is doing better. Mike Pinch is happy to have been invited to Dinners for 8 at Mark Roberts’ house. Sophie is happy no one charged anything on her credit card after she left it at the auction. Sharon had a happy buck for Cassie’s article about the STAR awards.
Raffle by Annmarie Huppert. Dave Morris won 10 free, Lee (again) won chance to draw, but lost.
Introduction of Program by Sharon Shaffer: Dana Webster, our Club’s STAR award recipient. As the recipient of the award, she received a Paul Harris fellowship and donated the amount she received to the Key Peninsula Community Council, represented here today by Irene Torres and Jeremy Larkin, officers of KPCC.
Josh Sherwin’s video for the STAR Award Event was shown (in part). Note: Randy Spitzer did the audio for the video. One of Dana’s major accomplishments is the KP Farm Tour in October, which she helped to organize. The video highlighted Dana’s many other accomplishments, including the KPCC community office.
Sharon presented a check for $1500.00 to Dana as a thank you for all she has done. Sharon noted that a portion of the award was from the Club’s Vocational Services Committee. Dana then donated the check to the KP Community Council.
Paul introduced the Club’s Committee chairs for a brief update.
  • Rod Ladd, Vocational Services Chair, mentioned a grant that allows us to pay for more cleft palate repair operations.
  • Corey Coryell, chair of the Community Services Committee, talked about the Courage Classic, Community Dock project, splash pad at Gateway Park, History Museum project, etc. He also talked about the Music in the Park project brought to us by Pam.
  • Richard Schmalz, chair of International Committee, talked about last week’s fundraiser at Fondi’s to raise money to send students to Guatamala to work on Rotary projects; and the Henderson Bay High School students job fair organized by Norma (kudos to Norma!).
  • Marti Anderson, of the Youth Services Committee, spoke for Chair Jeanie Simmons. Interact club includes middle and high school students. They did a great job helping at the auction.
Mel Santos thanked Sharon for her hard work on the STAR award event, and Cassie for her article in GH Living Local. Once again Josh Sherwin received a standing ovation for all the work he has done for our Club, and the fact that he charges us very little for what he does, so Mel gave him a bonus check. Several of us also announced upcoming videos that Josh is or has done, including this years Veterans Day Event on November 11, 2019, and the Cars4Change video he recently completed
President Paul ended the meeting at 8:27 am.
Notes by Jill Guernsey