Posted by Chuck Perry
Opening bell at 7:29 A.M. by president Mel Santos; Invocation by Fred Labayan; Pledge by President Mel; Song: “My Country Tis of The”, led by Hal Kline, Al Abbott, Chris Myers, and Cory Coryell; and the Four Way Test led by Bob Martin.
Visiting Rotarians: introduced by Walt Paulson; Larry Trelevin, Tacoma 8.
Guests of Rotarians: Sue Jensen, Hillary Bridge, Ian Warren, Jeremiah Saucier, and Geoff Barcalow.
Presidents Opening Comments: A sign up sheet for 1st Tee training class is being passed around. If you sign up to help teach, you will also be required to pay a $25 fee for a State Patrol background check to work with the kids. The class will be in the next two weeks. If you didn’t get your name on thee list, just give President Mel a call to get signed up. Also announced: Dinners for Eight first hosts should be done, as the April hosts should now be scheduling for their dinner.
Banner Exchange: Donna Lormor presented two banners from Clubs she visited while recently in Thailand; Chang Mai Phuping and Rotary Club of Chang Mai. Donna went on to tell the story of how she met her Thai Rotary Friends while in the hospital on her last trip to Thailand. Afraid that this was turning into the program, clapping started and ended the story.
Exchange Student: Melanie Meyer gave her report of the week. She went to a Sounders soccer game, had an Easter Brunch and an Easter Egg Hunt, (she felt like a little kid again), it was fun, and she reported that all of her tennis games for the week were cancelled due to rain.
April Birthdays: Walt Paulsen announced all the April birthdays and the cub sang Happy Birthday to the lucky members.
Community Projects: Randy Barcalow reported that last Saturday the final fence posts were installed at Wilkinson Farm. He also reported that the Chamber of Commerce project is moving forward.
KP Pavilion Project : Jeff Harris showed the club a large photo montage of the KP Pavilion that was to be presented to Tim Keolker as a thank you for all the work he did for the project. Tim is a master builder and oversaw the construction of the pavilion. Jeff also asked that the club all stand up to support the Peninsula Schools in the upcoming bond election.
International Committee: Rod Ladd announced that the international committee has a meeting on Monday 4/9/18. The meeting is at the Ladd-Pinch international headquarters on Rosedale.
Fine Master: John Winslow dealt out some fines for the week with a lot of humor: Peter Stanley for his phone ringing and is it the truth; Donna Lormor – do you need more time?; Corey Coryell and Dick Vanberg for not having their January dinners for eight yet; Auction picture thumb drives out for 3 weeks and not turned in: Mel, Paul, Peter G. and almost Allisha McVey – however Scott McVey turned it in during the fine session; Coach for 35 years in Gig Harbor Rotary with a 4/1/83 start date; Happy bucks by Dave Gordon for 48th anniversary and Chuck Perry for 35th anniversary – 4/2/83, the day after Coach joined the club.
Drawing: Eric McGinnis ran the raffle with 10 free next week going to Mel Wick and Rod Ladd getting to draw for the $282 pot. Lucky for everyone else Rod drew a white chip and the pot will grow next week.
Program: Corey Lopardi – “Rotary Visibility” Corey is the District Chair for Club Support dealing with publicity and marketing of Rotary and our Clubs. He gave a presentation on the “Rebranding of Rotary” with changes to the logo and the “people of Action” program. You can get more information by going on the internet to: Rotary.Org > My Rotary > Member Center > Brand Center. Many of the changes have to do with trying to let the World know who and what Rotary is. This Rotary International branding change was started after the 2012 Survey by Siegal & Gale showed that 60% of people had heard of Rotary, however only 20% knew what Rotary did. Not all of the Club members agreed with what the findings were and what changes are being made to the Rotary brand image. However this is a Rotary international project and is being rolled out internationally. So this scribe wants to remind the Club members not to shoot the messenger, he has taken his time to inform our club of decisions made at the international level.
Notes by Chuck Perry