Posted by Chuck Cuzzetto
Slide show prior to the opening bell highlighted Rotary events including Rotary Vision, GH Dragon Boats, Parkland Rotary Golf Event, Mid-Day Golferitaville, BSA Night at Cheney Stadium, Women’s Wellness Expo, and Fatty Diet.
Opening Bell: at 7:25 am. Invocation: preliminary by Duane Fister recognizing the loss of Kathy Schuler, then Invocation by Jan Martin. Pledge of Allegiance: led by Todd Fletcher. Song: “God Bless America” started by the crowd, with Hal Cline and Annie Arbenz singing (and dancing) along. Four Way Test: by Don Rees (kind of). Greeters: none were noted.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach introduced Mary Gorman & Cheri Johnson from mid-day. Joyce Taylor arrived timely at 7:45. Guests: Guests included Michelle Matheson, Sharon Kresse, Karen Ray, and speakers Jeremiah Saucier and Sheila Niven.
Opening Comments: President Alvestad passed on opening comments because of the heavy agenda. (No one expressed disappointment.)
  • Tom Borgen reminded everyone to sign up to help with the Courage Classic. So far there are 30 volunteers.
  • Tim Williams needs new-member pictures and made contact with the members.
  • Bob Martin reported that we are only $1,000 short of our President’s goal of $20,000 for the Foundation. Bob would be happy if we hit $25,000 (would he really?)
  • Mel Santos reminded everyone of the de-installation/installation party at Horseshoe Lake Golf Club. He promised fun and everything else was a secret. The event starts with golf, using Mike Pinch’s rules.
  • Hal Cline took the mic to talk about Dinners for Eight, (after he promised in an email he would not take any time). He called on Annmarie Huppert for a spontaneous testimonial.
  • President Alvestad noted that there was not much on the calendar next week.
  • Pam Peterson Smith reminded all of us that volunteered for the opening day of the Downtown Farmers’ Market to show up on time, either 10:00 am or 7:00 pm (or possibly 7:00 am).
  • Cheri Johnson and Mary Gorman from the Mid-Day Club talked about the 15th annual Golferitaville, their club’s biggest fundraiser. They asked for our support, while reminding us that many Mid-Dayers attend our auction. The event will be Friday, July 19, at McCormick Woods. If you can’t golf, you can still buy a golf ball to be dropped by helicopter and win a cash prize. The golf balls sell for $20 and Cheri and Mary will be back next week to sell chances. Bring your money to the next meeting.
  • John Winslow introduced the local high school recipients of the McColl Scholarships. He called on each to share their community involvement and their university plans. Attending were:
    • Daniel Paganelli (Boston U)
    • Kelsey Turner (PLU)
    • Jake Flynn (UW)
    • Kali Woodward (Willamette)
    • Allison Dorny (UC Santa Barbara)
    • Annina Liebner (Cal St San Marcos)
    • Amelia Wright (UW)
    • Olivia Lynch (Boise State)
    • Amanda Wong (USD, with UW 2nd)
Over the last 20 years the club has provided 599 scholarships worth nearly $1.3 million.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Mr. Chris Meyers was the Fine-master and started the session by fining Don Buchanan for not hearing. Chief Busey warned about flying candy tomorrow as part of the fine session and President Paul had to pay a dollar because this was Fine-master Meyers last opportunity to fine him. Hal Cline paid for making Costco samples his lunch and Bob Ryan for sitting with Tony Michaelson. Bob Lutschg paid on behalf of all women and the upcoming Wellness Expo and Brent Tayet for not paying last week on behalf of his son. Speaking of sons, the fine session was interrupted by a call from Ben Paganelli and, after a little chit chat with his son Daniel, Daniel pulled a dollar out of his wallet for not paying tribute to his dad during his scholarship time (that should make for a fun Fathers’ Day in a few weeks). Mac Pinch, John Eddy and Sharon Shaffer were the final fines. Mac got congratulations, John got a doctor’s note to ride in the Courage, and Sharon a belated fine for her phone going off during an earlier presentation. Happy Bucks: Happy bucks were received from Duane Fister, Sharon Shaffer, Tom Stanfield, Bob Draggoo, Coach, Betty Felker, and the Fine-master himself for making UW #1.
Drawing: Larry Olson ran the raffle. The pot was $363 and seven chips. The ten free went unclaimed, maybe Dave Gordon, and Bob Martin won the chance to draw. He drew a white chip so the pot moves to next week. The winnings would buy a lot of golf balls to be helicopter dropped.
Program: Annmarie Huppert introduced our speakers.
Sheila Niven is the Clinical Manager of St Anthony’s Emergency Room. Ms. Niven talked about substance abuse and the opioid epidemic. She shared the definition of substance abuse and noted that it is considered a mental health disorder. Between one-fourth and one-third of patients in the hospital are being treated for substance abuse. She discussed the resulting gaps, including the impact on staff; with burnout, turnover and assault; lack of beds; and insurance coverage.
Jeremiah Saucier is the owner of Crossroads Treatment Center and the founder of Hope Recovery Center. Mr. Saucier described the challenges with recovery from addictions and the lack of adequate care. He described the process he is going through to open Hope Recovery on the Key Peninsula. He continues to work with the County Planning and Health Departments to get the facility going – maybe within the next three years. He expects the Center will be funded with grants, etc., to help extend the service beyond current insurance reimbursements. His goal is that every individual receive all the care they need to recover. He said we need to “get addiction out of the way, so that the person can live.”
President Alvestad ended the meeting at 8:30.
Notes by Chuck Cuzzetto