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Call to Order at 7:25 by President Mel. Invocation by Randy Spitzer. Pledge- President Mel, Song - Arthur Keast, one of our GH High guests sang the Star-Spangled Banner - Great voice! Four WayTest-A mystery person I did not see but heard. Guests of Rotarians; Principal Jessica Rosendahl, teachers and students from Artondale Elementary school and Four students from Gig Harbor High- See below.
  • Special Presentation; McCall Scholarship recipients GH High School.
John Winslow introduced the winners of this year’s scholarships; Matthew Hagen-George Fox College, Arthur Keast-PLU, Joyce Park-Baxter College and Maddie Willett - Cal Poly. Maddie being the daughter of our own Paul Willett. These kids are super talented and well deserving of the scholarships of which the club has given over $1.25 million over the years. Thanks to our great Foundation Team!
  • Artondale Elementary EarlyAct- Brent Tayet of our club has started a new EarlyAct program at Artondale. 12 students have formed the club and they presented their first project- Buddy Benches. The students showed a lot of poise in presenting the concept of the benches which will act as a place to bring students together to play games and have a place to connect in an area outside. It’s part of a Help Kids program at the school they are fundraising. Thanks to principal Jessica Rosendahl, teachers and students involved in Early Act and to Brent for getting it started this year! Also, thanks to Cindy R. for bringing Brent into the club!
  • Exchange Student; Melanie Myers - Had a beach day on the Key Pen. Went swimming? Big day getting nails done for the prom this weekend and last Saturday went kayaking with Hal Hodgins and Tom Borgen.
  • June Birthdays- Where was Walt to do his birthday announcement Gig? Mel stood in for him announcing; Trent Jonas, Mac Pinch, Rich Coyner, Hal Hodgins and Brent Tyett birthdays. Arthur Keast of GH High lead a rousing version of Happy Birthday dear Rotarians.
  • Auction of Parking Spot & No Fine No surprise here Rod Ladd bought the spot. Bob Martin stepped up and won the No fine button.
  • Paul Harris- Bob Martin did an excellent job along with his asst. Ed Lindstrom in presenting Paul Harris awards to; Randy Barcalow-1, John Duppenthaler-1, Ron Roberts-3, Terry Brown-3, John Ciccarelli-3 and wife Sharon with her first Paul Harris (Thanks so much) and Rod Ladd-5. Thanks to all for their ongoing support of Rotary through their generous gifts!
  • Nina Pictures- Betty Felker shared some great pictures of our Exchange student in Italy Nina who is having a great time and will be giving a full report to the club upon her return which is soon!
  • Fireside June 5- First Fireside of the year at John and Beth Dunham’s 5:30
  • Farmers Market- Club is helping kickoff the 2018 farmers market season by assisting at the event Thurs. June 7. Come check it out.
  • Year End Party and Installation Banquet- June 29- Get your tickets now!
  •  Fine Master and Happy Bucks; Paul Willett presiding with a fine on John Duppenthaler - to many syllables in name. Happy Bucks from Jill as she helped Dave Morris find his misplaced car in a shopping center parking lot - Sounds like a memory issue?
  • Drawing- With $259 in the pot Donna served up Ben Paganelli a white chip and sent him packing. Come on back next week!
Program: “Year in Review” Mel Santos and Avenues of Service
Mel lead of the recap with summary of his goals for the year; Transparency, being on time with programs, fortifying the avenue of service committees, maintaining membership (we have a waiting list again) and moving the Public Relations and branding committee up to speed. Great job this year Mel and thanks for all your efforts!!
The Avenue of Service followed with 
-Community Service Brett DeSantis- What a great variety of projects this year, Gateway Pavilion, Wilkerson Farm Fence and Chamber Commerce remodel being some highlights. New Tiny House program with the Pen High school. Little projects count too - $5,000 was given out for projects under $500
-Vocational Service- Richard Schmalz brought it home this year with his team to include new First Tee program, continued success with the prison program, STARS awards, Car donation program support and upcoming Mental Health transformation program
-International- Rod Ladd and team changed lives again with Cleft Palate operations and educational programs in the Philippines, the completion of two water projects in Guatemala as well as Raspberry Pi computers in Guatemala schools.
Youth Services- Dick Vanberg filled in for chair Jeanie Simmons with a recap of the Youth Exchange program, Interact, Early Act, Dancing in Schools, Cub Scouts and YMCA Teen program.
WOW! This club really had an impact this year and we have fun doing it- That’s Rotary!
Meeting was adjourned at 8:30
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