Posted by Chuck Cuzzetto
Opening Bell: at 7:25 a.m. Invocation: Duane Fister. Pledge of Allegiance: led by Scott Junge. Song: Hal Cline and David Cathers with “God Bless America.” Four Way Test: by Dick Vanberg. Greeters: none were noted.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach introduced Gary Pellet, Garry Schneider, and Joe Potts (the new Principal at Peninsula High School). Before the introduction of guests, President Hodgins made a special welcome to Lee Smith, rejoining us after surgery this week. Guests: There were several guests introduced. Those signed in included Michael Ewens, Ally Bujacich, Neva Smith and Ivan Zapp (Pam Peterson’s cousins), and Brogyn Morgan (Pam’s granddaughter).
Opening Comments: President Hodgins recognized Debbie Miller and publicly thanked her for helping him fulfill his responsibilities. President Hal also talked about the Courage Fundraising and Mike Pinch reported successful efforts thus far. The President also discussed his meetings with the other GH Rotary Presidents and some of their activities.
  • President Hodgins reported that mid-day’s Golferitaville is coming up July 19 and GH Rotary North’s Galloping Gertie Run is August 10 (they need volunteers) and Harbor Hounds is September 14
  • John Lantz shared news of the passing of Mel Smith. Mel recently relocated to the East Coast to be nearer his children.
  • Michael Ewens provided a brief update on the Guatemala projects and brought thank-yous to the club. He is working on a video and a blog about the projects.
  • Pam Peterson speaking for Lee Smith (because he couldn’t speak for himself) passed around a sign-up sheet for volunteering for the Wine and Food Experience. The event will be Saturday, July 27.
  • Ben Paganelli is looking for volunteers to form a work group to help the KP Lutheran Church (they provide services for the entire community, especial the KP youth). The first of three work parties is July 20 at 10:00 a.m. to assemble playground equipment.
  • President Hodgins reviewed the calendar for upcoming events, including the Women’s Wellness Expo at Sehmel Homestead Park on Saturday (Cars 4 Change will be present), and upcoming Committee meetings.
  • Cory Coryell seconded the need for volunteers on July 20 and added a need for help on Sunday, July 21, at the Rotary Aviation Zone.
Fines and Happy Bucks: John Winslow was the Fine-master this week. He fined Mark Hoppen (or Hopper) and Chuck Cuzzetto for knowing some of the guests. President Hodgins was fined for parking in the wrong spot. FM Winslow then provided a technical analysis of President Hodgins’ first meeting and fined Rod Ladd for not being the photographer last week and missing President Hodgins’ botched adjournment. Randy Spitzer was fined for cell phone interruptus, pleaded not guilty, but paid the fine anyway and Past Presidents Alvestad and Santos were fined just because. Lots of Happy Bucks, and lots to be happy for, including Howard Mackert (Cars 4 Change at WWE), Cindy Reed (Europe and the Big O), Annmarie Huppert (Speaking at WWE and Booth and Hope Recovery Golf tourney, David Cathers (Cruise and Visit with Frederick in Denmark), Coach (88th Birthday and Toy Storybook 4), Pam Peterson (Sharon Shaffer chauffeuring, Lee’s Surgery, and a Quiet House), Hal Hodgins (Help with his boat from John Eddy and Terry Brown), and Betty Felker (GH Film Festival September 26-29).
Drawing: Larry Olson ran the drawing. The pot was $133. Mel Santos won the ten free and guest Brogyn won the chance to draw. She drew a white chip so the pot moves to next week.
Camilla Brocker introduced Allison Bujacich, Community Development Director for the Gig Harbor Boatshop.
Ms. Bujacich started her presentation by stating, “There is a place for each one of you at the Boatshop.” She talked about some of the goals and strategies of the Boatshop including public programs and activities, passing down the working waterfront skill-set to the next generation, bringing the community together, and engaging and sharing the Gig Harbor maritime heritage and traditions. The ten-year-old nonprofit organization had over 5,000 visitors last year and offers about 6,000 hours of programming annually, with a focus on youth programs. They offer a wide variety of workshops and programs including boat restoration, livery (rental) services, community events, music, etc. Current major projects include the boat railway system and the House renovation.
The meeting adjourned at 8:29 a.m.
Notes by Chuck Cuzzetto