Posted by Marcia Harris
Call to Order: President Paul opened the meeting with a ring of the bell at 7:30. The invocation/thoughts for the week by Al Abbott; Hal Cline and Randy Spitzer the singing of “My Country Tis of Thee; Pledge led by Hal Cline; and the Four Way Test was led by Peter Glein.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach announced there were no visiting Rotarians and welcomed back Vicki Hogan who has been doing some traveling since her retirement.
Guests: This week’s included Emma’s two sons among others.
Opening Comments: President Paul asked that any slides or PowerPoint presentations be emailed to him by noon on Thursday before the meeting so they can be loaded on the laptop and be ready to go before Friday morning.
  • President Paul is out of town next Friday, so we in for a treat when Past President Mel Wick steps in to chair the meeting.
  • Paul reminded us of the Rainiers game & tailgate party on August 2nd.
  • Don’t forget the Wine & Food Festival next Friday and Saturday. It’s not too late to volunteer to help, and if you did volunteer, remember to show up! There is also time to sign up for the fabulous dining event
  • Duane Fister sent out a draft invocation roster last week. Take time to check it out. You have an opportunity to ‘opt out’, but if you need to do so, please notify Duane by Friday, July 27th.
  • Hal Hodgins reminded us that we have five club members participating in the Courage Classic Bike Ride on August 28th. Our riders are still in need of club member support. Please give your checks made out to “The Mary Bridge Hospital Foundation” to Hal.
  • John Eddy reported that last Tuesday’s Rotary After Hours, outside at the Blend on the “Key Peninsula’ was fun. The food provided by the KP’s Gnosh Food Truck was a hit. (Here’s a new one for your palate: a Ruben Salad. Delish!)
Fines & Happy Bucks: It was announced that fine master Pam Smith is on a LOA this year. Doing the honors this week was Chris Myers. Chris pointed to Walker Allen noticing he was ‘leaning to the left’. John Eddy offered up two truths and a lie. Bob & Christine Lutschg are celebrating their 25th anniversary this week. Next weekend, Randy Barcalow’s #3 son will be ‘tying the knot’.
Raffle: Ben Paganelli gets 10 free tickets next week. Ron Roberts had a chance for the ‘big pot’ and walked away with $15. By next Friday, the pot should top $500.
Club Happenings from the Directors:
  • John Dupenthaler educated us the volunteer opportunities under the Club Service umbrella: membership, mentorships, the sunshine team, fellowship, meeting facilities and meeting technology.
  • Corey Coryell , Community Service meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Timberland Bank. The committee’s budget has been allocated with the exception of $16,000. Two projects on the drawing board are: an Angel Guild storage shed and parking expansion at the Orthopedic Guild Thrift Store.
  • Ann Marie reported on a new vocational service project with the Boys & Girls Club involving transformational project mental health. The initial program has selected six, 13 year-old students for the pilot.
  • Rod Ladd provided an international update. Book packing for the Philippines was completed last week. They are currently working on the Raspberry Pi project in Guatemala and looking at a couple additional water projects in Guatemala and Africa,
Program: Reclassification Talk with Al Abbott (Club President 2012-13, Hal Cline sponsor)
Citizen of the world, Al Abbott was born in S. America and grew up in Mexico. After completing a degree in marketing & communications from Texas A & M, Al worked for the government in Laos and elsewhere in the world. After attaining a graduate degree in Art & Design, he worked with several large accounts on both the east and west coast, including Lockheed. After joining a large marketing/advertising firm, he was assigned to the Toyota account, taking him on travels worldwide.
Along the way, he met and married Virginia, a woman with similar background in art, marketing & design (in fact they attended the same college but hadn’t met). Over the course of their careers they opted out of the rat race to start their own business and raise a family. Virginia’s family lived in Gig Harbor; the rest is history. Their move here included establishing Carrot Stick Marketing, supporting a broad variety of firms including client Paul Allen.
Al is very proud of his family, Virginia his business partner, daughter Anika with an amazing voice and musical skill and Turi, a Rotary exchange student to Thailand and now a world traveler. Al, thank you for ‘resharing’ your life with us.
President Paul adjourned the meeting at 8:28.
Scribe: Marcia Harris