Posted by Chuck Perry
Slide show prior to the opening bell. A great slide show with pictures from dinners for Eight, the Mel Wick presentation, and a horse program from the vocation committee. Followed by two slides of 25-year-old club roster pages of Mark Jorgensen and Scott Junge, both looking much younger.
Opening Bell: By Past-President Mel Wick at exactly 7:30 am. Invocation: by Duane Fister. Pledge of Allegiance: by John Ciccarelli; Song: God Bless America, led by Hal Cline and assisted by Cory Coryell. Four Way Test: by Scott Junge. Greeters: None Noted. Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach (Jack Stonestreet), Judy Hosea and Barry Benson. Sneaking in half way through the meeting without introduction was past president Joyce Taylor Gorney. Guests: Dave Freeman’s grandson Evan Margel, Curt Scott, the speaker, Nina Liebner, the returning outbound exchange student, and Brett DeSantis’s two daughters.
Opening Comments: Mel Wick explained that his year as club president came between Marcia Harris and Vicki Hogan. He went on to say that Marcia gave him a club running smoothly and Vicki came in and cleaned things up when he was done. They are both here at the meeting to help Mel run the meeting and to make sure that the meeting goes well with Paul gone on vacation.
  • Returning Exchange Student Nina Liebner: Was introduced by Dick Vanberg. She reported that she came back last month. She had a great year in Italy. She misses Italy and her host family. She is readjusting to life here in Gig Harbor. She is now a senior in high school and is working on college applications and trying to figure out where she will go to school after she graduates. She expressed a sincere thank you to the club for sending her. It was a crazy wonderful year and experience. After things quiet down and school starts, she will have time to come back and give a program and slide show to the club.
  • Rainiers Game: Remember the game is next Thursday, August 2nd.
  • Hot August Morning: Walt Paulson announced next week’s program. If you have a vehicle of particular interest, please bring it next week for display. The meeting will dismiss early for all to go out and view the cars. This is the club’s own little car show.
  • Gig Harbor Wine and Food Experience: Lee Smith announced that the fundraiser is this weekend and starts tonight. There are still tickets left and still time to volunteer. Since Lee is going to be gone next week, he wanted to thank the volunteers in advance.
  • Rachel Project: Jeff Harris announced that the grant for the Rachel Project has been approved. This project will cost $130,000 and will provide the Rachel systems to 55 schools in Guatemala. This will help over 10,000 students with access to information not previously available. Please visit the website for additional information. WWW.WORLDPOSSIBLE.ORG
Fines and Happy Bucks: Mac Pinch was the Finemaster. He started with a joke about the construction on our meeting facility and a fumigation for pink head lice. He went on to ask coach if he remembers when the Dead Sea was only sick? Dick Vanberg was fined for watering Jill Guernsey’s plants while she is in France. Dick responded with “Oui Oui. And Mac said “did you mean wee wee, since you are watering the plants? Brady Buskirk was fined for having a cowlick in his hair. Not only did this collect a dollar, it produced a blush from Brady, Howard Mackert was fined for not knowing which number was bigger; the number of keys on a piano or the number of his siblings? Happy Bucks: Howard Mackert for a road trip to see family, deliver a saddle to a niece and help award scholarships from his uncle’s trust. Also included a sad dollar for a rock to the windshield during the trip. Bob had a happy dollar for an RV trip to Glacier Park with the Pinches. Sammi had a happy dollar for a plane trip to the San Juan Islands, flown by non-other than today’s program presenter, Curt Scott. Marcia Harris was happy as the president of the school board to fill the vacancy on the board with Lori Glover and to hire an interim superintendent, Dr Arch Travers. Hal Hodgins was happy for raising $2500 for the Courage Bike Ride. Bob Lutschg called Mac Pinch’s phone during the fine session, which cost Bob a dollar. The last happy dollar was from Mel Wick. He just finished paying off his ex-wife from 25 years ago. Wouldn’t you know it, her attorney was Vicki Hogan before she became a Judge. That is how Vicki and Mel met..
Drawing: Larry Olson ran the raffle. The pot is $517 and we are down to 3 chips. Randy Spitzer won the 10 free tickets for next week and Bob Lutschg won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew the white chip for $15.
Program: Peninsula Emergency Preparedness Coalition (PEP-C). Curt Scott, the General Chairman of PEP-C gave a great presentation of what PEP-C does and what we have to do to be prepared for an emergency. Please visit their website:
PEP-C’s purpose is to prepare the Gig Harbor, Fox Island, and Key Peninsula areas for potential emergencies. It is not so much if it will happen, but when it will happen. In a real emergency, their saying is YOYO – You’re On Your Own. You need to be prepared to survive for 21 days without help. This is because in a real emergency, help will not come for a long time. A good example of this is the recent hurricane in Puerto Rico. Many areas were without power and services for months. Curt gave a detailed presentation of the most likely issues we may have to face. Fire, storms, earthquake, cyber-attack to the electrical grid, and even a volcano. Planning is necessary and you can become involved. Contact them or attend a meeting to learn what to do to be prepared.
Past President Mel ended the meeting at 8:29.
Notes by Chuck Perry