Posted by Chuck Perry
Pre meeting slide show: Included announcements for Film Festival and Rotary Picnic. Also included the Rotary International “Vision”: “TOGETHER WE SEE A WORLD WHERE PEOPLE UNITE AND TAKE ACTION TO CREATE LASTING CHANGE-ACROSS THE GLOBE, IN OUR COMMUNITIES, AND IN OURSELVES.” Also included were four pages from the club roster of the early 90’s: Bob Martin, David Gillespie, Al Bucholz, and Jerry Walston. Amazing how much hair they had, with little or no grey.
Call to Order: President Paul opened the meeting with a ring of the bell at 7:30. The Invocation: Camilla Brocker; Song: Hal Cline, with Corey and Peter led us in ‘God Bless America’; Pledge: led by President Paul; followed by the Four Way Test: Led by Past President Mel Santos.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach introduced the visiting Rotarians: Judy Hosea. Later in the meeting we were also joined by past president Joyce Taylor. She continues to run a little late.
Guests: This week’s guests included: Geoff Barcalow (Randy’s son) who’s company has donated 15 computers to the Philippine school computer project; Dave Freeman’s grandson Evan Margel; Dan Gregory, Former member Tom Stanfield, Ed Butler; Peter Weller, Deb Miller’s brother: Mark Avni; Oliver and Rocky Pinch; Gretchen Hodgins; Jay and Wendy Stricherz.
  • A meeting of the scholarship committee was held last week, which is part of the Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation. Another meeting will be held in October. Call John Winslow if you would like to be involved.
  • Paul announced that if you want to give public opinions or letters to the editor, that you do not give it as a Rotarian, unless it has been vetted and approved by the Club Board.
  • A three GH Clubs’ Rotary (adult) Picnic is coming Sept 16th at Paul Alvestad’s, 4:00 p.m. The cost is $10 each. A map was shown on how to get to the picnic.
  • Oysterfest is being held by the Shelton-Skookum Club on October 6th. Please attend if you can. They are also looking for volunteers. See Paul if you would like to volunteer. See their website for additional information:
  • It was announced that Howard Svigals is the new District Foundation Chair beginning July 2019.
  • Remember the Gig Harbor Film Festival for this weekend.
  • Buck Frymier purchased two passes to the entire GH Film Festival at this year’s auction. As it turns out, he was unable to use them and they were auctioned off, with the proceeds to go to the Purdy Prison program. Ed Lindstrom was the winning bidder @ $150.
Raffle: Run by Donna Lormor; Marti Andersen won 10 free next week (third week in a row). Mike Pinch had his grandson draw for $173. A white chip came out of the bag after a lot of work, and won $15 instead.
Fines & Happy Bucks: Chris Myers had the duty this week as the finemaster. He questioned guest Dan Gregory about his Eastern Eagles jacket, to see if he knew the famous Eastern football player; John Eddy. No such luck. John Ciccarelli was recognized for having the average age of table members at his table drop by 80 years, as the Pinch boys were sitting where Al and Joanne normally sit. Paul Alvestad was called out for a comment he made earlier in the meeting, about cows being struck by thunder. (Didn’t he mean lightning?) He was also questioned about the picnic being an adult picnic and what type of farm entertainment was going to be had? Chris talked about how past presidents each had different things they did at the meetings. He singled out Dick Vanberg about the Rotary Clap, and wondered if anyone else got it? Happy bucks were offered by Marti Anderson for Peace Through Travel, and over 200 kids in the Jr Sailing program. Happy bucks were also given by Ed Lindstrom and Judy Hosea.
Program: Jay Stricherz – Retired Pac 12 football Ref: View from the Field
Hal Hodgins introduced our speaker who is a retired football referee for the Pac 12, and is still involved with the Pac 12 referee training and rules committee. Jay grew up in Parkland and Enumclaw. His dad was a referee and very active in sports. His family values were: Faith, Family, and Sports. Jay started refereeing his Jr year of college. As with most referees, he started with young kids games on Saturday mornings and worked his way up through the system. Joining the Pac-10 referees in 1979. The Pac-10 had just been increased from the Pac-8 in 1978. He was a referee for 35 years. He thanked Coach (Jack Stonestreet) for his help and mentoring. He also mentioned that the Tacoma Athletic Association was to be honoring Coach for over 50 years as a referee. Jay went on to show many film clips to explain what referees are looking for and to explain how the 8 officials at each game work the game. Each ref is paid $3500 per game in the Pac-12. However all the expenses for travel food and lodging are the responsibility of the officials. The Pac-12 has seven crews of 8 officials. Each crew remains together for the season and each member of the crew keeps the same position for the season. Each game has between 6 and 13 cameras covering the game. These video feeds are available to two additional people in the replay booth. When a call is questioned, the replay officials watch the video feeds to make the final call. The program was followed by many very interesting questions. The program received many compliments.
Scribe: Chuck Perry