Posted by Marti Anderson on Oct 14, 2019
These are the notes from the 10/11/2019 meeting.
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Opening Bell: By Hall at 737AM  Invocation: by Bob Ryan. Pledge of Allegiance: by Bob Draggoo; Song: God Bless America, led by Randy Spitzer. Four Way Test: by Mel Santos  

Visiting Rotarians: None Guests: Was it bring your child to Rotary Day?    Dave Freeman’s Grandson Evan, Oliver & Evangeline Tayet, Marti & Foster Glein, Oliver & Rocky Pinch, Jill Meyer, Rep Jessie Young, Lisa Hall from Pen. Light. 

Opening Comments: Look at the calendar for upcoming events. 

Paul Alvestad mowed the Wollochet Exit area.  Bring your weed whackers Oct 18, 9 AM to complete the clean-up.  Then refresh at Wet Coast. 

Career Day at Henderson Bay High School is Oct 16.  Thanks to all that have signed up.  Be there at 8:30 AM. 

STAR Awards – Tom Taylor has won our nomination.    


  • Holiday Party.  Dec 14.  Dec 14.  Mark your calendar.  Guaranteed good time! 

  • Anna Marie.  Had a fun time with Duane at a Hip Hop Class, dinners for 8, and 2 cross-country meets.  Headed for Eastern Washington and Leavenworth this weekend.  

Fines and Happy Bucks: Mac Pinch was the Finemaster. Outrageous good fun. Highlights/Headlines – Heritage for Bloody Marys, Mel cover girl for 253 magazine “A Woman’s Journey to Help others”, John Eddy’s shoes, Cindy Reed orgasmic blueberries and Bloody Mary’s for breakfast, no need for a voter’s pamphlet just look at Vanberg’s front yard, and John Duppenthaler which tramatized the children with concern for Bambi’s well-being   Happy Bucks: Pam – Lee’s great medical update. Rocky Pinch – Please don’t let anything happen to Bambi.  He loves Bambi.  Brent – discovered his grandfather-in-law was a Rotarian.  The Rotary through the generations at the Tayet household.  Marti – thanks to Duane Fister for coming to her electrical rescue.  

Drawing: Ann Marie Huppert ran the raffle. The pot is $710 and we are down to 2 chips. Dick V won the 10 free tickets for next week and Coach won the right to draw.   1st draw he pulled BOTH chips, 2nd draw he got the BLUE! 

Program: Drew Kellerman of Heritage Distilling Co.  Started with an idea over a firepit and Scotch in May 2011.  Opened Nov 2012.  Now world-wide recognition, and awards.  Expansion includes Eugene, Roslyn, Ballard and Tumwater.  Still with a small-town heart. 

President Hal ended the meeting at 8:30A 

 Notes by Marti Anderson