Posted by Randy Spitzer on Oct 04, 2019

This Week: Friday, October 4, 2019 




Before the Meeting: 

Slide show prior to the opening bell included photos of Rotarians Key Peninsula Farm Tour, Veterans Day Celebration, Oyster Fest, Dinners for Eight, exchange student - Ann Marie at her first Homecoming Dance, Sip & Stroll, and Aloha Party, Rotarians digging clams with Ann Marie 

Opening Bell: by President Hal at 7:30 AM  

Invocation: by Randy Spitzer 

Pledge of Allegiance: by Debbie Miller 

Song: led by Hal Cline & helpers Chuck Perry and Ron Roberts 

Four Way Test: by John Duppenthaler 

Visiting Rotarians: by Coach - none 

Guests: Bob and Kim Juranich, Julie Godden, Ron Wilkenson, Leslie Harbaugh, Ron Wilkinson, Tod Meyer, Chuck Wiest, Nancy Harris, Sara Johnson, Robin Cahan, and Bud Lofgren. 

Exchange Student: Anna Marie attended homecoming, tasted soup in a bread bowl for the first time, digging clams. Richard Pifer asked for members to volunteer to take Anna Marie on an adventure; a calendar will be posted soon 

Calendar: The Key-Pen Farm Tour is this Saturday, Monday the Intl Committee Book will be packing book boxes for the Philippines at the Ladd-Pinch office at 5:30, the Community Service Committee meets Tuesday at 5:30, RAH meets Wed at “BBQ to You” at 5:30, Sip & Stroll is next Saturday, Oct 12. 

Opening Comments:  

  • Auction No Fine Button: by Keith Harris sold to Peter Glein for $37.50 

  • Auction Parking Spot: by Keith Harris sold to Don Rees at $30.00 


  • Star Awards: Sharon Schaffer – asked us to vote for one of the top three nominees, the winner will be announced next week. 

  • GHRF: Scott Junge reminded us to remember to make donations to the Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation. 

  • Sip & Stroll: Lee Smith asked for volunteers for Sip & Stroll Oct 12. 

  • Film Festival: Jeanie Simmons read a glowing review of the festival from one of the film makers who called it “one of the best film festivals in the country.” 

  • Fines: by John Winslow. Annie Arbenz was fined for whistling earlier in the meeting, John Eddy payed in support of Annie, Hal Cline pre-paid a fine for next week since he won’t be here (he’s having back surgery,) John Duppenthaler’s entire table was fined, Mel Santos was fined – just because, every member of the club over 60 was fined “because we might need help with a Silver Alert sometime in the future.” 

  • Happy Bucks: Steve O’Donnell - for his Anniversary, John Dupenthaller - for the one-year anniversary at his new office, Tim Williams – because Geoff Barcalow is the new web master, Keith Harris – for his business’s anniversary, Camilla Brocker – for an upcoming cruise, Emma Conway – for grand opening of new teen center in North Mason, Peter Glein – for a complement he received from a member that “made his week,” and for his and Gary Glein’s recent purchase of the Ale House in Tacoma, Jeff Harris – for an upcoming tour, Annie Arbenz -in celebration of her 10th wedding anniversary and for her husband about to compete in the Iron-Man World Championship in Kona on October 12. 

Drawing: Steve O’Donnell announced the raffle winners. The pot was over $600 with 3 chips, Mel won 10 free for next week, Lee drew a white chip. Next week there will be only 2 chips, and likely well over $700 in the pot. 


Program: Introduced by Camilla Brocker was Simon Calcabecchia sharing his story of overcoming his disability. Simon, when in high school began a Rugby club that won the state tournament and went on to win 5th place in the national tournament that year. After graduation, he traveled to Australia to play Rugby professionally. During a match he broke his neck making which made his a quadriplegic. Years later, he has some movement in his arms which enables him to use a wheel chair on his own. When Simon returned home from the hospital, he went to college and eventually graduated from Evergreen State College. Now he is a motivational speaker and hosts a YouTube channel sharing his adventures – on the theme: “even with challenges, if you have the right attitude, there is so much you can do.” Simon’s goal is to inspire others with challenges to pursue their passion and engage in adventures that they might have thought were impossible. For example, he now plays wheelchair rugby. Simon has been sharing his message at schools and service clubs for more than ten years. His goal is to inspire kids and adults to overcome their challenges, whatever they may be. Simon has written children’s books with disabled lead characters. He continues to speak and write focusing on the positive, and he hopes to someday be invited to share his story on the Ellen Degeneres Show. 


President Hal ended the meeting at 8:26. 


Notes by Randy Spitzer