Posted by Robert J Martin on Mar 14, 2019
GIG HARBOR AUCTION 2019 (PHOTOS COMPLIMENTS OF CHARLES PERRY)  These pictures will not begin to replace attending the event but should make you want to go next year.
Rod and Camilla taking a little break in the middle of preparation.  Glad to see they are still smiling.
The Hangar owners and our hosts dressed in costume of open cockpit flyers.  Bob Juranich on the left and Bill Juranich on the right.  They do great tours of the museum as well.  These planes are their life's passion and it is neat to share it.
Chuck took every picture but this one.  Thought he should be acknowledged for his hard work and great pictures.  Thanks Chuck!
It is amazing how quickly these tables get set up and covered and chaired.  They are very precisely placed to allow movement between.
Lots of people working behind the scenes, like Randy on the laptop.
John on another laptop.  I hope they are keeping track of the money and who gets what.
The Hopkins and the Paganellis doing more of the same.  This auction could be a disaster without all of their dedication and hard work; while we were all talking and drinking and eating.
Just one of nine restaurants, all were outstanding.  Our Taste of Gig Harbor can't be beat!  The staff made the food even better!
Mr. Auction and Rosalie enjoying what their baby has grown into.  This has to be close to thirty years and I think each one gets better.  Don brought his experience from the Bellarmine Auction and we are greatful.
I think that is a genuinely relaxed smile that Camilla has because it is "Hump" hour, she has made it.  Peter and Janet look pretty relaxed as well.
Jim and Carolyn Castino, all the way from Yakima, just to share our fellowship and I hope leave some Yakima bucks here.
Marliss Swayze, the widow of Judge Tom Swayze, who identified that our Club was not having fun. (In 1987)  We made up for that.  She is sharing company with Alan Anderson.
Did you notice how many beautiful ladies there were at the auction.  Pam, Jan, and Donna were three of the best!
Noah Flick, Our outbound exchange student, sold the 100 raffle tickets in a blink!  Interactors were all over helping as well.  I missed getting one of the "flashy" airplanes.sad
It is getting close to dessert time!  That is probably why everyone is smiling; that or the wine.
One of the 30+ desserts!  Ummmh, Brown Sugar Bourbon and chocolate!
Brent looks like he is going to swallow his dessert whole!  Bummer for his table.
If it wasn't for the facial hair, this could be a 10 year old Rod in a candy store!
Finally, the important part, spending money!  Richard has the right attitude (and blood alcohol level); just wave that bidder card around, the more the merrier!  Our raise the paddle brought in about $38K which may be a record.  Everything else seemed to bring in good bucks as well.  I totally skipped the silent auction because it is a little harder to see the action, but it is exciting if there is something you want.  Plan to work or be there next year!