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7:30 - CALL TO ORDER – Paul Alvestad
INVOCATION – Todd Fletcher; PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – John Ciccarelli; SONG – Hal Cline; 4 WAY TEST – Dave Freeman
VISITING ROTARIANS – John Hutchinson and Jerry ???
GUESTS – Pat Ciccarelli, (and others)
WOLLOCHET CLEANUP TOMORROW, Dec 1. 8a – noon. Followed by a stop at Wet Coast
ROTARY 101 – Wisdom #8. What is the Polio Fund? A sub-fund of the Foundation. If you wish to have some or all of your Foundation $$ go to Polio, just specify as such.
AUCTION – Camilla Brocker. We have a venue! Thanks to all who signed the petition, we will be at the new hanger south of the Hub (that’s to the left of the Hub as you are facing it from the road) where there are antique planes. Next meeting Tues Dec 4 will be there to check it out. 530p to tour, 6p the meeting starts.
BUILD A BIKE (with pictures) – Lee Smith 36 very nice bikes.
FESTIVAL OF TREES – Walt Paulsen – ready for takedown Sunday
USO SHOPPING & DROPPOFF – Ben Paganelli. Date and time TBA. If you are interested in helping out, contact Ben.
FISH SALES – Don Buchanan. Sales during the next couple weeks. Proceeds to help students going to Guatemala. Thanks to Juanita for her generous support.
BASKET BRIGADE THANKS – David Cathers. 1220 boxes, 475 volunteers. Thanks so much to all for donations and volunteers.
RI CONVENTION – Hal Hodgins is attending Rotary International Convention in Hamburg June 23-29 2019 and encourages any and all to join him. Early registration discount ends December 15.
NOMINATIONS – Hal also announced that Mel Santos will be Vocational Chair for the next two years. Youth Services chair will be announced next meeting, and voting for the full ballot will be next meeting.
JEFF HARRIS has stepped up as PR Dude for next year and took the pledge to serve VERY seriously.
ANGEL GUILD– Jeff Harris. New “TUFF Shed” built as a storage unit. Donations from Rotary and Home Depot, and several volunteers will install the interior walls, electricity and paint.
FINEMASTER – Mac Pinch ditched, Peter Glein stepped in a “pinch”. Fines included Dave Morris for his Husky jacket.
Happy bucks included the great news that Randy Barcalow got from his cardiologist. Get back out there and start building fences Randy!
Cindy Reed announced that Port Angeles Rotary will “adopt” our outgoing exchange alternate, so both our students will be able to do the exchange next year.
Cory Coryell thanked Hal Cline for providing his log splitter and volunteered Hal to split everyone’s logs.
Paul Willett got to watch his daughter, Maddie, play basketball at CalPoly, but didn’t get any time to brag on how good she did. But THAT’s not news. She’s HOT!
Juanita Carbaugh- Giving Tues, Communities for Schools raised $10,000 with thanks to the match from the Morris Foundation.
RAFFLE – Lee Smith, 10 free. Mel Santos drew another white chip.
PROGRAM – Ivan Harrell, Ph.D. President of TCC – Report on TCC Development. TCC has a variety of programs to serve many aspects of our community including the Women’s Prison Program, High School 21+, Running Start, and Men of Distinction. They work to serve the needs of the under-served, to help them stay in school. There are programs to help with housing, child care, transportation, and campus food-bank. All these programs help the students focus on learning. There are new and innovative programs for those going back to school for personal enrichment, or prepare for post graduate studies, as well.
Notes by Marti Anderson