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Slide show prior to the opening bell. None due to technical difficulties
Opening Bell: By Mel Santos, filling in for Paul Alvestad at 7:32am. Invocation: by Buck Frymier. Pledge of Allegiance: by Mel Santos; Song: God Bless America, led by Hal Cline and assisted by Geoff Barcalow. Four Way Test: by Richard Piefer Greeters: John Guardia. Visiting Rotarian: Introduced by Coach; Andy Ritting. Guests: Betty Proctor, Amy West, Tom Stanfield, Carina Pinch, and Steve O’Donnel
Opening Comments: Mel announced he did not get the agenda for this week and so he kind of winging it. Today’s breakfast is fancier than usual in celebration of the Holidays.
  • Holiday Party: Last Saturday at Canterwood. A wonderful time was had by all. Good food, games, drinks, and best of all great company.
  • Salmon Sales: Don Buchanan announced that sales will be going on at all the meetings until the new year. Tom Borgen announced that proceeds are going to support interact kids going to Guatemala for a service project. Salmon is $25 and Don has steelhead, wild king, and Atlantic available.
  • EarlyAct: Brent Tayet came forward to receive a box of key chains with the 4 way test on the key chain. Brent will give the key chains out to EarlyAct participants that learn the 4-way test. Key chains are a real fad with elementary age kids. They hang them on their back packs.
  • Star Awards: Sharon Shaffer announced that the Star Awards Dinner was coming up on Feb. 1st. Mark your calendars. Cost will be $40.
  • Auction: Rod announced that auction tickets will go on sale January 1, 2019.
  • Insurance: Hal Hodgins made the announcement that the Rotary blanket liability policy for events has to be arranged through Rotary. If you are a chair of an event that requires coverage under the policy, come and see him and he will show you how to get the insurance binder and coverage.
  • Angel Guild: Jeff Harris announced that next Tuesday the interior of the Angel Guild project is going to be completed. See him if you would like to help.
  • Prison Program: Another class is graduating. Please sign the certificates out in the entryway.
  • Rotary Foundation: Bob Martin announced that the year end is coming and if you want to get another tax deduction, you still have time to donate.
Fines and Happy Bucks: John Winslow was the Finemaster. Bob Martin was fined for his ugly Oregon Ducks Sweater. Then fined again for a duck call ringer on his phone. Chuck Perry was fined for the mound of food he had for breakfast; should have used two plates. Bob Martin was fined again for taking great pictures for the Captains Gig. He gets the good side of everyone. Geoff Barcalow was fined for not having “life 360” application on his phone to keep track of where his dad is traveling. John says he has used it for his boys and it works. Mike from Cottesmore was fined for his R2D2 Christmas sweater, it was almost as ugly as Bob Martins Sweater. Jeff Harris was asked if he knew ugly. He said yes and pointed again to Bob Martins Sweater. At this point, the collector of the fines just pulled up a chair by Bob Martin, since he seemed to be so popular for fines this morning. Sharon Shaffer was fined for being in two local magazines and quoted nine times about the Dragon Boats. She then put in a good word for the paddlers cup. Happy Bucks: Gary Glein for pictures taken by Rod Ladd, and then a mention of the Olson Foundation for yearend giving – Please support. Ron Roberts gave $10 for his wife JoAnn coming home from the hospital after ten days. She is doing fine. He also mentioned Al Weaver recovering after a heart surgery with a new valve. Buck Frymier for grandchild #12. Andy Ritting gave $10 for visiting a great club and for an award his granddaughter received.
Drawing: Eric McGinnis ran the raffle. Fred Labayen won the 10 free tickets for next week and Jeff Harris won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew the white chip for $15.
Program: The Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation (GHRF)
Mike Pinch is the Member At Large on the Gig Harbor Rotary Board. One of the duties of this position is to serve on the GHRF board. He gave a history of the GHRF and made a comparison to “The Rotary Foundation” of Rotary International. Bob Martin was the president of GH Rotary Club in 1989. He saw the results of a foundation set up by Rotary 8, and said that is what we need to do. Ron Roberts and Dave Morris took the direction from Bob and the GHRF was formed. The Club set aside 10% of the budget each year for many years to help fund the beginnings of the GHRF.
Dave Gordon as a member of the GHRF, continued with additional history. Dave had an estate he was helping to administer for the Green family here in Gig Harbor. He suggested the GHRF as a solution to meet some of the requirements of proceeds from the estate to serve the GH Community. The Greens gave an additional $30,000 to the Foundation. The foundation balance grew to about $200,000 by 1999. In 1999, another estate that David was helping with wanted to leave the remainder of the estate to support scholarships for students of the Peninsula School District. This was the estate of Mildred McColl, which left approximately $1.4 million to the GHRF for this purpose. Over the last 18 years, the foundation has given over $1.2 million is scholarships per the instructions of Mildred McColl. The McColl fund still has over $1.2 million to support this scholarship program. This bequest was not required to be an endowment; however it is being managed as a pseudo endowment, with scholarship grants being made to match the income and a portion of the growth of the fund. Another bequest came from the Marvin Natucci estate. This was another approximately $600,000. The purpose behind this grant is to support education in the Gig Harbor Peninsula area. Not necessarily scholarships. This has been set up as an endowment. We are trying to grow the GHRF fund balance in order to serve the community and the ideals of Rotary. Service above self.
Scott Junge, the current president of the Foundation then spoke about the new marketing program and web site of the GHRF and how we are trying to get the fund to grow. The purpose of the growth goal is to expand the service of the foundation to the community, in all areas of service of Rotary. The new brochure was handed out for review. Al Abbot was the primary designer of the brochure and Tom Borgen has taken the lead on the new website. Watch for future information on this new website and marketing program.
When you are thinking about your estate and what you can do, remember the GHRF. If you have friends or family that want to serve the community with a gift from their estate, feel free to let them know about the GHRF.
Past President Mel Santos ended the meeting at 8:29
Notes by Chuck Perry