Posted by Chuck Perry
Opening Bell: Rung precisely at 7:28 am by President Mel. Invocation: by Duane Fister. Pledge of Alliance: by President Mel. Song: God Bless America led by Hal Cline. Four Way Test: Led by Dick Vanberg. Greeters: None noted.
Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach: Sabrina Dawn Shardlk, Tom Jaffa, Don Daniels, Sally Smith, and Bill Salina.
Guests of Rotarians: Rocky Pinch (guest of Mac Pinch), Tom Toerber (Annie Arbenz), Reed Morris (Dave Morris), Sue Jensen (Al Bucholz), Dave Holsinger (Sophie Perkins), and Jeanette Murphy. Mayor, Kit Kuhn and wife Kathy Kuhn.
Opening Comments: President Mel announced that the GH Rotary received an award from the GH Waterfront Alliance. Mel proceeded to give this award to Lee Smith as the lead chair in the Sip and Stroll and the GH Wine and Food Fest. Mel then introduced the new Gig Harbor Mayor, Kit Kuhn and his wife Kathy. Kit made several comments: The new Mission and Vision statement is now on the City website; Looks like the City is going to keep its municipal Court; the City is partnering with many organizations for a sports complex and parks in Gig Harbor North; He is in the office about 60 hours a week and everyone is welcome to his open door.
  1.  Exchange Student Report: Melanie Meyer is at a leadership conference in Tacoma today. It was announced that Melanie’s family is planning a trip here to visit. Melanie is also scheduled to attend a dinners for eight.
  2. Former Exchange Student Daniella: John Dunham announced that Daniella is coming to visit on March 17th. He expects to have a party for her. More information will follow about the party and how to RSVP.
  3. Sip and Stroll: Lee Smith announced that the Sip and Stroll scheduled for tomorrow (2/10/18) is sold out with 535 tickets. A few tickets will be available at the door. It was noted that the Gig Harbor Waterfront Alliance has many Rotarians involved with their board. Their outgoing President is Pat Schmidt and incoming President is Mike Henery, both Gig Harbor Rotarians.
  4. Bylaws Vote: Tom Borgen presented a new set of bylaws for approval by the Club. Prior to even doing his presentation, there was a motion and a second to approve. Tom had to slow things down and gave his presentation as to why the changes and a summary of the changes. The motion to approve was then made by Debbie Wittmers seconded, and approved by unanimous vote of the club. Tom then thanked the members of the bylaws committee for all the work put forth on this project; Tom Borgen, Paul Alvestad, Hal Hodgins, Pam Peterson-Smith, and Debbie Wittmers. Should anyone have any concerns or additional changes that they feel need to be made, that can be done. A review of the bylaws will be made each year by the bylaws committee as spelled out in the new bylaws.
  5. Paul Harris Awards: Bob Martin gave out Paul Harris awards to the following club members:
    • Chuck Cuzzetto                   +1
    • Peter Glein                            +1
    • John Dunham                      +2
    • Pam Peterson-Smith           +3
    • Sherlyn Iverson                    +1
    • Chris Myers                           +2
    • Stan Eastberg                       +6
    • Duane Fister                         +6
  6. Rotary Auction: Auction chairman Hal Hodgins reported on the forthcoming March 10 auction. We are now in full auction mode. Get your tickets today, get your donations today, and bring your wine for the wine toss next week. We started early for the planning, however we continue to procrastinate on ticket sales and procurement. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get it done this week!!!.
  7. Star Awards: Sharon Shaffer proudly reported that we had great attendance and a terrific Star Awards dinner last Friday. Thank you all for attending and helping make it a great event.
  8. Altrusa Empty Bowls: Pat Schmidt announced that the Altrusa annual event is February 17th, 11A.M to 2P.M. at the Boys and Girls Club. Please plan on attending. All the bowls are made by local artisans and the soups are made by 14 local restaurants. All funds raised will be used to support food and feeding programs for the youth of the Gig Harbor / Key Peninsula area.
Fine Master and Happy Bucks: Handled by Mac Pinch, who handed down a few fines. He first asked Mayor Kit Kuhn if it was OK to fine the President. With lots of help from the crowd, Mac was given the go ahead to fine Mel. Ivan Gorne was fined for his long invocation last week. Pam Peterson was fined for an auction donation of a rent-a-husband. Mac had questions if there were any restrictions of the services provided by this rent-a-husband? He can fix things, but can he nail things or screw things? Imaginations ran wild about what this rent-a-husband could do. Brady Buskirk was fined for a picture that looked like he and his wife on the front of Gig Harbor Magazine getting married. Jeanie Simmons was fined for a bag full of “hooch” under her table. Due to time constraints, it was determined that we would skip happy bucks, only to have three happy bucks announced. Paul Willet’s daughter, Maddie, hit a 1000 point career level with GHHS basketball. Walt Paulson announced Valentine serenades were available through the Barber Shop Quartets group. Give him a call to arrange. Mike Pinch was happy for a $200 donation by Ed Lindstrom’s wife, Barbara, to go to the women’s Rotary Club in the Philippines for their projects. .
Drawing: Eric McGinnis handled the drawing. I believe Jim Rieck won ten tickets for next week and Pam Peterson-Smith won the right to draw a chip. She drew a white chip for $15.
Programs: Sally Smith and Don Daniels of the Lakewood Rotary put on a presentation about a District 5020 service project. This project is in conjunction with the District Conference on May 3, 2018. The project is to package 50,000 meals for local food banks and the Food Lifeline. The project needs $13,000 and 14 people to complete. They are looking for volunteers and financial support. President Met said he would bring the financial request to the board and will collect names of volunteers.
Richard Schmalz introduced Jeannette Murphy, who spoke to the Club as the first Prison Scholarship recipient. Jeanette has been out of WCCW for over a year. She said that the re-entry class from our program was the best to help her prepare for release and success in the outside. She felt that the interview practice and life skills taught were very helpful in her success. She is now working two jobs and is trying to give back to society. She is working with a professor on a program to teach inmates for data entry on a program for Museums. This program is setting up a data base for museums nationwide for all the displays and assets that they hold and have available. The program will help inmates for employment and job skills as well as make museums better able to serve the public. Many questions were answered and Jeanette was given a Hip-Hip Hooray for her accomplishments. The club was reminded to sign the graduation certificates for the most recent class, on their way out of today’s meeting.
Closing: Meeting closed at 8:30 am.
Notes by: Chuck Perry