Posted by Tom Borgen
Call to Order at 7:25 by President Mel. Invocation by Dwayne Fister. Pledge- President Mel, Song-Dave Gillespie- Dave brought the guitar and a Woody Guthrie song, “This Land is Your Land” Four Way Test- Tom Borgen
Visiting Rotarians; Coach announced Greg Gillis, our next Dist. Gov visiting from Canada.
Guests of Rotarians; Jeff Barcalow brought his two cute little daughters; he is son of Randy Barcalow, Mac Pinch brought his two cute sons Rocky and Oliver. Sofie brought David Holsinger, David did a great job helping out Saturday putting in fence poles at Wilkerson Farm, thanks David! Dave Morris Introduced guest Christal Chiu, the development officer for the Tacoma Rescue Mission who is holding their annual “Hope Givers” breakfast 3/20. Al Bucholz’s daughter Sue Jensen is a regular guest.
  • Rotary Auction- Mel played the inspiring video of our club’s projects and programs produced by Josh Sherwin, Al Abbott and Randy Spitzer that was shown at the Auction for the raise the paddle. Auction leader Hal thanked his team for putting on a GREAT event and fun was had by close to 380 guests. No final numbers yet but the gross could be close to $150,000!
  • Wilkerson Farm Work Party- Now that Randy is back the project is ramping back up to finish the fence around the community garden. Work party 9-12.
  • Greg Gillis- Our District Governor elect introduced himself, spoke of the progress Rotary is making in the district and thanked Bob Martin-past DG for inspiring him to take on the challenge of running one of the largest Rotary districts with 90 clubs.
  • Annie’s Arbenz- President Mel announced that Annie’s father passed away recently and read a short tribute by Annie, our thoughts go out to Annie and her family.
  • Fine Master and Happy Bucks; Pam took great pleasure in taking photos of various club members at work and having the club guess what they did, a favorite being a photo of a person sitting with their feet on their desk at work,
  • so that’s what bankers do, Richard P.? Happy bucks from Al Abbott, new dragon boats are in and Juanita Carbaugh who is happy Gary is feeling a lot better.
  • Drawing; Hal Cline won ten free, Ben Paganelli drew for $183-No Cigar!
Program: Colin Carr- “A view from the Cockpit”
Sammi McCubbins introduced Colonel Colin Carr an Air Force Academy graduate with 25 years in the Air Force, who heads up the C17 Cargo Flight Simulator training at Joint base Lewis-McChord.
Colin put on a very educational and entertaining presentation of all aspects of training pilots to operate the massive C-17 military cargo planes using high technology flight simulators. The planes burn 14,000 lbs of fuel per hour, so the cost savings along with safety and the variety of procedures that can be practiced using simulators makes it a very effective and efficient means to train pilots. The night vision training, air drops and the midair refueling were just a few of the procedures covered. The video of the air drop of cargo using parachutes was a highlight especially learning that they can now be guided to the ground. Thanks to Colin and our Military for all they do for our Country.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30
Submitted by Tom Borgen