Posted by Jill Guernsey
Opening Bell: By Pres. Paul Alvestad at 7:30 am. Invocation: by Rod Ladd. Pledge of Allegiance: by Randy Spitzer. Song “If You’re Happy and You Know It” led by Hal Cline. Four Way Test: by Stan Eastberg.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach introduced from GH North Club, Pres elect Bob Anderson, Ashley Phillips, Poundstone and Rich Soulam. Guests of Rotarians: Lisa and Sophia Alvestad, Dave Freeman’s son Evan. Steve Skibbs introduced Gail Hall who did a mission in Guatemala. Delaine Morgan introduced her daughter Brogan, and niece Riley. Alan LaBaron and Gayla Jameson were introduced by Jeff Harris.
Calendar – Upcoming events include: Rotary Board meeting this week, and
  • GH North’s event, the Galloping Gertie half marathon is August 10th. Sign up at
  • Rainiers Baseball Party, June 29th.
  • RAH, Tuesday the 9th in Key Center, at Blend.
  • Tonight’s events: Golf game and Installation/Deinstallation of our Presidents. Hal Hodges Dance included at no extra Cost.
  • Golferitaville, Midday Club’s event, is July 19th.
  • Courage Classic August 24th.
  • Paul talked about a hike after the Courage Classic.
  • Jill Guernsey mentioned the Celebration for the Wilkinson Farm Fence on July 19th at 9:30 am.
Birthdays: Walt honored those that had birthdays in June including Mac Pinch, Rich Coyner, Hal Hodges, Brent Tayet.
Fine master: Mac Pinchfined a few people and then tried to sing the song we sang earlier (“If you’re happy and you know it …”), but without Rocky and Oliver it wasn’t his finest hour. Nevertheless, he was excellent as usual, especially when he fined Mel Santos for swallowing a highlighter. His best fine was of Cindy Reed (who is in Italy) for posting on Facebook a container of blueberries labelled “Orgasmic Blueberries”. Since Cindy wasn’t here to demonstrate, he passed them around for the rest of us to try. Needless to say, many did so. And, last but not least, he literally did a bowl cut on Pres. Paul and fined him as well.
Happy bucks by Rod Ladd for a great trip in his RV (unscathed). Sophie talked about her seaplane ride to Friday Harbor where she met a woman who lived in England a block away from where Sophie grew up. And Coach mentioned his wedding anniversary (66 years). Bob Anderson introduced Dr. Will Bogle from a Rotary Club in Guatemala.
Raffle by Donna. Marcia Harris won 10 free. $461 kitty drawn by Marcia as well, and she WON!!! Trifecta!
Program: Pres. Paul did his “Swan Song” for us and reminisced about his year as our Club’s president. Analogized it to eating a gallon of ice cream. He talked about his parents’ community service, and how it inspired him to get involved with Kiwanis Key Club, and Rotary over the years. As Club President he started with 18 objectives. We learned that his favorite movie is Enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee, and how it helps him to stay focused on the Club’s vision. He believes we’ve “hit” most of the objectives, including bringing the three GH clubs closer together. Also reworking ClubRunner, financial management improvements, Rotaract. He gave kudos to the Avenues of Service Committees and did shout outs to members who have put much time and effort into the things our Club does so well. He gave certificates in the form of scented car fresheners to committee chairs and many others as a small token of his appreciation. He concluded by saying this has been one of the best years of his life.
President Paul ended the meeting at 8:20 am.
Notes by Jill Guernsey