Posted by Marcia Harris
Call to Order: President Mel opened the meeting with a ring of the bell at 7:29. The invocation/thoughts for the week by John Winslow; Hal Cline went solo this week in singing ‘God Bless America; Pledge led by President Mel; and Donna Lormor led us in the Four Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach introduced visiting Rotarians: Howard Svingales from the GH Midday Club inviting us to sign up for the Margaritaville golf tournament; and also Dan Wilson.
Guests: This week’s guests included Ian from Costless Pharmacy and Todd Evans, among others.
Opening Comments: President Mel shared an update on past GH Rotarian, Dan Rioux who is leaving New York Life and is starting a new business in Austin Texas.
  • Exchange student Melanie Meyer shared with the club that she has less than 2 weeks remaining in Gig Harbor and less than 3 days of school. New American experiences this past week included: the yearbook signing event (they don’t have yearbooks back home; she has a special section of her yearbook with messages from other exchange students); attending the tennis banquet; going to the Prom last Saturday evening and helping set up the Farmer’s Market that she described as “really cute’.
  • Cynthia Kennedy celebrated 2017 with Perfect Attendance Awards. Toppin the list is Walt Paulsen (34 yrs), Bob Martin (33), Scott Junge (25), Chuck Perry (24) and Mel Wick (21). 29 others were recognized with 1 – 16 years. 41 club members with perfect attendance; pretty impressive!
  • Downtown Waterfront Alliance representatives Mike Henry and Lee Smith presented a $2,000 check for the club’s help & support of the Sip ‘n Stroll event. Lee announced that tickets for this year’s Wine and Food Festival in July will be on sale soon.
  • Rod Ladd announced that the International Committee recently awarded $2,000 for the clef palette program; a project initiated by Fred Lebayan’s former club.
  • John Dupenthaler celebrated the success of last Tuesday’s Fireside hosted by the Dunham’s. Thank you John & Beth!
  • Betty Felker reminded the club of the State finals for the Dancing in Classroom, hosted at Todd Beamer High on Saturday. Vaughn Elementary School will be competing. Thanks Betty!
  • Reminder: Next Friday is the Flag Day program, 7a.m. at Skanzie Park in downtown Gig Harbor. Mark your calendar for the baseball game at Cheney Stadium, Aug. 2. ( A fellowship activity which also counts as an attendance make-up)
  • Cindy Reed is recruiting outbound exchange program applicants for 2019-20 school year. Interviews take place next fall. Contact Cindy for more information.
  • Reminder: it’s time to sign up for the year end ‘Mel Roast’, golf tournament and installation dinner, June 29th at Horseshoe Lake.
Fine Master & Happy Bucks: Fine Master Peter Pam Peterson tapped the wallets of several board members. Sharon Shafer donated happy bucks for the new Dragon Boat Banner, carried proudly in the Maritime Gig parade. P.S. The Dragon Boat regained their first place ‘winning boat’ at this year’s race! President Mel was once again fined for missing the Farmer’s Market opening day. Pam also had some interesting slides of John Dunham at a recent Rotary work party. We need to remind you John, that watching other Rotarians work doesn’t count as a ‘make up’!
Drawing: Rod Ladd add gets 10 free next week, and amid groans the Harris mojo returned. Marcia won the opportunity to draw…a white chip this week. (it must be lucky to serve as meeting ‘scribe…the same thing happened the last time yours truly served as scribe).
Program: Mary Grubs and Camilla Brocker – “Farm Raised”
Who else but our in-coming president and ‘farmer’ Paul Alvestad would discover two other Rotarians were ‘Farm Raised’. Both Mary and Camilla were raised on Illinois farms. Their fascinating & often humorous program compared similarities and differences in their growing up experiences. There were lots of ‘fun farm facts’, here are a few:
  • Mary grew up on a family farm as their sole source of family income. The whole family worked the farm. Bartering with neighbors was essential for family survival. They raised cows & grain crops. Income was weather dependent. All her clothes were homemade until she was in high school.
  • Camilla was raised on a large commercial farm with irrigation which made their farm less weather & rain dependent.
  • Both farms’ production included soybeans, wheat, grain, cows & pigs.
  • Both grew up in small rural towns, with no stoplights and what Camilla described as ‘the middle of nowhere).
  • Common Illinois farmer comparisons:
    • What kind of truck, Ford or Chevy? Both grew up with Chevys
    • Is you tractor red or green? Both were raised with green John Deere tractors. (fyi, reds are Internationals).
    • Both were active in youth farming organizations; Mary in 4 H and she was the FFA Sweetheart. Things had changed by the time Camilla grew up; she was involved in 4 H too, but Future Farmers of America membership had opened up to women, which she joined.
  • ‘Farm Raised’ Lessons Learned:
    • Always admit when you messed up
    • Integrity
    • Always forgive
    • Follow through on responsibilities
Thank you Mary and Camilla for a fascinating program with the opportunity to get to know you better!
President Mel adjourned the meeting at 8:32.
Notes by Marcia Harris