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Slide show prior to the opening bell. A great slide show of the Wilkinson Farm Fence Project. Followed by three slides of 25 year old club roster pages of J. Harve Stonestreet, “Coach”, Steve Skibbs, and James A. “Jim” Thomas.
Opening Bell: By President Paul Alvestad at exactly 7:30 am. The regular bell was missing, so Paul used a glass and a spoon. Invocation: by Walker Allen Pledge of Allegiance: by Fred Labayan; Song: God Bless America, led by Hal Cline and assisted by Camilla Brocker and Pat Schmidt Four Way Test: by Jan Martin. Greeters: Tim Toerber; Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach (Jack Stonestreet), None introduced, however Coach asked for a ride home after the meeting. Sneaking in half way through the meeting without introduction was Joyce Taylor. Guests: Dave Freeman’s grandson Evan, Peter Glein’s daughter Marty, John Gardia, Karen Robbins and Donna Lee Cole
Opening Comments: President Paul reminded all to sign in out in the hall. With the construction and the temporary entrance it is easy to forget. Paul also had Aerin put up the Rotary calendar. Please check it out on line from the above link..
  • Paul Harris Awards: Bob Martin with the assistance of Ed Lindstrom as “Vanna White” gave out the following Paul Harris Awards, each representing a $1,000 donation to the Rotary International Foundation:
  1. Keith Harris,        PH+2
  2. Mark Roberts      PH+2
  3. Steve Skibbs       PH+3 & 4
  4. Tim Williams       PH+4 & 5
  5. Rod Ladd             PH+6
  6. Jim Good             PH+ 7
  7. Mel Wick              PH+6,7 & 8
During the awards, the fire alarm went off. However this didn’t faze Bob, he just kept talking louder over the alarm.
  • Rotary After Hours: John Eddy announced that the next RAH will be on July 17th, a Tuesday. It will be held at the Blend, a wine tasting venue located in the heart of Key Center. We hope to get a great turnout for this RAH.
  • Pier to Table: Pat Schmidt announced the Dinner, which is Friday, July 27th, from 6 – 10P.M.. This is the first event for the GH Wine and Food Festival. The dinner has tickets available for $150 each (or $125 if you are a GH Rotarian). The food will come from the local Farmers Market vendors, along with fresh Sockeye salmon from Alaska. The location of the salmon catch will be announced at the dinner. All food will be prepared by local GH Chefs from Devoted Kiss. Wine will be served from Willamette Valley Vineyards, Beer from “7 Seas” and drinks from Heritage Distilling. Buy your tickets at A silent auction of 20 items will also take place at the dinner. Gig Harbor Rotary’s very own Chuck Cuzzetto will be the master of ceremonies. If you want to help with the dinner as a volunteer, contact Pat Schmidt or Lee Smith. Volunteers are needed.
  • Star awards: They will be awarded again in February, as announced by Sharon Shaffer. Please start thinking about who could be a great nominee. Forms will be available next month for the nominations.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Paul Willett was the Finemaster. Walker Allen was fined for his ”Where’s Waldo” socks. Kelley Busey was fined for the cities’ electronic speed signs, as an electronic distraction. Bob Martin was fined for his ability to talk over a fire alarm. Paul also found it interesting that the dragon boats actually had a dragon painted on the boat, as he thought it was named after ex-wives. Happy Bucks: Dick Vanberg for 56th wedding anniversary. Todd Fletcher was happy for having two children graduate with degrees from universities. Now all he has to do is get them to “launch”.
Drawing: Donna Lormor ran the raffle. The pot is $407 and we are down to 5 chips. Dave Freemans grandson, Evan won the 10 free tickets for next week and Mark Hoppen won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew the white chip for $15.
Program: Betty Felker introduced this week’s program: “An Authors Story” – Karen Robbins, Author of “Flags Across America” and multiple other children’s books.
Karen has lived in Gig Harbor for three years, having moved from University Place.
Karen Robbins discovered her passion and purpose early in her life as an ice cream lady, Mrs. Claus, a kindergarten/first grade teacher, "Miss Karen" of Romper Room television program (age 24), a clown, Kermit the frog and mother of four sons. She's been entertaining and educating children her entire life. While raising her sons, she started writing in the magazine market. Her first national publication was in Jack and Jill magazine. She still remembers her joy as she screamed around the kitchen. She continued writing in the magazine market, then books in the education and Christian markets. She has over 300,000 copies of books in the world.
Robbins obtained a masters degree in Early Childhood Education, and went on to teach at the University of Puget Sound. She's a "Right brain creative" specializing in creating toys and books for the young child. She created two toys for Discovery Toys and holds a U.S. patent. Karen never plans to retire. Writing and creating books and toys for children is her passion and purpose. Her most recent book was a book of US flag photos that has been a number one Amazon seller. Her co-author on this book is Dale Baskin. She finds this to be funny, as it makes the book from “Baskin and Robbins”.
Robbins stayed and autographed books for those who wanted to purchase a copy.
President Paul ended the meeting at 8:31.
Notes by Chuck Perry