Posted by Jill Guernsey
Opening Bell by Pres. Hal Hodgins at 7:30 am. Invocation: by Duane Fister. Pledge of Allegiance by Tim Williams. National Anthem led by Hal Cline. Four Way Test by Dave Freeman.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach introduced seven visiting Rotarians, Dan Powell (Tacoma Sunrise), Garry Schneider, (Claremont, CA), Gary Pellett (Medford OR), Larry Treleven (Tac 8), Joe Potts (West Liberty), Cindy Niemi (Tacoma 8), Don Hansen (Tacoma 8). Guests of Rotarians: Hal introduced Gretchen and his friends Ron and Judy Romines from CA; Stephanie Hall, today’s guest speaker (along with Cindy Niemi); Camilla introduced her family (nieces and a nephew and her sister and Dad the farmer); Angie Krantz from Olympic Alzheimer’s Facility; Rocky and Oliver (although neither his father or grandfather introduced them). And our favorite Judy Hosea.
Mystery Rotarian Picture: Don Buchanan 1959 PHS yearbook picture.
Calendar – Upcoming events include:
  • Golferitaville TODAY!
  • Celebration for the Wilkinson Farm Fence TODAY at 9:30 am.
  • GH North’s event, the Galloping Gertie half marathon is August 10th. Sign up at
  • Courage Classic August 24th.
  • Wine and Food Festival, July 27th.
  • Communities in Schools fundraiser, (Dick forgot to mention the date but he told us a great mentoring story).
  • Community Service Committee Work Parties, Saturday, July 20th, at Key Pen Lutheran Church, 10:00 am. Bring socket set and wrenches.
  • Community Service Committee Work Party #2, Sunday, 9:00 am, at Tacoma Narrows Airport for RAZ
  • August 2nd, Hot August Cars, 6:30 am, here at Rotary breakfast.
Fine master: Peter introduced Bernie Sanders, aka Bob Martin, and fined him a buck. Despite his reluctance to fine non-members he fined Larry Treleven for not wearing a shirt. And Dave Freeman for forgetting a few things. And Dick Vanberg for not knowing how to use the microphone.
Happy bucks: Dave Morris read letter from former Club member Dave Gillespie, Ann Marie reminded us of Hope Recovery and showed their newsletter. Bob Martin is playing golf again. Camilla is happy because her family (12 of them) drove out her to see her. Bob Lutschg is happy to have 7 people around a small table. Tom Borgen is happy because 40 signed up for the August 15th Rainier game. Peter is happy because Mac Pinch helped him sell a house.
Raffle by Larry. $160 kitty, chip drawn by Mel Santos, but he didn’t win.
  1.  Update on Courage Classic: Camilla introduced Stephanie Hall and Cindy Niemi from the Mary Bridge Children’s Foundation. Courage Classic ride. They talked about the changes made to the Classic over the past few years and apologized for not having Rotary as their partner when those changes were made. They are thankful that Rotary is back with them and doing rest stops (10 Rotary Clubs signed up; 8 rest stops). This year there is a Celebration on August 21st at Jackson Hall Auditorium, at 5:00 pm, to celebrate Rotary, and renaming the Safe & Sound Building to honor Rotary’s legacy of support (a $10 million endowment. to the Mary Bridge Child Abuse Intervention Dept.). RSVP by August 12th by email to or 253.403.1369. Or online at
Stephanie talked about this year’s ride, a 2-day event. Dinner and finish at Icicle Village in Leavenworth. Our stop is at the Centennial Center. Camping at Cascade High School in Leavenworth.
Cindy talked about the Child Abuse Intervention Department, and other services offered by Mary Bridge, many of which are free (i.e., vaccinations and grief counseling).
  1. Mike Pinch and Larry Olson talked about this year’s Ride Across America. Their team, The Opportunists, was out of Florida, Vermont and some other state. This year, 700 participants were in the RAA. Ride started in Oceanside, CA. They rode across the country, not on freeways. Their team of 7 included 3 vans. They rode at night (7:00 pm to 7:00 am). The ride took over 7 days.
Larry Olson (aka “Oli”) told us about the contrasts in landscape, weather, and people and places along the way. Appalachia was a favorite.
President Hal ended the meeting at 8:32 am.
Notes by Jill Guernsey