Posted by Marti Anderson
7:25 - CALL TO ORDER – President Hal Hodgins
INVOCATION-Rod Ladd stepped in; PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Hal Cline; SONG – America the Beautiful with guest singer Gina Cibbadu (of the Children's Home Society) and Hal Cline; 4 WAY TEST – Dick Vanberg
VISITING ROTARIANS – Garry Schneider, Gary Pellett, Jenny Wellman, Ralph Flick, Cheri Johnson
GUESTS – Jeanie Simmons’ husband Kal, Delaine Morgan’s husband Max, Annmarie Huppert’s dad Steve, Noah Flick’s Mom Wendy, Don Buchanan’s wife Rosalie – was it family day?? And Marlene Druker guest of Dick Vanberg.
OPENING COMMENTS – Hal wanted to recognize the tremendous support from the whole Morgan family at the RAZ work party. The family that works hard together…. Is exhausted together??
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Cheri Johnson gave an update on GOLFERITAVILLA and thanked our club members for their support. Several members of our club won raffle items, but Bob Martin was the BIG winner.
Mel Santos added to last week’s VOCATIONAL REPORT which included Children’s Home Society helping with 1st Tee transportation, Annmarie Huppert is connecting with teachers regarding PTSD in schools, and Tom Borgen reporting on the skilled trades program
HOT AUGUST MORNING was cancelled due to the rain, but a couple noteworthy cars are in the lot for us to enjoy after the meeting.
WORK PARTIES- Ben Paganelli reported on the playground equipment being installed at the Key Pen Lutheran church. Another work project will be Aug 3, 9am.
Randy Barcalow reported on the planting party at RAZ last Sunday. There was also a dedication party at Wilkerson Farm last week. Randy was pleased to have added three Rotary signs to three projects in one week.
FINEMASTER – David Cathers stepped in at the last minute. Only a few fines, including $5 from Bob Martin for his big winnings.
Lots of HAPPY BUCKS - including Cindy’s visit to the Lucerne Rotary club in Switzerland and greetings from Melanie, Ralph Flick thanks to our club for our support of is son Noah, Peter Stanley enjoyed dinners for 8 at Norma’s, Ron Roberts $56 for 56 years of marriage
RAFFLE – Delaine Morgan won the 10 free next week AND the chance to draw for $196.00 from 12 remaining white chips, but didn’t get the blue chip!
PROGRAM – #1. Jenny Wellman gave us an update on the Gig Harbor Film Festival. In 2018 it had grown to three theaters, 100 films, 80 filmmakers, and doubled their 2018 attendance. This summer they hosted a Summer Camp, and are hosting monthly movie nights the last Wednesday of every month. GHFF received the Top 100 Best Reviewed Festivals on Film Freeway. 600 films were submitted this year. 100 have been selected, 95 filmmakers have confirmed that they are coming. Sept 26 -29.
PROGRAM #2. Our Exchange student Noah Flick, heading to Hungary in two weeks. What an amazing young man! Just completed his sophomore year at GHHS, loves photography and travel, and a member of the Dragon Boats. His family has hosted three exchange students. He enjoys the Rotary community (his dad is a member of the midday club), so he is ready for whatever comes his way. Noah also has a terrific sense of humor. If you missed this meeting… I’m sorry, you missed some great laughs. You can follow Noah at –(without the “s”). Thanks, Noah. You make us proud!
Notes by Marti Anderson