Posted by Chuck Cuzzetto
Slide show prior to the opening bell highlighted events including CISP, Mary Bridge, Dragonboats and Courage.
Opening Bell: at 7:25am by President Hodgins. Invocation: by Cindy Reed. Pledge of Allegiance: lead by Stan Eastberg. Song: “God Bless America” led by Hal Cline. Four Way Test: by Don Buchanan, assisted by Tim Williams.
Visiting Rotarians: Coach introduced Gary Schneider from Claremont and Nathan Johnson from North Colorado Springs. Guests: Robyn Denson, Glen Akramoff, Ed Lewis, Missy Hill, Kurt Grimmer, Chuck Cuzzetto, Jordan Poore, Angie Frautz, Veronica Hooper’s son Ken, and Pam Peterson’s granddaughter Brogan.
Opening Comments: President Hodgins welcomed Walker Allen back, thanked the club for supporting seven riders for Courage, and recapped the two events this week for Mary Bridge and Communities in School Peninsula. He also reviewed the calendar for upcoming events.
  • President Hodgins introduced our newly arrived exchange student from Norway, Anne-Marie. She said hi and reported she is staying with Veronica Hooper. She comes from a town just outside Oslo.
  • Scott Junge called the Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation meeting to order. He introduced the Board of Directors. Bob Draggoo shared financial information about the Foundation. Hearing no questions, the meeting was closed.
  • Tom Borgen reported on the Courage and planned weekend activities. He shared that Rotary has been supporting this Mary Bridge program for 28 years.
  • Sharon Shaffer reminded everyone that the STAR Awards will be held in February. She wants everyone to be thinking about good candidates and will be conducting a brainstorming session in a few weeks.
  • Cory Coryell shared that the work party scheduled at the KP Lutheran Church will be rescheduled.
  • Howard Mackert noted that there are still a few tickets left for the concert at Dave Morris’ house. The concert is scheduled for 9/15 at $100 per ticket. See Howard or Norma Whitacre to buy tickets.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Mr. Don Rees was the Finemaster. He welcomed back Walker Allen for a buck and then fined Juanita Carbaugh, Emma Conway and Dave Freeman for their vacations. He also fined Tom Borgen for his speech at the Mary Bridge plaque dedication. Happy Bucks were shared by Bob Lutschg, Cindy Reed, Sharon Shaffer, John Guardia, Jeannie Simmons, Marti Anderson, John Duppenthaler, Walker Allen, and Hal Cline.
Drawing: Steve O’Donnell ran the raffle. The pot is $318 and we are down to eight chips. Bob Draggoo won the 10 free tickets (I think) for next week and Stan Eastberg won the right to draw from the chips for the chance at the pot. He drew a white chip so the pot moves to next week.
Program: Dave Freeman introduced the Board and staff from PenMet Parks and Interim Director Glen Akramoff. Mr Akramoff talked a little about his background and PenMet Parks in general. He noted the the Director position is now open through October. He reported that they are looking at updating the Hales Pass facility and perhaps lights at Sehmel. He then shared the progress on their possible development of Performance Golf. He indicated the Park District is in the due diligence phase and just met with County permitters. PenMet has until September to decide whether or not to purchase the property. The property is 17 acres and would host a 170,000 square foot building. The tentative timeline, assuming they purchase the property, would be 2022. He reported that PenMet’s approach is, “Should we? Can we? Will we?”
President Hodgins ended the meeting at 8:26.
Notes by Chuck Cuzzetto