Posted by Robert J Martin on Apr 11, 2019
President Elect Hal was in charge of the meeting in Paul's absence.  Here for the second week in a row, Annmarie is doing the invocation.  Camilla and Rod seem to be really enjoying it, as I was.  Last week was a little more intellectual, and this week spiritual; a nice combination.
Hal started right in with "God Bless America" before anyone could usurp his choice.  PE Hal seemed to get a kick out of it.
Randy Spitzer led us in the Four Way Test, and didn't even have to look!
Cindy is letting us know we have a girl coming from Norway and still need another host family.  It is so much fun, why don't you give it a try?
I hope you were all waving at out incoming exchange student.  I just wanted to document Cindy doing her job; but then I waved too.
Camilla reminded us that the Auction was a great success, partly because of our sponsors.  Here she is presenting a plaque to Juanita for her support.
Here Debbie Witmers for her support.  Debbie gave so much she can't afford new jeans.wink
Here Scott stands in for his wife Allisha who got Columbia Bank support and made the dessert dash a great success.  I did check later to make sure he gave Allisha the plaque, an he had done so.
Jill is letting us know about a May 16th thank you for Sip 'n Stroll volunteers.  I thought she also mentioned another Veterans Day event which is being planned, but maybe I was imagining things.
Mac was Finemaster and did a great Paul Harvey imitation. ( for those of you too young, Google him)  Unfortunately Mac was not photogenic this morning.  Here Joyce is happily giving up her fine money, don't remember what it was for or why she is so happy!
Pam was happy to win the right to draw.  I took this picture before she drew the white chip.
PE Hal reading the introduction of our speaker, John Doherty.  John is a retired 747 pilot now very passionate about what is happening with climate change. Hal was reading the intro because the thought it was so interesting.
Here is John with his opeing slide and premise that we all should use when evaluating climate change.  The following slide demonstrate the change and the implication of human causation.
The series of bumps reflect CO2 levels over the last 800,000 years.  The final spike is where we exist and therefore may be the cause.
What has happened to global temperatures over the past 140 years and the curve does seem to be getting steeper.
This is a glacier less than 70 miles from us.  When we were in Glacier Park 2 years ago, they expect all glaciers to be gone by 2010.  Now, can we do something about it?  Big question, no clear answers.