Posted by Robert J Martin on Sep 04, 2019
President Hal seems to have the meeting off to a happy start.
Cindy gave a very nice invocation and definitely has the attention of everyone up front.
Coach is working hard on introducing the visiting Rotarians; Gary Schneider from Claremont and Nathan Johnson from North Colorado Springs.
AG Tom Borgen gave a nice summary on the success of this years Courage ride; increased riders and a more enjoyable territory.
Cory letting us know that since the work party for the Key Peninsula Playground was cancelled for the Courage, it will soon be rescheduled.
Sharon did a little well deserved horn tooting when she let us know their dragon boat got the gold medal up in Vancouver.  Very special indeed!
Scott presided over our annual Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation meeting.  Our Foundation has given over $1.2 million in scholarship money since its inception and is looking to start supporting other avenues of service.  A new website is just the beginning;  you should check it out.
Don was our laughmaster and did a fine job (pun intended).  Can you believe he was once our only finemaster and the youngest member of our club.
Dave introduced our program on the Peninsula Park's newest possible acquisition, the golf driving range just up the street.
The presenter was interim Park Director Glenn Akramoff.  He made clear that the Park District is doing their due diligence and the program is almost at the end.  Looks to me like it is a go, but the Board has to be sure.
Self explanatory.
This is the site plan and it is truly ambitious.  The inflatable building would be a great asset to our community.  I thought Glenn did a good job letting us know what has happebed up to this point.