Please Note!  This story is ancient history but I hope you will enjoy the memories
Mary Ellen "Missy" Hill as one of our newest members led us in the Four or Five Way Test, #5 being "Is it Fun"?
This Toby Keith video was in memory of Al Bucholz who past away the previous Tueday.  Al's strongest memories at the end were about his experiences in WWII.  He was 95 in July so he led a full life.  He was also the last active Charter member of our Club.
PP Mike shared some of his memories of Al on the golf course and how Al's smile just made you feel better.
Tom Borgen reminded us of some of our history with the Courage Classic, now just the Courage and that one of our members has been continuously involved in putting it on.
Our Club donated $10K to Mary Bridge in Mel's honor and a nice brass plaque is placed in the Clinic recognizing his efforts.
Mel received a most appropriate trophy acknowledging his work, a fork with spaghetti and meatball on it.  Thanks Mel for all you have done and I liked the fact you gave Lorraine some credit, which she did deserve.
Gina Cabbidu from the Children's Home Society thanked the Club for our donation to help feed the hungry kids on the Peninsula.  She is a ball of fire and I was astounded how many things the CHS is doing.
PP Hal got to share one of his Covid projects, sanding and finishing his deck.  Looks great Hal, can't wait to have a glass of wine on it.
This is Captain Richard D. Rinehart who is Commander of Naval Base Kitsap.  He gave a very informative program on the various facilities he is in charge of.  The following pictures summarize his talk.
Wanted to let him know that Derek is an honorary member of our Club.
The traffic at Gorst being one of the Challenges.  Not sure I heard a good solution for that.  Maybe a bridge across the bay?