Posted by Robert J Martin on Jan 31, 2019
Sophie doing our invocation, glad she didn't forget her glasses.  Great job Sophie!
President Paul giving himself a hand.  Don't remember if the rest of us concurred?
Sharon is reminding us about the opportunity of attending the STAR Banquet on February 1st.  I think this is one of the best events our Club participates in.
President Paul giving us some more Rotary information.  Just like Paul, I hope many of you are listening.
Pat doesn't look like Lee, but she is reminding us that volunteers are needed for the next Sip 'n Stroll on Feb. 9th.  This is our second biggest fundraiser, so please step up.
Finemaster Chris is bestowing Past President badges on Tom Borgen, Mel Santos, and least happy, President Paul.  Mel is quite pleased; Paul, not so much.
Annmarie gave a miniprogram on the new Mental Health Hospital in Tacoma.  Great to finally have such a facilitiy in our community.
Jeff is thanking the club for its support of the Angel Guild storage facility.  Was projected to cost $6K but with donations and volunteerism it was only $5K.  Thanks for making this happen Jeff.
Who knew our Club Service Chair was such a cheer leader?  John gave us an update on how programs are working, which is very good.  Thanks for you leadership John.
Jeannie let us know that Youth Services is also functioning well with both inbound and outbound exchange students and that Earlyact under Brent Tayet and Interact under John Winslow are all active.
Corey gave an update on all of the projects that Community Service is overseeing.  Tents to the Boy Scouts, celebration of the Wilkinson fence, this years Courage, Tiny house, Canoe and Kayak Club storage projects, and more.
Richard let us know all is well with Vocational Service; the prison education, the upcoming STAR Banquet, Cars for Change, and Mental Health project.
Ric Hansen was the second program, who talked about the Night to Shine.  This is a prom program for special needs kids sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation.  Very inspiring and touching.