Posted by Robert J Martin on Jul 03, 2019
PHOTO SUMMARY OF THE JUNE 14TH (FLAG DAY) MEETING ( This is another history issue.  I had hoped to have this out before Rod did
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    last Friday's meeting, but he is just too fast!)
The flag is just being raised with the bugler on the upper left.  Pretty moving for any patriot.
Our bugler did a fine job, and it was not raining!
After we retired to The Club and our sausage Pancake breakfast, President Paul opened the meeting.
I think Hal did the invocation and the song, all by himself.
Tom was probably promoting the polio movie Breathe,to be shown at Heron Key Maritime Room, but he might have been talking about the Veterans event in November and if he wasn't he should have.
Juanita is promoting the annual CISP fundraiser August 22nd.  If you have never been, they are a lot of fun.  Good cause and next to The Rotary Foundation, the best way to donate.
Tom continues to exhort us to participate in the Courage in August.  We have a good group of volunteers but an always use more.  Spend Friday night partying, Saturday morning serving breakfast to the riders, then do what you want.
This is Mel asking for participants in the Installation Banquet and golf tournament.  Which did both turn out to be great events BTW.
Colonel John Moist USMC Ret. did a presentation on the history and evolution of the US Flag.  The US flag is the only flag in the world that is programmed to change.  Col. Moist had Boy Scouts hold up the various flags as he described them.  I really enjoyed the information but wish he had not read the entire presentation.
I thought this flag was unique.  We are all familiar with the circle pattern, but I don't remember this flag with the single star in the center.  Unfotunately, I don't remember what that center star stood for.crying