Posted by Robert J Martin on Jul 02, 2019
PHOTO SUMMARY OF THE JUNE 21ST MEETING (President Paul's penultimate meeting.  I have been waiting all year to print this)
Jan seems to be hogging the invocation spot, but in fact it was Dave's responsibility this week and he did a fine job.
Buck is letting us know that we have another graduating class at WCCW so he wants some well wishing signatures.  Several hundred graduates now, something to be very proud of.  Thank you Buck for making this happen.
Mel is making his final push for the Installation Banquet at Horseshoe.  Mike has the golf tournament under control.  This is always a fun event and this year will be no exception.
Marcia is presenting the Vocational Service Award to Dave Freemen.  I decided this picture was better than the one of Dave giving Marcia a big hug.
Guess who needs volunteers for the big summer Sip 'n Stroll event; yes Lee wants you!
I got to present PH awards from the first to the 7th to 9 individuals.  John Guardia, whom you can't see had his first, and even though every $1,000. does the same work, I think the first is the most important because of the commitment it represents.  Thanks John, and all of you for your commitment.
And the tradition continues; something like 10 years now that David has made each President a gavel suited to their personality, profession, and/or hobbies.  This one has a biking helmet and a microphone with lots of decals.
Bob won the right to draw and Donna is so excited for him.  Unfortunately, he drew the white so they were both disappointed.
We had two Directors present; the first was John as Club Service.  He says we are in great shape with lots of volunteers to fill the positions needed to have our Club run smoothely.  Thanks for your hard work John.
Jeanie presented on Youth Services and gave sweets to all of her Committee, all of whom work very hard so we can have EarlyAct, InterAct, and Youth Exchange students.
Here is most of the Committee; yes it takes a lot of folks to get the job done.  Thanks to all of you!
Duane was our program with his Reclassification talk.  He covered a lot of territory, but I think we all know him a little better now.
This is real close to the beginning........
And I hope this is not very close to the end!