Posted by Robert J Martin on Jul 06, 2018
Might want to call this the "Happy Trio".
Former member Jim Castino led us in the 4-Way Test.  They use the same one in Yakima where Jim is now a member.
Does the word "confident" come to mind.  With only one meeting to go President Mel should be confident.
This is Mel's new business.  Still no fine that I know of.  Think he is buying off the Finemasters; not that they could be bought!
Stan Eastberg helped Mel present his two daughters, Kristina and Karen,  and with Paul Harris Fellowships.  Any family members you might want to honor in this way?
Then Walt reminded us how much mell helped with the Courage Classic and Festival of trees for many years.
Don let us know that Mel showed up with tools for Don's mission work in Ecuador.  I don't think any of us were aware of that.
Don reminded us how Mel has always had a hand in most of our local building projects, starting with the Head of the Harbor completed the year before my Presidency.
All of these nice stories to let us know why our Rotary Board decided Mel should be awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award.  Definitely well deserved, and I don't think he is done yet.
Now in fact there was a program presented by Mary Lynn Pannen regarding a cost crisis, caring for the elderly, That is people older than me.
Nice to know that I am "likely" to live to 85, but I am planning for more than that.  If our government doesn't screw it up I think we are OK.
This is Mary Lynn and she advocates the START program.  I think the S and R are the most important: Savings and Realistic goal setting.