Posted by Robert J Martin on Mar 06, 2019
President Paul preparing the Interact President Cassie on how to run the meeting.  Not sure what kind of tall story he is feeding her, maybe how long the meeting should last?
President Pro Tem Cassie McMurtry did a fine job running the meeting.  It was great to have all of the kids there and active, Interact, Earlyact, and exchange students.  We are fortunate to have them share Rotary with us.
Rod did a very nice invocation and Cassie and I had our heads bowed.  Great picture considering the circumstance.blush
Eliza Liebner led us in the Four Way Test, getting us off to a quick start, but we all caught up quickly.
Because we had so many kids, Cassie had them introduce themselves;  Earlyact clearly had the most fun!
Brent looks like he is ready to "drop the mic".  He may be going to too many Rap concerts.
Terry is trying to figure out what kind of auction job you could do.  Talk to him about it.
I don't know if Chris is trying to focus his glasses or adjust the volume on his hearing aides.  What ever he did resulted in lots of fines and Happy Bucks.
Jeff is paying a Happy Buck  because he is heading down to Guatemala to check on our Rachel education project.  Good luck Jeff and bring us a great report.
Dave Morris announced he has another grandbaby coming in May and that his son is getting married.  Ron was so touched he had to wipe away a tear!
President Elect Hal introduced the program speaker, Annina Liebner, our exchange student who spent a year in Northern Italy and loved every minute.
PE Hal helping Nina put on her very heavy Exchange Student Jacket.  Heavy because of all the pins and memories.  What a great experience;  she has gone from being a Doctor to Diplomat.  Being an exchange student changes lives.
The program finished with Cindy presenting a video on why you should consider being a host family.  Cindy directed, Josh did the video, and Ralph Flick did the editing.  The results were great.  Having hosted 5 times I can tell you it is a wonderful experience.
Nina loved our podium, but she loved her Italian Teddy Bear the most.  She loved all the things she saw in Italy, but what she loved the most was how her extended families made time for each other. She thinks her Italian is pretty good, but she is not sure she is really fluent.  Considering she spoke no Italian when she went, that's not bad.