Posted by Robert J Martin on Nov 20, 2018
Not sure if Randy's hand is coming or going from his heart.  Makes me feel good to say the pledge with my hand over my heart.
Hey!  Did we have some singing or not?  This looks like a trio in harmony!
Coach was very distressed since we had no visiting Rotarians; except Joyce came in late and the PP of Tacoma 8, Ray Shuler was introduced.
This is President Paul as a lawyer "swearing" in Lyn Junge as a member of the membership committee.  As you can see, she is taking it very seriously.
I got to induct our newest member, Ian Warren.  Since Ian "dressed" up, I wish I had kept my Oregon shirt on.  Glad to have you in the club Ian, even as a Cougar!
Hal is giving the Nominating Committee report and the exciting news is we have 2 ( TWO) candidates for our future president, Randy Spitzer and Lee Smith.  Both are great Rotarians so it will be a win for the Club no matter who wins.  And I hope the loser will be next years candidate.
Walt is doing November Birthdays, real close to mid month.
Paul was our Finemaster; kinda makes you smile just to look at him.  Only ONE Husky outfit?  What was that about?  Of course Betty didn't wear her Oregon gear.
Jeff paying for his and Marcia's 44th wedding anniversary.  Does anyone remember the word "Happily".  My memory is not so great so maybe it was mentioned.
PE Hal got two shots at the podium.  This time he was introducing our program, Alan Anderson and the Gig Harbor Canoe & Kayak program.  Jonathan Grady and Katie McKeever also presented.
Johathan is the first Captain named to the GHC&KC,  which probably says a lot about his personality and ability.
Pretty special to have such a class organization here in Gig Harbor.  And Alan isn't done yet!
Alan isn't much into talking about himself, but he did let us know they have a winning program and plan to stay here in Gig Harbor.  Then he introduced Jonathan and Katie McKeever in the background.  Katie talked about what it is like to compete at the World level.  She spent two years in Germany going to school and competing in their Club system.
Here is Jonathan telling us about what makes a winner; forward thinking and practice.  Great to hear young people with high standards and goals.
The program has a great Para-athlete program.  The young lady in the middle was very much a winner, but converted to basketball and now is a Olympic gold medal winner.  Think she plans ahead?
This is our First, Second, and Third place Dragon Boat Team.  Got a hint of Alan's coaching technique when he asked if we liked to be SECOND place.  Made my old competitive juices flow!  Unfortunately, I was told these boats don't need an anchor!