Posted by Robert J Martin on Oct 25, 2018
Corey did a very nice invocation, although we all struggled to know when it ended.
Hal had the "Dave Twins" join him in singing.  Very nice addition.
Here is Presidential Paul with his agenda on the screen.  He is using visuals well.
Lee announced that Sip 'n Stroll was a great success.  Brady obviously looks up to Lee, Walker not so much.
I got to announce that the Gates Foundation is now matching Rotary donations 3 to 1 so $100. becomes $400.  I also announced that for the next week donations to the Polio Eradication program will be matched with Club points up to $100. so a $100. donation will give you 200 points toward a PH Fellowship.  Over $3,000 and counting.  Bring your checks or cash this Friday!
I don't think Chris is raising his hand to ask for permission to speak.  More likely he was reminding us that if we hear our name, we PAY.
PP Joyce had some Happy Bucks for another successful Oysterfest and the fact the Pinchs, Martins, and President Paul attended.  Saturday was gorgeous but Sunday not so much with light rain.
Betty was so pleased with the Duck victory over the Huskies.  Glad she didn't know what the Cougars were going to do to the Ducks the next day.  Ditto for me.
I didn't mind getting fined for being the color of a pumpkin, but didn't like the shape idea.
Each of the Service Chairs gave a brief State of the Committee speech.  Here John is telling us that Club Service is in great shape with lots of fellowship opportunities.
Corey let us know that the Garden Fence and the Chamber projects are complete.  The Rotary Aviation Zone is still developing; signage with a plane on top.
Here is Rod's best Rick King impersonation.  Rod let us know that the International Service Committee is hard at work sending clothes and computers to the Philippines, Rachel computer system to Guatemala, and another water project is pending in Guatemala.  Your Foundation dollars are making the world a better place.
Jeannie let us know that we have selected our outbound exchange student, Noah Flick but we still don't know the inbound student.  Interact and Earlyact are alive and well.
A couple of PR things have been purchased, this is a banner that can be used at projects and events.  Don't know why Dick couldn't hold up his end very well.
President Paul looking at a room stand that is easily portable and gives our Club some visibility.
Gary did a reclassification talk and as you might expect is was well organized and well presented.  He talked first about his family, Linda, two sons, and grandkids.  Then he covered his education in business and then his business career first in office management and then in ownership of Nortec Plastics which he eventually sold and became a business consultant and owner of two bowling lane businesses.  Probably connected to the fact he is in the Tacoma Bowling Hall of Fame with his 9 300 games; unbelievable!