Posted by Robert J Martin on Sep 13, 2018
Brady did a very traditional invocation which I thought was great.  I think dave did to.
I am so happy to see that AnnMarie thinks the 4-Way Test is like a prayer because I agree.
Bill Evans standing in for Coach in introducing visiting Rotarians.  Don't remember any problems with names.
The Community Service meeting was also cancelled.  This calendar is on our website, but President Paul is bringing it to you each week.  RAH was a small group but very enjoyable.  Pictures to follow.
President Paul reminding us of one of our Club goals which Tom and Buck and others have been working very hard on.  We hope to see a new, better, and more functional website as a result.
Past President Betty reminding us of the upcoming GH Film Festival.  A lot of hard work goes into this and it makes GH a better community.  Thanks for your efforts Betty.
President Paul pays Mac's first fine, but not the last.
If we every have had a hot seat, this is it and Steve doesn't even look uncomfortable.  Cool under pressure!
Marti wanted to pay some big happy bucks but I don't know if that was for a trip for her or some other Rotarian.
Norma wanted us to know that there may be some tickets available for the Mackert concert/Buchanan salmon feed at the Morris Pavillion.
Hal is doing another great introduction of our weekly speaker, Carol Hendricks from the Snoqualmie Rotary Club.
Carol talked about the need for good menstrual health for school age girls in Swaziland.  The typical female will lose 3000 days due to menstruation in her lifetime, many of those during her school life.  The Days for Girls program provides reusable sanitary napkins for women and now they are being made in Swaziland, creating new jobs.
Just a summary.